Translation of autopsy in Spanish:


autopsia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɔˌtɑpsi//ˈɔːtɒpsi//ɔːˈtɒpsi/

nounPlural autopsies

  • 1

    autopsia feminine
    to perform / carry out an autopsy on sb hacerle la autopsia a algn
    • A spokesman for the Foreign Office said it was thought his death was from natural causes and an autopsy would be carried out.
    • About 18% of autopsies reveal potentially treatable contributing factors to death.
    • They visit scenes of death and attend autopsies, take witness statements and liaise between traumatised relatives, police, solicitors and doctors.
    • He developed his life-long dedication to tuberculosis while doing autopsies as a medical student.
    • The autopsy found that death was due to cerebral and pulmonary oedema.
    • The autopsy has contributed to the discovery of new or unrecognized diseases and will continue to do so.
    • Police have not released the cause of death although an autopsy was completed Wednesday.
    • There are two basic kinds of autopsy: the forensic autopsy and the medical autopsy.
    • Medical Examiners are pathologists who have special training in death investigation and legal autopsies.
    • They reviewed the verbal autopsies and determined the cause of death for the study.
    • All fatal cases have been confirmed by medical records, autopsy report, or death certificate.
    • This was nearly two months after the autopsies ruled the deaths to be ‘homicides’.
    • An autopsy into his death revealed the cyclist suffered a heart attack following severe swelling of the heart and brain.
    • The county coroner carried out an autopsy and his verdict on the cause of death was given in January of this year.
    • He rejected speculation that a way of killing that could not be detected in an autopsy had already been discovered.
    • All autopsies were carried out by pathologists at the Health Sciences Authority.
    • Medical examiners frequently perform autopsies if a death is deemed suspicious or unexplained.
    • To discuss the events at the death scene and closely examine the autopsy report is distressing to the families.
    • But there are virtually no autopsies of these deaths.
    • Medical examiners spent the night doing autopsies to determine if the deaths were criminal or accidental.