Translation of badly in Spanish:


mal, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈbædli//ˈbadli/


  • 1

    (sing/write/play) mal
    badly explained/organized mal explicado/organizado
    • to do badly
    • our team did badly a nuestro equipo le fue mal
    • the pound did badly against the dollar la libra bajó bastante respecto al dólar
    • we're not doing badly vamos bastante bien
    • the firm did badly out of the deal la empresa salió mal parada del trato / se perjudicó con el trato
    • An understanding of marriage as ‘a committed relationship’ is badly inadequate.
    • Parking in Devizes is inadequate, badly organised and is driving people to other towns where parking is free and easier to find.
    • It is inexperienced, badly briefed, poorly trained, unintelligent, unreliable and simply not up to the task.
    • High-profile cases have highlighted the business risks inherent in badly or inadequately implemented IT projects.
    • Either that, or the Board was being managed very badly.
    • If it is badly designed and managed, it can expose the employer to additional expense.
    • Both nurses and doctors are working under intense pressure in a service that has been appallingly under-resourced and badly managed.
    • Vicky was not so fortunate, however, having chosen badly - and instantly regretting it.
    • The system was so badly managed that an ongoing feud between the superintendent of schools and the elected school board resulted in the threat of a state takeover.
    • However, the reason it is truly grim is because it is badly sung (often woefully out of tune), poorly produced, and mixed in a food blender.
    • People may lose a war or a struggle, or be badly led or poorly advised, but they must not be humiliated, or treated as alien or less than human.
    • Managing your money badly may blacklist you not only from credit, but from work.
    • Minerva is used to researchers describing the studies in a meta-analysis as poor, inadequate, or badly reported.
    • This is a film so badly made it manages to be as mind-numbingly boring as it is insensitive.
    • When markets grow rapidly, they cover a multitude of sins and it is pretty hard - although not impossible - for even a poorly managed company to do badly.
    • It was a decision which Yorkshire lived to regret because they bowled badly and then suffered a batting collapse as Northants pulled off a shock win.
    • But, however badly we have managed things up to now, there is still no doubt in my mind that the answer is not no management at all but better management.
    • That leader must be bold enough to say that devolution is working badly because it is inadequate, that the denial of fiscal autonomy makes for irresponsible and incompetent government.
    • The French war was going badly, and royal finances were in an unsatisfactory state.
    • I would add that the information for passengers is totally inadequate and badly displayed.
  • 2

    (start/end) mal
    the play was badly received la obra fue mal recibida
    • the interview went badly for him le fue mal en la entrevista
    • Gros's last picture, Hercules and Diomedes, a tribute to David, was very badly received by the critics.
    • And even if they are, I don't think they reflect that badly on their speakers.
    • And it has been received rather badly by some critics - how do you feel about that?
    • Insults reflect badly not just on the author, but to others whom readers associate with the author.
    • He was a man with a direct way of dealing with people and he took badly any criticism of his style of leadership.
    • Everyone responds badly to negative criticism, nagging and complaining.
    • And I think you react incredibly badly to criticism.
    • She believes this reflects badly not only on the workers but those that use the service.
    • Yes, some criticism is misplaced and should be rejected, but this isn't always the case even with criticism that is badly or rudely phrased.
    • Fortunately it isn't reflecting that badly on my mood.
    • If staff members react badly to criticism and become upset, the manager should suggest a short break or offer to resume the meeting at a later date.
    • Given the outlook for 2005 this may prove to be a badly timed decision.
    • He was a very prickly person and took criticism badly, it took all Halley's skills in diplomacy to nurse the Principia to publication.
    • These projects reflect very badly on the owners and developers of these sites, their consultants and engineers, as well as on the Council.
    • Well, first of all, let me say that the actions of a few have reflected very, very badly on many of us, myself included.
    • It reflects very badly on NSW Police service and it's no wonder residents no longer give information to police because complaints are not acted on.
    • Clearly there are occasions on which artists have strong grounds for feeling badly treated by critics.
    • I take criticism very badly, and when I think it is not deserved it sends me into a state of fear and depression.
    • I will promise here and now though that anything I write at 3am on a Saturday morning will stay, however badly it reflects on me.
    • But, in Italy, fashion disasters reflect as badly on the seller as they do on the buyer.
  • 3

