Translation of backswing in Spanish:


swing hacia atrás, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbakswɪŋ//ˈbækswɪŋ/


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    (in golf)
    swing hacia atrás masculine
    • Over the putts, his backswing would become as long and wobbly as a jellied eel.
    • Let your head move backward a bit in the backswing to accommodate the shifting of weight to the right foot.
    • The shape of both your backswing and your forward swing is greatly influenced by your posture.
    • Some amateurs swing too steeply on the backswing, bottom out the arc too soon on the downswing and hit it fat.
    • This drill takes the tension out of the swing and allows the club to lag in the backswing and release through impact.
    • Complete your backswing, then repeatedly swing to about halfway down to sense your wide arc.
    • You can achieve consistent results by adjusting the length of your backswing and your swing speed.
    • She swings in control and stays on plane on the backswing and forward swing.
    • I was having a problem swaying backward on my backswing and I wasn't making solid contact.
    • I like to keep my left foot on the ground as my body rotates away from the ball on my backswing.
    • Stephen had a common swing flaw: He failed to turn his body behind the ball during the backswing.
    • Feel like you're stretching the elastic on your backswing to gain swing speed.
    • Extend your left arm on the backswing, and then extend your right arm on the through-swing.
    • Simulate a backswing, then start your forward swing with the right arm and left hip moving together.
    • You take the club back too far inside the target line on the backswing, then swing it outside the line on the way down.
    • I tend to lift up halfway into the backswing and then just slap at the ball.
    • She no longer had to worry about drifting too far behind the ball in her backswing and hitting fat or thin shots.
    • An on-plane downswing returns to the ball at the same angle as the backswing.
    • Moreover, you can't control the club very well during the late stages of the backswing.
    • The problem was his short backswing, which forced him to overaccelerate on the forward swing.