Translation of bag in Spanish:


bolsa, n.

Pronunciation /bæɡ//baɡ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(container)

      bolsa feminine
      a paper/plastic bag una bolsa de papel/plástico
      • yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir! ¡sí señor, no señor, lo que mande el señor!
      • to leave sb holding the bag cargarle el muerto a algn
      • He quickly noticed the bags filled with orchids, which had been plucked from his park by the lanky guy now standing near a flatbed truck.
      • Together they carry their shopping bags to the wide, red front door and slip inside their house without exchanging a word, or even a glance.
      • I ran to the truck and grabbed my bag.
      • What book should you throw into your beach bag?
      • You don't have to lug a bag of useful stuff around everywhere you go.
      • I was carrying a shopping bag from a high street clothes shop.
      • Eve smiled and sat down at the foot of the bed watching her daughter open the brown bag.
      • He was carrying two bags containing a total of £40,000.
      • He was standing next to me with a bag at his feet and he kept dipping into this bag and fiddling about with something.
      • Re-using bags over and over certainly makes better economic and environmental sense than just dumping them after one use.
      • All of the bags can be folded and stuffed inside the largest bag.
      • On her way to breakfast, she grabbed her gym bag.
      • In his old school he had to carry his bag with him everywhere.
      • The only reason I was complaining was because my bag was so heavy.
      • A neighbour said he had reported one of the detained men after seeing him carrying a bag containing letters.
      • People would come in and drop off bags of clothes by the carload, many of the items still with the tags on them.
      • Pupils lined up outsides schools clutching brand new bags eager to return to class.
      • I walk lazily to the kitchen and start emptying the bags.
      • The women going about their shopping all carried baskets or shopping bags, not a plastic carrier in sight.
      • They turn up with bags full of beer.

    • 1.2(piece of luggage)

      maleta feminine
      valija feminine River Plate
      petaca feminine Mexico
      he packed his bags and left hizo las maletas y se fue
      • where are your bags? ¿dónde está su equipaje?
      • By the time her husband returned home that Sunday evening, his bags were packed and set out in the living room, and a hotel reservation had been made for him.
      • She turned around, picked up her bag, the only piece of luggage she had.
      • You can spend hundreds of pounds on luggage or bungee an overnight bag to the luggage rack.
      • I got changed and started re-packing my stuff from my bag into a suitcase.
      • Early last season he was lifting a luggage bag from a hotel lift when he twinged something.
      • The woman ushered Halle into the small 2-room apartment, and grabbed one of Halle's black luggage bags.
      • The bag was discovered among luggage from the commuter trains lost after the attacks.
      • Standing up quickly, Carrie went to her closet and took out her luggage bag.
      • Mr Manly said a forced door leading from the check-in area could have allowed someone to plant a bag with a Pan Am luggage label where bags were loaded on to planes.
      • Steve put the suit back into a luggage bag, put the combination lock onto it, then put it back under his desk.
      • The terminal was evacuated while a suspect bag at left luggage was investigated.
      • He put his bag in a luggage rack and as more passengers got on the train he was pushed further away from it.
      • It didn't make me unpack my bags and cancel my flight, but it was quite an omen.
      • I just entered with my luggage, just a bag and I was put in the last room.
      • After she unpacked her bags and organized her belongings, Wendy decided to put her shower on hold and stroll around the ship.
      • How about buying a piece of luggage that consolidates your bags into a single carry-on that complies with all the rules and your needs?
      • I arrived home, my arms weighed down with bags, my luggage.
      • I came to find Kwang-Su Oppa, and by chance I met him at the airport this afternoon when I was getting my bags from the luggage claim.
      • Checking into Hotel Residence ‘Le Rose’, his only luggage was a small bag.
      • When I pull my luggage (a bag and a laptop) on to the taxi, the driver asked where I were going.

    • 1.3(bagful)

      bolsa feminine
      to be a bagof bones ser un costal de huesos / un esqueleto
      • The two fled, leaving the bag of cash and a sawn-off shotgun.
      • Visitors to the show will receive a lace bag of wedding favours, five sugared almonds which traditionally convey blessing, with a Bible text inside.
      • Unstacking some containers in the corner, she pulled out a bag of rice.
      • The routes are remote and just arduous enough to appreciate the stops when Pedro the muleteer will pull down a freezer bag of home-made lemonade and a bottle of fino.
      • They just wanted me to donate, monthly, the equivalent amount to half a bag of tea-bags.
      • I get there and I buy a bag of chips and a pop with the little amount of money that I have left.
      • And then Santa arrived with his bag of Christmas gifts for everyone, courtesy of the Abbeyleix Goose Club draw.
      • The armed robbers, one of them wearing a balaclava, demanded the publican hand over a large bag of cash as he was about to step into his silver Mercedes.
      • In my day, we had to be content with a bag of Tayto Crisps and a bottle of Cidona…
      • She brings it to a tall table, where Rachel's cousin Luis sits stone-faced with a bag of microwaved popcorn.
      • But he was never very good at putting things back together so that one of his friends bet another a bag of sweets that Stephen would never amount to anything.
      • His winces and stammers come from the one bag of acting tricks, marked ‘flopsweat.’
      • There were 3 possible destinations: over her trainers, into her popcorn container or into my bag of chocolate brazils.
      • By the TV, a full bag of recyclables had fallen over, spilling its contents onto the otherwise clean floor.
      • Still, there was a large bag of unknown contents hoisted in by a footman.
      • Tina smiles at her stepson, Cary, who is eating an entire bag of Ruffles and a container of French onion dip.
      • The blonde was hovering over a bag of feed and a green five gallon bucket.
      • I am readmitted to the hospital and intravenously plugged into a bag of Dilaudid - hospital heroin.
      • He said one method used to gauge a child's awareness of drug abuse is to ask them to draw the contents of ‘a bag of drugs’ found in the street.
      • Weighing just 1lb 14 oz, Caitlan is lighter than a bag of sugar, but she has shown a will to live that far outweighs her size.