    (treat/behave) mal
    • It gives them an excuse to treat the hostages badly, and God knows it's bad enough just to be taken hostage and to be confined in some filthy room and maybe blindfolded.
    • In subsequently discussing my experience with others, I discovered I was not alone in my being treated very badly by the people at Morris.
    • But feeling really rather badly treated by the staff I decided to resign from the Social Committee.
    • If the Army treats them badly, they will vote with their feet.
    • And more than one-in-four children who took part in the survey also said they worried about being badly treated at home, even if they were confiding their worries to parents.
    • ‘I and my family have been very badly treated by sections of the media and I don't wish to comment any further,’ she said.
    • Chicken, sheep and other animals raised in farms are treated badly.
    • But the old king was very angry when he saw how his daughter behaved and how badly she treated all his guests.
    • While being kind to animals sometimes springs from having a gentle heart, it can also stem from a fear of being punished if animals are treated badly.
    • Animal cruelty inspectors found the two dogs had been so badly treated they weighed just half of what they should have been.
    • While we were eating, one of the children - a boy aged about seven - behaved rather badly, and this brought a stern rebuke from his father.
    • He said if you are good you get a lovely life after death and if you behave badly and wrongly you get a horrible life after death.
    • But Brad was besotted, and no matter how badly he was treated, kept coming back for more - until, eventually, something snapped.
    • The animals aren't badly treated and no one enjoys inflicting pain.
    • If there is a case when someone is treated badly at work, then they can either gain satisfaction through their company's disciplinary policy, or they go to an Industrial Tribunal.
    • Now, she was shocked by how badly some people treated her.
    • He decided to give riding lessons when he discovered how badly animals were being treated in Soweto, especially by children.
    • It is not only the bank robbers who treat the victims badly.
    • Still feeling guilty about a badly handled breakup or about not contributing to an office colleague's fund-raiser?
    • But barely a week later during May Day celebrations, he said the government would seize land from white farmers who treated their workers badly.
  • 4

    (intensely, severely)
    (fail) miserablemente
    (fail) estrepitosamente
    he was badly injured resultó gravemente herido
    • a badly scratched record un disco muy / terriblemente rayado
    • you're badly mistaken estás muy equivocado
    • I miss her badly la echo muchísimo de menos
    • you badly need a haircut te hace mucha falta cortarte el pelo
    • they badly wanted a home of their own estaban desesperados por tener su propia casa
    • One residential building was badly damaged; seven cars were destroyed.
    • Meanwhile a 15-year-old girl is still in intensive care after being badly hurt on the same stretch two weeks ago.
    • It was also funny because even though it probably didn't hurt her that badly, she still managed to get out of playing.
    • Has the immune system been badly weakened by over intensive exercise?
    • Once or twice he tried to dart inside, but something kept him from doing so, and he only manages to burn himself badly in several places.
    • Part of the main prayer room of the Masjid-E-Zaninabia mosque in Logwood Street was damaged by fire and badly smokelogged around 6pm yesterday.
    • The pain deep inside my heart seemed to have intensified so badly, I felt as if it would kill me.
    • Any parks footballer will tell you how painful that can be and I was badly winded which was why I went down.
    • It had ignited, and caused a fire that badly damaged the kitchen.
    • Layton and the NDP need Ontario badly yet he still managed to spend time in BC.
    • Over two years, it all added up to a mouth sensitive to hot and cold; a painful, badly infected tooth; and a first-ever cavity.
    • The building was so badly damaged in the fire it will have to be demolished.
    • India's electricity grid is clearly inadequate and badly needs upgrading.
    • I badly wanted to know and the suspense was intense.
    • Several buildings were badly damaged and a number of vehicles were overturned.
    • But he added that sum would only cover the expense of restoring the badly damaged listed building to its former glory.
    • Many of the windows had been long ago smashed out and the top floor seemed to be badly fire damaged.
    • It would have hurt Reid badly to criticise his team's performance; here is a manager who loves footballers.
    • Two pet dogs were killed and an historic building badly damaged in a fire at Castle Combe on the night of Wednesday 26 February.
    • Hospitals around Washington took in dozens of casualties - several badly burned and in critical condition.
    • The building was left badly blackened and water damaged after the blaze and property including the bicycles and a bookcase full of hundreds of pounds worth of books was destroyed.
    • The hospital's older buildings were badly damaged.
    • The French navy, painfully rebuilt in the 1770s and 1780s, suffered badly from the effects of the French Revolution.
    • It was really painful because it badly burned my skin and it made my breathing much worse.
    • Such memories of Artest are common in Chicago, and though the team badly misses his defensive intensity, it does not miss his shenanigans.
    • A pre-school, which has been open for nearly 40 years, faces a desperate fight for survival after its building was badly damaged by flooding.
    • A second building that was badly damaged in the blaze, was declared unsafe and is expected to be demolished as a result of the fire.
    • The author, like the sailor, could end up badly battered, or be greatly praised for his courage, skill and achievement.
    • Police described the scene as one of ‘mass destruction’ and said some buildings are so badly damaged that they may have to be demolished.
    • The building had been badly damaged by an arson attack the previous year and a dangerous structures notice had been served by Hull City Council.
    • A house in Longhope was badly damaged by fire on Sunday.
    • After the break, Grange were creating a lot of chances but were guilty of badly missed chances, blazing the ball over the cross bar from six yards on one occasion.
    • Seven of the Sioux were executed in the ensuing fusillade, and one badly wounded man managed to get away by hiding in the underbrush.
    • This reader and her husband are among the many who feel badly let down, and I greatly sympathise with them.
    • Last year, the kitchen area of the building had to be replaced after it was badly damaged by a fire which was started deliberately.
    • Years ago, a badly infected, painful tooth, was doomed to be extracted.
    • Not only does that stop development and investment; perhaps even more seriously, it badly damages race relations in this country.
    • There were widespread fears throughout the town that the building was so badly damaged that it would have to be completely razed for public safety reasons.
    • This, the oldest of Emei's monasteries, was badly damaged by fire in 1945 yet its most prized treasure survived unscathed.
    • It badly damaged the government building and destroyed several vehicles in the street outside.