Translation of back office in Spanish:

back office

trastienda, n.


  • 1

    (of shop) trastienda feminine
    (procesamiento administrativo y contable generado por la confirmación de una operación bursátil) (of stock exchange) back office masculine
    (operations/personnel) (before noun) de back office
    • Waste exists beyond the factory floor - in the supply chain, back office, sales and marketing.
    • But in recent years more decisions have been delegated to planners in the back office, until 43 per cent are done that way.
    • More difficult is forging a business relationship with a DBS provider and creating the back office to handle the billing.
    • Chan had worked on the frontline for two years before being promoted to the back office where he managed operations and personnel arrangements.
    • Once oral agreement is reached the ' back office ' of a bank ensures that a prompt confirmation is dispatched to the other bank.
    • Sure, their reception area is always pretty nice, but they never spend any money on the back offices where all the work is done.
    • He ascertained that Mr Leeson was the key man and controlled both the front and the back office.
    • Undeterred, Diller is sticking to his plans and seems willing to run the back office for now.
    • You can be front office or back office or both.
    • I'm definitely not the sort of bloke who can work away in a back office.
    • The décor reminds me of a back office of a five star hotel.
    • Global cash management has been outsourced to Deutsche Bank, trade finance to ABN and Goodbody's back office is to be outsourced to Pershing Securities.
    • For the optimal performance of health systems in Africa, all the key components of the back office must function together.
    • Already many big banks have moved large parts of their back offices here.
    • The back offices of several global companies are also increasingly being run on this alternative operating system.
    • What processes can we implement to improve our systems both in the front and the back office?
    • For the next 41 years, it is run out of a back office of PGA headquarters in Florida.
    • Workflows are now available that cross the back offices of multiple trading partners within a supply chain.
    • Only after the SLK incident did Mr Bax cause Mr Jones to take over responsibility for the back office.
    • Normally the back office acts as a check upon fraud and misconduct as it processes the paperwork associated with trading.