Translation of baffle in Spanish:


desconcertar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈbaf(ə)l//ˈbæfəl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (experts/investigators) desconcertar
    it baffles me how they escaped no me explico cómo se escaparon
    • You get the distinct impression that the cops are as baffled by the intractability of it all as everyone else.
    • It was an amazing turnabout that must have left Tramore baffled and bewildered as to how they left this game behind them.
    • Of course, there are those who seek not to enlighten, but to habitually and purposefully obfuscate in order to baffle a client or weary public into submission.
    • They will be totally baffled and will need a lawyer to know what it means.
    • The sudden outbreak of illness since the beginning of the month is still baffling the experts.
    • Police baffled by the murder of a North Yorkshire man have turned to national TV in the hope of tracking down the killer.
    • Fashion still baffles me and probably always will.
    • They may come out with some piece of conceptual art that baffles everyone.
    • What baffles me about not only this article, but millions like it, is that people who obviously know nothing about a subject nonetheless spout off about it.
    • Sometimes this country completely baffles me.
    • The murder has baffled police, who still have no motive and no suspect for the shooting.
    • His abilities as an advocate evoked general admiration, though he did not succeed in baffling the prosecution.
    • He quits his job only to come back, albeit reluctantly, when a series of grisly murders baffles the police force.
    • But none of the puzzles are so stupidly designed as to totally baffle players.
    • These are great examples of modern slang dreamed up in the playground as a new means of confusing already baffled parents.
    • Now I know that everyone else is as baffled as me, the need for an explanation seems less pressing.
    • Miss Woodhouse said she had been left distraught by the cold-blooded murder, which has baffled police.
    • Many critics doubted the wisdom in signing the Celtic player at all, but they were totally baffled at the decision to hose him with money.
    • He made sure it would be a draw last Sunday when he baffled everyone by not giving a blatant free to Cork in the last minute.
    • Would they do a complete about-face and baffle everyone?
  • 2

    (attempts/efforts) frustrar
    they managed to baffle their pursuers consiguieron despistar a sus perseguidores


  • 1

    bafle masculine
    • Air cooling depends heavily on the condition of baffles, or seals, inside the engine compartment that direct air flow to where it's needed.
    • He offered an innovative design solution which incorporated the use of low-angle overhead baffles, concrete floors, wing wall baffles and a bullet trap system.
    • These comforters are considered to be three-season weight and the filling is held in place with the use of sewn in baffles which prevents the silk from moving and bunching.
    • In the event of a case failure, these baffles would prevent most of the escaping gases from coming down the lug raceways.
    • A baffle assembly including one or more baffle plates is located within the gas distribution chamber.
    • The baffle plate can have a nonuniform thickness and geometry-controlled openings to achieve a desired gas distribution.
    • The hinged flap on the front allows access to the baffle plate where the sawdust sits.
    • Appropriately placed baffles ensure that the light is integrated by many bounces before it reaches the detector.
    • For example, on the second floor where most work takes place, baffles, telephone booths, and various wall design make for a quieter ambience, the further one walks from front to back.
    • As the projectile leaves the muzzle the high velocity gases following the projectile strike the baffles of the muzzle brake and are deflected toward the rear and sides.
    • It is imagination that has been thrown at it rather than money: red painted breeze blocks, powder-blue painted plank ceiling, canvas sound baffles, cheapish chairs, ad-hoc air conditioning.
    • In a second arrangement, the first gas supply opens into the central region above an upper baffle plate and the second gas supply opens into the periphery of a plenum between the upper baffle plate and a lower baffle plate.
    • Top quality bedding, which is more expensive but will last much longer, uses baffle box construction.
    • Light in the integrating sphere undergoes hundreds of collisions with the sphere wall, baffle, and sample before being absorbed or collected at the measurement port.
    • My nannites have commenced repair work but my sensor baffles have been compromised.
    • After installing the five noise-reduction baffles, the noise level measured 101 dBA with background level of 95 dBA room average.
    • The fuel tank incorporates baffles to prevent fuel slosh and to keep the pump submerged.
    • The red man continued to burn into my retinas, or maybe it was the Windolene… the chemicals burned past my optic nerves and the red man became a small red arrowtip frog, crawling out of the black plastic baffles of the crossing lights.
    • Based on this data, we added baffles to optimize the light aperture within the spectrometer, thereby eliminating unnecessary rays while maximizing optical throughput.
    • ‘All we could do was direct a hose beyond the baffle plates through the gaps and try and remove as much as we possibly could’.
  • 2also baffle plate

    deflector masculine