Translation of avaricious in Spanish:


codicioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌævəˈrɪʃəs//avəˈrɪʃəs/



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    • His love of material things makes him rather avaricious and petty.
    • Early poverty left her with an avaricious streak and occasionally greed has cost her.
    • Why should I have to stand up and behave like other greedy, acquisitive, avaricious people, arguing and shouting and snarling about something which is a well known truth and is not to be questioned?
    • The princess had just about everything her little avaricious heart desired and was pampered and cherished (rightly so!) by her parents and other, assorted family members.
    • Leylandii trees, those avaricious and monstrous evergreens, have grown another yard, since I last wrote about them, and controlling legislation is still awaited.
    • Clearly an ambitious and avaricious individual, she began to specialise in offering services to women who did not want to keep their new-born babies.
    • I am an avaricious devourer of tedious reports.
    • The lake has unfortunately lost its pristine glory over the years due to the ceaseless encroachments of the avaricious residents.
    • The Democrats' bill is better, covering all seniors, but it, too, fails to control the corporate price-gouging, soaking taxpayers to enrich the avaricious companies.
    • It is time both parents and ambitious students thought of giving a snub to all those avaricious private medical and engineering colleges.
    • So, there comes his avaricious second wife, wicked, scheming and all that you would call ‘evil.’
    • By now the dignitaries - the movers & shakers & financiers - are leathery lizards with avaricious grins.
    • Last night, while surfing the web for fun clothing in my size (a fruitless exercise most days), I ran across this site and my avaricious little heart began to pound.
    • So too with the 10th Commandment's ban on covetousness: No American law forbids wrongful thoughts, but only avaricious actions.
    • After all, those corporations are big campaign contributors to both parties, and members of both parties rallied to their avaricious cause.
    • Being an avaricious sort, I keep a long, ever-expanding list of coveted items which I trot out at the appropriate holidays, anniversaries and birthdays.
    • I believe that those who went on the rampage were essentially deceitful, avaricious, and prone to anger, hate, and violence.
    • The first act deals with the beastly behaviour of bees and act two features avaricious beetles, greedy ducks and dopey crickets with a pronounced Cork accent.
    • They also have to ensure that our resources are properly and fairly distributed and do not simply disappear into the pockets of an avaricious elite.
    • Though avaricious capitalists are easy and popular targets for derision, this tale is decidedly more quirky and original than cliché.