Translation of automatic in Spanish:


automático, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɔdəˈmædɪk//ɔːtəˈmatɪk/


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    Telecommunications Technology
    this model is fully automatic este modelo es totalmente automático
    • to be on automatic estar en automático
    • This car is fun to drive on twisting country roads, thanks to a well-programmed 6 speed automatic gearbox with a tiptronic option.
    • For those who do not want to shift gear manually, an automatic gearbox is available, instead of the manual six-speed gearbox.
    • The only hint of fear in the company was the presence of two tall gorilla bodyguards clasping small automatic fire-arms, who glared at us suspiciously as we approached, but made no attempt to stop us.
    • A rifle and two automatic firearms were confiscated.
    • The engine software has been adjusted for emissions calibration and to interface with the automatic transmission.
    • The automatic gearbox has six forward and one reverse gear.
    • He said the rebels, armed with automatic rifles and machetes, went on a shooting rampage, apparently to intimidate the villagers.
    • Now why does a supercar have an automatic gearbox?
    • A five speed automatic transmission is optional on both models.
    • It is rather like passing your driving test in an automatic car, then proceeding on to the motorway and finding that you must operate a gearbox.
    • Most automatic transmission cars will have an overdrive button right on the gearshift.
    • A five speed automatic gearbox comes as standard.
    • The engine is combined with a new 6-speed automatic gearbox which gives excellent quality gear changes.
    • They have done some things to control the flow of automatic weapons into the hands of criminals and young people.
    • This model has four speed fully automatic transmission and hydrostatic drive steering.
    • Protesters dropped face-down in the streets, seeking cover amid sustained blasts of automatic rifle fire.
    • He and his girlfriend were both shot at close range by the same automatic pistol with 9mm ammunition.
    • All have a 6 speed automatic gearbox, which is truly excellent in use.
    • He replied, slamming a new magazine into the automatic handgun he was holding.
    • The engine is combined with one of the best 5 speed automatic gearboxes available anywhere.
    • The transmissions are fully automatic and have modulated gear shifting.
    • She held a dull black automatic handgun, aiming it at the tall man with quivering hands.
    • These engines are mated to either a six-speed manual gearbox or a five-speed automatic transmission.
    • Yet thousands of people refused to go home, even after soldiers opened fire with automatic rifles.
    • The five speed automatic gear box produces a smooth, very positive firm ride and will deliver a blast of energy at the slightest increase in pressure on the accelerator.
    • He was an enormous man, capable of firing an automatic rifle with only one hand or lifting me clear up off the ground.
    • Gun magazines made vague references to automatic machines with ‘computer tape’ guidance.
    • As regards weapon effects, they are distinct and varied, with each individual pistol, shotgun and automatic rifle having its own recognizable report.
    • Police used water cannon and fired automatic weapons into the air to drive the protesters back onto the campus then surrounded a university building that students had occupied.
    • A motorist left a trail of destruction after accidentally speeding off in reverse while showing her automatic car to a prospective buyer.
    • A special sensor constantly monitors the roll angle of the car and is integrated into the control electronics of the automatic transmission system to provide additional driving comfort.
    • The second-generation four-speed automatic transmission is controlled from a lever set into the dashboard.
    • We have come under automatic machine-gun fire.
    • It sounded to me like an automatic rifle, firing about every second.
    • Police point out that the family, like all the other gangs in the city, now have access to a variety of firearms, including automatic guns.
    • Shift speed is also improved on vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions.
    • The front gate had two soldiers wielding automatic firearms guarding the outside.
    • The distant sound of automatic cannon fire could be heard, and then there was a tremendous explosion above them.
    • Even for the regular troops, single shots are now favored over emptying a 30 round magazine with fully automatic fire.
    • He had tried to talk her into bringing an automatic firearm, as the assault would be a heavy one, but she was stubborn, and insisted that the knives would suit her fine.
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    • 2.1(inevitable)

      you'll receive an automatic pay increase recibirá automáticamente un aumento salarial
      • since the crime took place in his house, he is an automatic suspect como el delito tuvo lugar en su casa, inevitablemente es un sospechoso
      • He was the automatic choice for the Chief Minister's post once more.
      • If this player was always an automatic choice, the omission of some members of the victorious Scottish team in the European Team Championships has raised a few eyebrows.
      • None of the five potential forwards has stepped up and made himself an automatic choice for the first team.
      • He should be an automatic choice for Saturday's replay if he can prove his fitness.
      • After all, Nelson Mandela was the automatic choice as president to begin with.
      • This does not necessarily imply automatic acceptance by the tribunal of the reason put forward by the employer if there are grounds to think that it was not the real cause.
      • They would have been automatic first team choices, but instead they remain sidelined for the remainder of the year as they recover from their respective injuries.
      • Gaining membership should not be automatic for anyone who completes an application form.
      • There is little doubt that both players were almost automatic choices but the same cannot be said for the other thirteen positions.
      • The rules concerning the selection of the Young Player of the Year award meant that he was the automatic choice.
      • But, yes, I have been disappointed not to have been an automatic choice.
      • The other side of the coin is that he has had to leave out players who were once automatic choices, and it's not a task he enjoys.
      • ‘Only five or six of the team who were playing in that first game are now automatic first choices,’ he said.
      • In his classes, students get an automatic F if they plagiarize - often enough to make them fail the course.
      • The Senator was an automatic choice following his exceptional performance in the by-election last June.
      • When organisers and sponsors want someone to visit a hospital or sick children, she is automatic first choice.
      • At 34 he is one of the oldest members of the team and no longer an automatic choice for the event in which he holds the Olympic record.
      • Of course, in the kingdom of the dull, the mildly interesting man is an automatic choice for king.

