Translation of backstop in Spanish:


malla de protección, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbækstɑp//ˈbakstɒp/


  • 1

    (in baseball)
    (fence) malla de protección feminine
    (catcher) receptor masculine
    (catcher) cátcher masculine
    • It bounces three feet in front of home plate and rolls to the backstop.
    • We'd stand at home plate facing the backstop, and he'd give us five pitches per turn.
    • Taylor didn't chase after the ball which rolled to the backstop behind home plate.
    • It rained so hard the stream near the baseball field behind the backstop rose high enough to cover home plate!
    • Behind every pitcher who shuts down the opposition is a backstop who quietly endures nine heart-pounding innings
    • Nonetheless, several young backstops enhanced their career potentials in 2002 by doing creditable jobs.
    • The veteran backstop has learned to take the fierce body blows of his position philosophically.
    • I was backstop at rounders and had to retrieve the ball from a nearby horses' field.
    • I don't know if he's the best catcher, but he certainly can be the best hitter among these backstops.
    • They know the frustration, the anxiety, the helplessness and the embarrassment of being on the mound and throwing pitches nowhere near home plate, heaving some to the backstop.