Translation of backboard in Spanish:


tablero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbakbɔːd//ˈbækbɔrd/


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    tablero masculine
    • Starting at the top of the Salem high chest, the builder extended the backboards to cover the opening at the rear of the case, so it is not possible to see a wall through the two round apertures in the tyrnpanum board.
    • The backboard too is lacquer, ornamented with graceful figures in garden pavilions (Pl. VIIIa).
    • ‘Just as I thought,’ he scoffed, tossing me like a rag doll against the backboard of my bed.
    • These include about two dozen index features, such as base construction and the method of attaching backboards and drawer runners, in addition to idiosyncrasies of design and decoration.
    • As with all two-part furniture, check overall for compatibility of quality, timber and backboards.
    • Michael leered closer, pressing him against the backboard.
    • Elanor leaned against the backboard of her bed, and stared at her as she had when she was a child, trying to find something of hers in the strange woman's face.
    • The side chairs were coated in a blood-thick lacquer - thrones, with strange symbols carved into the backboard.
    • I nailed tour boards together as a frame with the backboard a few inches higher than the front, laid the storm windows on top and grew some delicious early spring and late fall salad greens for myself.
    • I sat cross-legged, leaning up against the backboard.
    • Ranged along in front of the backboard is a group of musicians whose instruments include a flute, a shoulder drum, a hip drum and sometimes a stick drum.
    • There is a wrought-iron ring on the top, so that it could be hung on a wall, and the backboards are held together with eighteenth-century sprigs (along with several modem screws).
    • The bonds were rough and tight, cutting into his skin, and his movement was further restricted because the cord around his wrists had been lashed to one of the staves holding the backboard of the wagon in place.
    • She sighed, leaning against the backboard of her bed.
    • The top drawers are rounded on the front, as they are on others of Stahl's chests, and the backboard is exuberantly shaped to resemble breaking waves, typical of Soap Hollow chests.