Translation of automatism in Spanish:


automatismo, n.

Pronunciation /ɔˈtɑməˌtɪzəm//əˈtɑməˌtɪzəm//ɔːˈtɒmətɪz(ə)m/


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    automatismo masculine
    • This problem highlights the difficulty in delineating the dividing line between automatism and insanity, or, as it is often termed non-insane automatism and insane automatism.
    • Thus, where the malfunctioning of the mind is caused by an external factor, the legal classification is automatism rather than insanity; where it is arises from an internal cause, the classification is insanity.
    • In any case, automatism itself, though perhaps a kind of bypassing of the will, does not seem to me to represent necessarily an impairment of the agent's volitional capacities.
    • The musician's defence relies partly on being a victim of mistaken identity after becoming confused with his tour manager, and partly on a condition called non-insane automatism brought on by a sleeping tablet and alcohol.
    • The barrister added another issue the defence could well raise was that of non-insane automatism, a condition brought about ‘as a result of the combination of drink and drugs he consumed.’