Translation of backstroke in Spanish:


estilo espalda, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbækˌstroʊk//ˈbakstrəʊk/


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    estilo espalda masculine
    to do (the) backstroke nadar de dorso Mexico
    • He looked proud of himself and fell backwards under the water, doing a backstroke away.
    • Feet, due to their similar shape while in the freestyle or backstroke mode of kicking, may be compared to the thrust of a ship's propeller.
    • As well as being a competitive swimming stroke, backstroke has an important role in injury prevention.
    • The paddles thus acted like hydrofoils generating thrust during the backstroke and also from lift during the recovery stroke.
    • Yet, why is the transition turn from backstroke to breaststroke only used in high school swimming?
    • Jackie, you're so good at the other strokes like crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke.
    • It helps me to elevate the shoulder that's out of the water when I'm swimming regular backstroke, and it emphasizes hip rotation.
    • Last year I had the luxury of swimming a few strokes backstroke so I could get a good look at the Golden Gate Bridge.
    • As you begin the first part of the backstroke arm stroke, your arm enters the water fully extended over your shoulder, pinky finger first with the palm of your hand slightly pitched out to the side.
    • Molly's balance in the water is one of the reasons her backstroke is so fast.
    • A lot of kids don't know that there is a backstroke breathing pattern.
    • Blackburn council decide to ban the backstroke in a swimming pool in case somebody bumps his or her head.
    • There were individual medleys, as well as backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle events.
    • The backstroke and freestyle tapes are equally valuable.
    • Another shows how the grebes' lobed feet travel in a nearly circular pattern when they dive underwater, with the toes folded and rotated to decrease water resistance on the backstroke.
    • I only watched to begin with and when I did finally get in the water backstroke was the only thing I liked.
    • Use your arms in a backstroke motion to steer if necessary.
    • He had a great fly, and his backstroke was technically perfect, but he wasn't strong enough to go faster.
    • A year ago, I would have said that the backstroke was her worst stroke.
    • Swimming backstroke gives them a chance to work the kinks out of their tired freestyle muscles with some active rest swimming.