Translation of backpack in Spanish:


mochila, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbækˌpæk//ˈbakpak/


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    mochila feminine
    • After some hard debate, they decided to take full backpacks, with sleeping bags, a stove, a shovel, and two days' worth of food.
    • A second later, she walked out with two duffel bags and her backpack.
    • Then the lock clicks, the door opens, the backpacks and duffel bags drop on the floor, and not long after that, you hear the zipping again.
    • If you don't attend many conferences you won't have noticed that it seems to be fashionable to give out rucksacks, backpacks and haversacks as freebies to delegates.
    • Apart from our tours, we sell hiking and adventure equipment such as tents, sleeping bags and backpacks.
    • We all dumped our backpacks and duffel bags in the shady grass.
    • Their leaking backpacks trailed sleeping bags and blankets, and one had a scruffy dog.
    • There he had installed his sleeping bag, his backpack with essentials, and his flute.
    • The heat, on top of this, was unbearable as we lugged camera bags and purses and backpacks around.
    • And she grabbed her duffel bag and her backpack and hopped out, hoping that she could become invisible in three seconds.
    • The sobbing girl turned around and ran out of the room leaving her backpack and hand bag behind with the surprised young man.
    • She nodded her head sleepily and clutched the backpack to her chest.
    • On the last day of August, he walked across the river, and spent the last of his money on a new backpack and sleeping bag.
    • She tightened her grip on her backpack and turned around slowly.
    • Hundreds of aliens Eric's age crowded the marketplace, all of them carrying bags, suitcases, backpacks and trunks.
    • I try to take only the smallest backpack - just hand luggage if possible - and few clothes or possessions.
    • We would return home in the evenings and find remnants of bin bags and backpacks.
    • Fans will be prohibited from bringing coolers, backpacks, chairs, luggage, and duffel bags onto the premises.
    • The collection offers giant backpacks and duffel-type bags rather than structured cases.
    • Several younger women also started wearing bum-bags and several sported backpacks.

intransitive verb

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    viajar con mochila
    mochilear Southern Cone