Translation of backrest in Spanish:


respaldo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbækˌrɛst//ˈbakrɛst/


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    respaldo masculine
    • The front seats also have a longer cushion to provide more leg support and the backrest is wider at the shoulders - great for the well built motorist who doesn't like confinement.
    • The car's cushioned seats and backrests welcomed our tired bodies.
    • Tipping the backrest over onto the cushion makes a table for filling out delivery sheets, while flipping the whole seat over reveals an under-seat storage bin and allows the load to be accommodated.
    • The front seat backrests can be electrically adjusted in separate sections, along with the headrest, providing maximum support in the right places.
    • Women suffering from ‘super dimples’ typically work on computers for much of the day, don't use foot rests and don't use the backrests of their seats properly.
    • The rear seat cushions fold up to meet the backrests, exposing a flat load floor.
    • The base is short, giving poor support under the legs, while the backrest is not body-gripping enough for cornering and lacks lumbar support.
    • Plastic buckets, medium-density fiberboard, and borrowed carpet tiles create comfortable bench seating with a raked backrest.
    • The firm says video footage will be sent to the children's parents and action taken to recover the daily cost of slashed seats, broken windows and snapped backrests on its fleet of 20 vehicles across the district.
    • Conceptually, this project is like building a toy chest with corner guards that serve as legs; the rear legs are taller to support the backrest.
    • Some retailers include a paddle and backrest, otherwise paddles sell for about $69, backrests are $80 and a flotation vest will set you back about $100.
    • The main types of equipment on offer are wheelchairs, backrests, bath seats, bedpans, walking sticks and frames.
    • You'll also find the backrests of the seats tend to be upright, which can be uncomfortable on longer journeys.
    • The chair is also available with adjustable armrests, a height-adjustable backrest and variable seat depths, whereby the active lumbar support is always in the correct position.
    • In the event of a severe impact from the rear, the seat backrest and head restraint accompany the movements of the seat occupant's body.
    • Headrests in the three rear backrests fold away into the top of the seats for better visibility and there are foldaway tables in the backs of front seats.
    • So, jam a hand down hard against the backrest of the car seat, grasp the strap adjustment bit (basically just the other end of the same strap) and pull it horizontally away from the child restraint to tighten.
    • And almost all the benches are missing their wooden slats, on the seat, the backrest or both.
    • Lifting the backrest restores both seat base and head restraints, with no seat belt manoeuvring required.
    • He settled on the bench, resting his feet on the seat beside me and perching atop the stone backrest.