Translation of badge in Spanish:


chapa, n.

Pronunciation /bædʒ//badʒ/


  • 1

    (pin-on) chapa feminine
    (pin-on) botón masculine Latin America
    (sew-on) insignia feminine
    policeman's badge placa de policía feminine
    • a badge of success un símbolo / una señal de éxito
    • His name was written on a plastic badge on his lapel amongst a plethora of badges bearing Rupert's face.
    • Jim has always worn the badge of Killarney with honour, distinction and pride.
    • Each of the bug-busters will be clearly identified by a badge provided by the drug company, which supports the programme.
    • The mediators will also have their photographs on a noticeboard and will wear pale and dark blue ribbon badges to identify themselves.
    • If students are to wear proper uniforms, for economy's sake make them of the same design and colours for all schools, with a badge to identify the wearer's school.
    • Firefighters are identified by a badge that designates their company.
    • All our wardens carry name badges and will always identify themselves when they approach a member of the public.
    • It appears he may have been senior staff because of the wreath design of the cap badge.
    • Members of the Party also identify themselves by wearing an enamel badge in the design of the Earl's mask.
    • They will wear uniforms similar to traffic wardens with peaked caps which bear the blue and white band and a blue badge saying Police Community Support Officer.
    • On the way to pick up a sandwich I was redirected to a sidewalk by a man with a plastic badge and a headset.
    • We had badges to identify who was on which bus and we had to go to a specific area which was corralled off.
    • Some police on duty at picket lines outside hospitals had already attracted attention for wearing badges supporting the nurses' campaign.
    • All of us fourth and fifth graders are shuttled into the gym, where five cops are waiting in snug, pressed uniforms and shiny metal badges, with a whole squad of drug dogs on chains.
    • The club received more than 150 entries from their competition to design a new badge, with fans invited to vote on the best three as selected by the club's marketing taskforce.
    • Similar to the TV series, all you do to contact someone is press the talk button on the lapel badge, say their name, and you will be put through.
    • Sophisticated I.D. badges designed to thwart counterfeiting are also growing in use at work and at schools.
    • It was as if each person was displaying a little of their personal information along with their names on their identification badge.
    • A tall blonde woman appeared at the end of the bed with a name badge that had the word ‘consultant’ on it.
    • They wore brass-colored plastic name badges on their chests opposite their shirts' emblems.