Translation of backing in Spanish:


respaldo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbakɪŋ//ˈbækɪŋ/


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    respaldo masculine
    apoyo masculine
    • She said she was not hugely disadvantaged by not having the financial backing of a large party.
    • Your support and backing was a great boost to everyone involved.
    • Their financial backing, supported by the Irish Sports Council, makes it one of the most exciting races in Europe.
    • The plan received backing from the Foreign Office minister, who said there is already an Executive presence in the Paris embassy and he hopes the practice can spread.
    • This includes moral support, as well as, financial and administrative backing.
    • Supporters have received financial backing and spin doctors' advice from America.
    • I would say because he will enjoy support and backing from the US he might get some assistance and he will have an easy time working with Washington.
    • Reports suggest that the rebel forces have received popular support and financial backing in the northern region.
    • All they needed was public support and financial backing.
    • With no real capital to speak of, the bookshop launched itself as a publisher primarily with the financial backing of a local pearl merchant.
    • He is seeking financial backing to help re-launch the theatre in his hometown.
    • The idea crystallised after she met her future web designer at a party and found financial backing.
    • Her campaigning has gathered much support, including backing from farming families.
    • We already have significant financial backing in place, but need further support from the people and businesses of York.
    • Spear is now appealing for financial backing from local businesses.
    • However, she managed to find financial backing with the overwhelming support of friends.
    • No one can be elected president under the existing political structure without the financial backing - and political approval - of this ruling elite.
    • We believe with the enormous amount of backing and support generated so far, the initiative cannot fail.
    • They have a stadium full of passionate, vociferous supporters whose legendary backing often reduced opposition players from star performers to schoolboy trialists.
    • The proposals are likely to win the support of Parliament because of the expected backing by right-wing parties.
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    acompañamiento masculine
    • Musical backing is kept low key with touches of strings, brass and brooding electronica, never overshadowing Jane's fragile but emotive vocals.
    • It is the sound that helped bring in the track, and provided the rhythmic backing for most of the proceedings.
    • However, the raw emotion in the vocals and the simplistic backing draws your attention and forces you to give the lyrics a chance to shine.
    • The clever use of backing vocals, for example, magnifies the humour value of the main lyric as well as comprising a catchy tune.
    • The scary thing about these vocal tracks is how negligibly different their musical backing is from the infinitely more enjoyable instrumentals.
    • As always, a well-known band will provide musical backing for the group.
    • They know that those backing vocals are irresistible.
    • It certainly doesn't need the distraction of echoing backing vocals and the saccharine strings that it has to fight against throughout.
    • With an organ providing a solid backing for the song, trombones and melodicas weave interlacing melodies.
    • Her band of musicians also keep things rolling with a pleasant pop-soul vocal backing and occasionally fresh drum patterns.
    • It doesn't help that the musical backing is a five-minute drone of grating computerized noise.
    • Not surprisingly, the music is simply beautiful, filled with emotion-packed vocals, lush backing harmonies, and rich sonic textures.
    • The musical backing, though, is what elevates the song to a higher plane.
    • Never falling far from his firmly planted roots - his wife, daughter, father and four siblings provide the music and backing vocals on the record.
    • The musical backing is similarly bare of affectation and broken down to a number of small elements, pushed to the limits of their effectiveness.
    • His slicing guitars and sometimes terrifying backing vocals gave a depth that just can't be captured without him.
    • On this album he experiments with honky tonk rhythms, string arrangements, and sassy backing vocals.
    • I went round there last night, ostensibly to add some backing vocals to his very sloppy band - the tunes are amazing though.
    • He tends to bathe his voice with wispy background vocals, an effect that, when matched with his instrumental backing, gives his songs a slightly ethereal feel.
    • All tracks are recorded with a full orchestra and backing singers.
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    refuerzo masculine
    • The flexibility and adhesive backing of the sheets allow them to be applied to a large variety of targets.
    • This is important, because you will save this piece and replace it once the wood backing is installed.
    • The rug backing is a strong material and craft knives must be used to make a clean cut.
    • Velvet's silk backing is very delicate; don't overheat it or leave the Fiber-Etch ® on longer than necessary.
    • Once the card and backing are assembled, the foil is visible through spaces left by the cutwork of each design from the inside of the card.
    • Because of its clear plastic backing, workers can easily see areas that are dry, and wet those areas by moving water under the blanket.
    • The backing or outer layer, the part furthest from the skin, is made of polyester film.
    • Jute backing is very similar to a potato sack, so you can guess how that would hold up to moisture.
    • A properly tensioned bar tape doesn't need adhesive backing, which just gums up the handlebar when you finally replace it.
    • I don't even use fluffy bathroom mats because the rubber backing is hard to keep clean.
    • The glues are used to bond carpet to its backing.
    • An adhesive pressure-sensitive backing holds the grips in place.
    • For those wishing to maintain a clutter-free interior, you can install walls or ceilings with a backing of acoustically absorbent material similar to that used in concert halls.
    • Hanging from the beams are 'tangkas', paintings on canvas with a backing of silk cloth, which communicate to the lamas the divine teachings.
    • The product is presented in a glass mounted frame with an appropriate felt backing of your choice.
    • Having become expert on depositing metal solutions onto plastic backing, he invented recording tape.
    • In addition to the mousepad itself, they also give you two strips of Teflon with adhesive backing known as Padsurfers.
    • Do not push the tablet through the foil backing of the package.
    • The shade and backing material must be perfectly square so the shade will hang evenly.
    • The lowest cost resilient floor option is composition tile, which consists of a vinyl surface with separate backing.
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    apuestas feminine