Translation of avenue in Spanish:


paseo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈævəˌn(j)u//ˈav(ə)njuː/


  • 1

    • 1.1(tree-lined walk)

      (arbolado) paseo masculine
      an avenue of poplars una alameda
      • The pagoda is generally approached from the North side along an extended avenue.
      • It is now a popular destination for family outings, particularly in the summer when horse-drawn carriages transport you along the tree-lined avenues leading up to it.
      • As you go through the entrance you are surrounded by an avenue of golden trees.
      • The garden is beautifully laid out and the trees on either side of the avenue leading to the house give the property privacy.
      • The car park fronting the baroque facade of Wentworth is due to be replaced by authentic sweeping parkland and a lime and oak-lined avenue.
      • The body was found dumped behind a tree by the side of an avenue which leads to Port House, near the village of Ruan, four miles from Ennis.
      • This family home is approached along a tree-lined avenue which joins the main Waterford to Passage East road.
      • Making your way over the cattle grid down the tree-lined avenue to Pittodrie House, you can feel quite giddy with the sudden outset of countryside syndrome.
      • You drive in under an avenue of English trees to reach the historical buildings on the right, and a rhododendron and a camellia garden on the left.
      • The house is approached via a tree-lined avenue and is set back from the main road.
      • From today they can ride on the Ben Hall steam engine, lovingly carved out of a tree felled from lime avenue, the approach to the stately home's main gates.
      • You approach the studios, whose exact location we have been asked not to reveal, along an avenue of cherry trees foaming with blossom.
      • The main house is visible down a long avenue of trees from some swims in the lake.
      • Croan House is approached along an avenue lined with lime trees.
      • There are also avenues of very old lime and beech trees close to the house.
      • This handsome Georgian country house is set in delightful mature gardens and grounds in a private location and approached via a lime avenue.
      • Mature shrubs and trees line the avenue and the property is surrounded by impressive formal gardens and woodland.
      • There are fine avenues of lime and plane trees, plus a couple of fountains and a lot of deckchairs, but otherwise the park is pretty featureless.
      • Set back from the main Tullow / Carlow Road the house is approached along a tree lined avenue.
      • It seems that a ha-ha has been banked up to hide the public thoroughfare from which one turns down the private avenue of limes to approach the manor house.

    • 1.2(broad street)

      avenida feminine
      Fifth Avenue la Quinta Avenida
      • Watson has been growing trees along a two-mile-long avenue in the city for the past 10 years.
      • People and cars just parted like waves to let him pass as he strode carefully along the avenues to the hotel where he was staying.
      • Having just returned from their trip to Brussels, Carol and her friends sit in her house in one of the broad avenues set back from the town's harbour, to take stock.
      • The bright colours of their clothing swirled as they danced through the tree-lined avenues of their city.
      • They chose certain areas to convert them into tree-lined avenues and Seshadri Road was one of them, he said.
      • While private streets are provided by many private communities and some firms run private toll roads, major avenues are typically operated at the city level.
      • The looting occurred along a broad avenue on the northwestern rim of greater Buenos Aires where unemployment has soared well above the national average.
      • They walked the full length of the avenue on one side of the road, and returned along the other side.
      • In a major drive, over 703 fully grown trees in 153 avenues across the city are facing the axe.
      • In the sultry evenings, there's a waiting list at the outdoor cafes along the city's broad avenues.
      • Lady Audley had not stopped to say this: she was walking quickly along the avenue with her humble companion by her side.
      • Italian architectural historian Bruno Zevi famously decried the depersonalizing effect of the city's broad avenues and cold modernist styling.
      • Vertical connections and kitchens are located along the noisy avenue side.
      • Abstractboy stayed in the uber affluent suburb of Kifissia, where there are wide palm treed avenues, open top cars, Louis Vuitton and Gucci boutiques, and lots and lots of posers.
      • I looked up at the azure sky through the trees lining each side of the avenue on which we were walking, and it seemed as if we were watching the sky through a wreath.
      • Later we walk down into town, along avenues lined with cypress trees and Cyprus oranges.
      • She appeared completely relaxed as they walked side by side along an undulating avenue bordered on both sides by old buildings of brick and stone.
      • Wide avenues and ring roads encircled the capital city, frequented only by taxis and black official limousines with not a private car in sight.
      • Elsewhere along the city's main avenues, many other trees strewn around.

  • 2

    (means, method)
    vía feminine
    new avenues of inquiry nuevas vías de investigación
    • this is one of the avenues we're exploring esta es una de las vías / posibilidades que estamos explorando
    • Such a finding would suggest two possible avenues for public policy.
    • They pledged to carry their fight on to block this proposal and will investigate all possible avenues of approach.
    • In the book, it was kind of exciting to find different avenues and pathways of behaviour for given individuals, or different methods of escape.
    • You never get the impression from his articles that he is trying to direct scientists towards more fruitful avenues of research.
    • We offer three possible avenues of research to improve this characteristic of our test for all students.
    • Admittedly, anger is an all too human response to frustration; but it's still no avenue to solid achievement.
    • The Santo Andre project, and other grassroots groups like it around the country, provide avenues for working-class women to raise their voices.
    • Instead, they created their own avenue towards immortality.
    • Third, a final avenue for possible research is to extend the dataset to incorporate stock returns after the March 2000 stock market correction.
    • A general model of the roots of violence gives useful insights and identifies possible avenues for research and prevention.
    • In this document we have raised possible avenues for research into the use of stretching but also several theoretical, and some data driven, concerns.
    • It is for adults to recognise this, to harness and channel it towards productive avenues.
    • In any case, thoroughly investigate all avenues of capital for your new business so that when the final decision is made, you are able to hit the ground running and to do so for the long haul.
    • The members of the coalition are as diverse as the City they know best, reflecting every avenue of New York City life.
    • It concludes by suggesting future avenues of research for improving upon current substance use measurement techniques.
    • This means not closing off potential avenues of progress simply because we can imagine how they might lead society astray.
    • Some possible avenues of research into this early period were uncovered by the two venues of the exhibition, precisely because they were so unlike.
    • He only hoped that the filmmakers would look towards fresher avenues for marketing their products.
    • What makes studying the effects of music on the brain so interesting for researchers are the multitude of different avenues of research possible.
    • The reason is what has been mentioned in this column before that many people go into politics as an avenue of building wealth.