Translation of backfire in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbækˌfaɪ(ə)r//bakˈfʌɪə/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (car) producir detonaciones en el escape
    (car) petardear informal
    (car) pistonear Colombia
    • My mother could distinguish gunshots from a firecracker or a car backfiring.
    • The engine coughed, backfired, and a small explosion sent the transport's occupants flying.
    • The supersonic jet was hit by an engine surge - like a car backfiring - then diverted to Cardiff airport en route to Heathrow, a spokesman said.
    • When a backboard shatters, it sounds sort of similar to a gunshot or a car backfiring.
    • It was far too loud to be attributed to a car engine backfiring, and immediately drew the clientele to rush like moths against the window.
    • ‘Now, I get very panicky at the sound of a loud explosion caused by a tire blowout or the sound of a car backfiring in the parking lot,’ he said jokingly.
    • Dave continued to tighten his screw till abruptly the engine choked, backfired and died.
    • Few problems were encountered until two of the engines started backfiring and within two minutes had quit.
    • A car backfired somewhere, the CD now flew upwards at a fresh angle and speed.
    • ‘It just sounded like a car backfiring,’ she said, ‘it sounded like a gunshot.’
    • Since the ships were used to being heated up, a sudden blast of hot air on a cold engine could backfire the engine or even destroy vital components.
    • With a sudden flash and the crack of a car backfiring, the machine surged to life again, its high-pitched shriek more earsplitting than ever.
    • Deafening car stereos, honking horns and noises like gun shots ring out as hundreds of drivers deliberately make their car engines backfire.
    • The car engine backfired in three sudden bursts as they drove off.
    • We hear stories of war veterans hitting the ground when they hear a car backfiring.
    • The operation of the rotary engine means that it is not prone to backfiring on hydrogen, as conventional piston engines are.
    • When my father turned around to go back in the house, we heard a loud noise like a car backfiring.
    • He goes on holiday to the beach in an odd little car that is constantly backfiring, and we follow him as he interacts with the other vacationers at a seaside hotel.
    • If I got it wrong (not too often, thankfully) the motor would backfire and try to kick me over the handlebars.
    • They ran into trouble in the centre of the city when the bus began backfiring.
  • 2

    salir mal
    his plan backfired on him le salió el tiro por la culata informal
    • Their plan backfired, and soon the fire grew out of control and they fled in panic.
    • To my glee, Anthony didn't enjoy it much either, so his plan backfired.
    • Gloria knew her plan had backfired and that she would have to come up with something better next time.
    • These plans have backfired, however, leading to growing criticism of the sanctions policy.
    • However, his plan backfired and he was hung for treason in 1606.
    • I have to say, if the idea was to persuade any of us that her followers are sane and rational people, the plan backfired in spectacular fashion.
    • However, his plan backfired as no one took him up on his offer.
    • They said the plan backfired when four times as many workers joined the unions than had left.
    • This comes with the warning that this plan can backfire spectacularly.
    • Down the road, this policy could backfire badly on the US and on the caretaker government.
    • Nothing can serious happen to them, as they are locked in their battle, and the worst thing that can happen is their plan backfiring.
    • But that strategy will backfire, because nobody will take the Council's recommendations seriously.
    • His scheme had backfired however, because he failed to check that I had any money in the first place.
    • However, the wait-and-see policy could backfire if those players manage to secure contracts elsewhere in the meantime.
    • Due to the uprising the plan has backfired on an epic scale.
    • Jenni is obviously jealous, and it looks like her plan has backfired.
    • Never before has a devious little plan backfired so badly.
    • I stayed quiet thinking that maybe she would think that she had just been hearing things but my plan backfired.
    • Yeah, I love how Cale's plans keep backfiring on him.
    • Rork had already risked so much and his plans kept backfiring.


  • 1

    petardeo masculine
    detonaciones feminine
    • As the landing gear was being retracted, he felt a slight hesitation and mild backfire with the left engine.
    • I handled that okay, but it just so happened that a farmer was running a tractor nearby and managed to produce a loud backfire just as we reached the stream.
    • And I heard this - it was a shot, but it sounded like a backfire.
    • ‘It sounded like a backfire - and then somebody hooted and shouted to me to hop out of the vehicle as it was on fire,’ she said.
    • However, just a few days later the aircraft suffered serious damage following a fire started by an engine backfire.
    • On the battlefield, this engine produced a loud backfire when starting, instantly drawing enemy fire.
    • My favourites are still the RX7 rotaries, which give magnificent flameouts and backfires from the exhaust when the drivers lift their foot off the accelerator.
    • A slight backfire on starting could burn the engine off the wing!
    • My legs were JeIl-O when I walked away from them, and a passing car's backfire nearly stopped my heart.