Translation of baa in Spanish:


balido, n.

Pronunciation /bɑ//bɑː/


  • 1

    balido masculine
    • Koopa arrives with the letter, but hears moans and baas from the shed.
    • Not doing much to dispel their clown reputation, this tune includes a bird tweeting and a sheep's baa!
    • Aside from the occasional lazy baa of an unseen sheep, you could be the only person on earth.
    • When she was a lamb she baaed at everything, a very distinctive baa.

intransitive verb

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    • The expanse of the valley was dotted with many white dots, and a black one here and there, dots that hopped around from time to time and baaed continuously.
    • They long to be part of the crowd, one of the guys, to baa with the sheep and swing with the other monkeys.
    • We knew they had brought sheep with them, for they could be heard, baaing and jingling their bells, tho’ see them we could not.
    • Meanwhile, they were peering through the fence, baaing.
    • With that, he smiled, closed his eyes, and then he sank into a deep sleep, unconscious of the sheep in the next field baaing for their breakfast.
    • However, when a person who is exhibiting sheep at the county fair calls out as he or she enters the barn where there are many pens of sheep, only her or his sheep will baa.
    • Cattle and sheep started to roam languidly towards the hill slopes where they grazed, mooing and baaing.