    • 2.2(instinctive, reflex)

      (response/reaction) automático
      • Breathing in and out has been treated as an automatic process, which it seems to be, yet breathing is something that we can consciously take control of for different reasons.
      • Sometimes, these beliefs are so quick and reflexive that they're automatic, but they still shape our behavior.
      • A state could not have an automatic preference for a male administrator, the court ruled.
      • In developing cognitive models, one of the most basic questions concerns the nature and organization of automatic thoughts or cognitions.
      • But writing it is some kind of automatic process, a direct link among emotion, brain, and typing fingers.
      • In fact, this study does not even test whether jealousy is automatic or not.
      • But anyone can take some degree of control over these seemingly automatic functions.
      • The problem comes when a swimmer or diver manipulates the brain's automatic breathing control device through hyperventilation.
      • For them, the golf swing becomes an automatic process.
      • This published work is best known for laying out formal theories delineating the different roles of automatic and attentive processing.
      • Thinking, memory and attitude operate on two levels: the conscious/deliberate and the unconscious / automatic.
      • It's like a Pavlovian reflex, an automatic reaction.
      • He's also thinking about interventions that might help reduce these men's automatic stress responses.
      • It's an experience you really hope your children will never ever have, that they'll never have cause to notice the automatic process of respiration.
      • One can ultimately become aware of feeling this emotion, but the initial processes that lead to it are subconscious and automatic.
      • Finally, termination is present when the new behavior has become rather automatic and requires no conscious effort.
      • In these cases, the response to an unconscious stimulus is automatic, and thus faster than any response in which conscious perception mediates the response.
      • While breathing is an automatic process, it can be improved through regular practice.
      • There is plenty of evidence that we are routinely guided or influenced by automatic or unconscious mental processes, and that these processes can serve us well.
      • These tactics work very well on the job, but their usage becomes automatic and unconscious, causing problems in private life.
      • Though these techniques may feel awkward initially, with practice they can become almost automatic.
      • The pack felt the automatic instinct to follow.
      • A lot of that activity will be done on a completely automatic pre-conscious level.


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    (car) coche automático masculine
    (pistol) automática feminine
    (pistol) revólver automático masculine
    (washing machine) lavadora automática feminine
    (washing machine) lavarropas automático masculine River Plate
    • He tells him he'll teach him to drive tomorrow, not a stick shift, just an automatic.
    • Pistols, automatics, hunting rifles, arrows, a crossbow, a scimitar, a broadsword and a Japanese katana were some of the items.
    • Must they be required by law only to drive automatics?
    • It meant that I could drive both automatics and manuals.
    • I prefer the control that manual gears give, and I've always had a bit of a problem with phantom-clutch foot when driving an automatic.
    • It began with a new kind of shooting, not pop guns or automatics, but the long, ratcheting bursts of a machine gun, very close, from the other side of the compound.
    • Even with the selector switch on semi auto, I was still firing just as fast as an automatic.
    • Three variations are available, two with manual transmission, while the third is an automatic.
    • She reached for her 9mm automatic underneath her pillow.
    • I really don't like automatics - stick-shift comes naturally to me.
    • All the cars are automatics, which I know annoys a lot of gamers, but personally I am all right with that.
    • This system allows you to change gears like a manual car when you want to have some fun, but behaves like a regular automatic when you're in the mood to just take it easy.
    • One day, one day, they will be too old to drive it, they will want an automatic with airbags and ABS and cruise control.
    • Its auto mode is good for a system of its type, but the pauses and surges will be hard to take for those used to the feel of regular automatics.
    • This allows drivers to use a tip shift system to select gears without a clutch or it can operate as a traditional automatic.
    • Am I right, yes or no, are manuals more efficient than automatics?
    • Six-speed automatics also provide the potential for greater refinement and performance because of closer gear ratio spacing.
    • Make the manufacture of handguns, automatics and certain semiautomatics and their corresponding ammunition illegal.
    • He was successful in silencing at least one of the enemy automatics.
    • I suppose the biggest change I should notice is the fact that I'm driving a manual car again rather than the automatics which I've had for the last 12 years.
    • She did not mention to the car hire firm that she only drove automatics, and then drove the 250 kilometres in first gear all the way.
    • I peered down at the would-be dashboard and was amazed to see that this armoured beast was an automatic.
    • I might couple it with a small automatic pistol for cheap practice and to learn how automatics operate.
    • Model types range from concealable automatics to multifunctional sheath knives.
    • The main difference is that the automatic will cycle back to first gear when you stop, unlike the manual, which, of course, means you do it yourself.
    • It became the best-known automatic or ‘assault rifle’ in the world.
    • And, under normal driving conditions, put a full-blown automatic in the Drive position and you can forget about changing gear until you need to park or reverse.
    • We test assault rifles, machine guns, semi-automatics, automatics, and three-round bursts weapons.
    • Gangs of the underworld approach, automatics blazing, but they can do little to stop the man.
    • The incessant firings from cannons, mortars, tanks, machine-guns and automatics continue throughout the night.
    • But when the automatics opened up on them, she panicked, struggled free and ran for the house, only to fall with a shrill cry a couple of meters away.
    • I learned how to drive on a stick, but my car's an automatic.
    • Inside was a nice arsenal of guns, automatics, semi-automatics, shot guns, pistols, clips, magazines and grenades.
    • They were relieved, until they heard the sound of several automatics going off.
    • These are all spring operated automatics, so check your local laws and ordinances before buying one.