Translation of background in Spanish:


fondo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbækˌɡraʊnd//ˈbakɡraʊnd/


  • 1

    (of picture, scene)
    fondo masculine
    against a white background sobre un fondo blanco
    • I could hear voices in the background oía voces en el fondo
    • she prefers to stay in the background prefiere permanecer en un segundo plano
    • the public knows little of what goes on in the background el público sabe poco de lo que pasa entre bastidores
  • 2

    (of events)
    antecedentes masculine
    background to sth antecedentes de algo
    • the background to the story los antecedentes del caso
    • you have to look at the background to the strike hay que considerar las circunstancias que llevaron a la huelga / el contexto en que se dio la huelga
    • against a background of rising inflation en un momento de creciente inflación
    • Before proceeding with the latest political scandal, here is some general background.
    • But there is an important background to some of these changes; people who are more affluent tend to move from vegetarian to meat-eating diets.
    • These organizations emerged against the background of a deepening economic and political crisis and an increasing entrenchment of racism.
    • This sequence gives general background on the history of the Ring and helps to explain the story up until the point of the game's beginning.
    • I argue that business school will give them the general background they need to succeed.
    • Of course the general background of our history is European culture.
    • Students prepared for the interviews by completing general background research.
    • But the background information about Yao Ming's upbringing is fascinating.
    • For general background on intelligence, genes, and environment, I found the following useful.
    • Do read for general background the web pages of recognized investment experts.
    • Against such a background of general connivance and betrayal, the few - very few - acts of genuine resistance stand out.
    • I was told to consult with Emile on general background or historical questions.
    • He said the current round of negotiations had been understandably challenging, given the general economic background.
    • The book starts with a short introduction that explains the author's interest in this variation and some general background.
    • Due to the number of calls regarding this, I'm including a little background information on the situation.
    • These changes serve as the background for the spread of crack cocaine in Germany as well.
    • Next there is the work done as a follow-up to classes or as part of the general background reading for the subject.
    • The meeting will consist of a general introduction and background to the school from the headmaster and then a question and answer session.
    • The questions below include many from her work, as well as some more general cultural background questions.
    • The content is written for a wide range of learners who have some background knowledge of general biology.
  • 3

    (of person)
    (origin) origen masculine
    (education) formación feminine
    (education) currículum masculine
    (previous activities) experiencia feminine
    from a working-class background de clase obrera
    • he comes from a religious background creció en un ambiente religioso
    • her background is in research su experiencia/formación profesional es en el campo de la investigación
    • I am a personal chef/trainer in New York City with a background in sport nutrition and healthy cooking.
    • We're providing very little incentive for students from social and economically disadvantaged backgrounds to come into education.
    • We all have different sensitivities, social backgrounds, families and different experiences of discipline and violence in real life.
    • With her arts management background, she also serves as a mentor and adviser for the staff in their artistic careers.
    • They come from different backgrounds, both social and cultural, and are united only by their religious mission.
    • Two people from two different backgrounds will likely experience a significant number of challenges and communication barriers.
    • One of the main aims of this project is not just to widen the cohort of volunteers, but also to make sure that young people of different social backgrounds can come together in a common experience.
    • It's a small but diverse business community but with a wealth of different backgrounds, strengths, experience and viewpoints.
    • Furthermore, they come from three very different backgrounds and social settings, which lends depth and perspective to their accounts.
    • All faculty members regardless of cultural background can serve as a role model.
    • His motivation was that there should be no barriers to people with different education background and solid banking experience.
    • Her art background had given her an appreciation of Japanese woodblock prints.
    • Common educational and social backgrounds have brought American and many foreign leaders closer.
    • Yet he struggled with contempt for his social background and deficient education.
    • She will blame the couple's very different social backgrounds for the differences that eventually led to the collapse of their marriage.
    • Will they have extensive educational backgrounds and technical experience?
    • This allows the work to bridge cultural difference, engaging - not distancing - viewers of varying backgrounds.
    • Yet the bitter 26-year feud that has divided them has its roots more in each man's very different personal and social backgrounds.
    • Coming from a rural background, the city scenes ignited his imagination.
    • You can use your legal background and your position in the community to help inspire a moral rebirth in a society that condones bad things.


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    (noise/music) de fondo
    he'll give you some background information él te informará sobre la situación (or el contexto, los antecedentes etc.)
    • she gave a short background talk dio una pequeña charla de introducción al tema