    • 1.4(in hunting)

      (feminine plural) piezas cobradas
      a mixed bag
      • today's concert is a mixed bag en el concierto de hoy habrá de todo un poco / para todos los gustos
      • my students were a very mixed bagindeed tenía un grupo de alumnos muy heterogéneo
      • in the bag
      • we can start celebrating: the contract is in the bag ya podemos celebrarlo: el contrato es un hecho
      • I love duck hunting but it's hard for me to get on the water at 5 in the morning and then have my hunt over in 10 minutes because I have taken my bag limit.
      • The federal framework also modified the daily bag limit for the four-day season in the SWDA.
      • I was pleased with 24-7 because that’s not a bad bag.
      • The bag limit for unlisted native fish, which previously had no limit, will now be set at 10.
      • The daily bag limit can include no more than 2 white-tipped (white-fronted doves).
      • Also, the agency is considering proposing an increase in the deer bag limit in those counties.
      • The bag limit had been a single whitefront for many years prior to that.
      • Looking at photos of other teal hunters' bags, most seem to hold a high percentage of adult male bluewings.
      • A zero bag limit will now apply to wobbegong sharks.
      • In all of the zones where the hunting of this species is authorized, the bag limit is one moose per two hunters per year.
      • An illusion of an inner street, not a bad bag for the courtyard hunter.
      • "Twenty pounds is not a bad bag," he said. "But I just didn't realize what it was going to take. I was in 51st place."
      • It's fairly unlikely that the council will recommend further cuts in the scaup bag limit for the coming season.
      • It was very vexatious; but still three lions were not a bad bag for one gun before dinner.
      • Not a great bag, but more than enough to win this tournament tonight.

  • 2

    • 2.1(of skin)

      bolsa feminine
      to have bags under one's eyes (of skin) tener bolsas en los ojos
      • Or use Photoshop to take out the wrinkles and bags under your eyes.
      • His hair was starting to gray around the edges, and his eyes were sunken, hidden away behind bags and wrinkles that were now forming.
      • When the blood circulation is slowed, some blood will collect around the eye which leads to dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles.
      • She highlights slightly pimply skin, bags under eyes and flesh taut with baby fat.
      • I was absolutely shattered, wearing a Burberry cagoule and a pair of sunglasses to hide the bags under my eyes.
      • I can only remember a glimpse of him: dark bags under his eyes, loose pant and bluish shirt.
      • She was aware of her pasty skin, of the bags under her eyes, and of the drawn look on her face without his comments.
      • Mercia was watching her parent's faces; sallow skin, dark bags under their lifeless eyes.
      • He looked tired and worn out, with pale skin and purple bags under his eyes.
      • A similar incision is made along the lower lash line to remove undereye bags and skin.
      • Sloppy jeans, baggy top, red and sore nose, black bags under my eyes and scabby skin all courtesy of the cold virus.
      • His face was wrinkled, large black bags under his eyes.
      • This is the magic potion/formula that will make everything all right/my skin smoother/my bags less defined.
      • But let's not forget that for all those wrinkles and those bags under her eyes, Maine Road is still a fabulous stadium.
      • The product was reformulated, and we don't know if today's Preparation H would be at all helpful against wrinkles or bags.
      • Before she came on this trip she would have seen a stick-thin girl, with ratty blonde hair, blotchy skin and bags under her eyes.
      • A face has no character unless it moves, and the fleeting emotions animate the ingrained ones, the battle-damage - lines, bags, wrinkles.
      • His face was wrinkled, and the bags under his eyes did not help to make him look any younger.
      • My eyes looked bloodshot, there were dark, heavy bags under them, and my naturally sun-kissed skin looked incredibly pale.
      • I ignored the bags under my eyes and the weight I was losing.

    • 2.2(in clothing)

      bolsa feminine

  • 3bags pl

    • 3.1informal (a lot)

      cantidad feminine informal
      (masculine plural) montones informal
      (feminine plural) pilas River Plate informal
      there's bags of room hay cantidad / montones de sitio informal
      • Venus in Pisces is a further sign she has bags of acting and musical talent.
      • The world is a pretty place, you have bags of energy, and you even look forward to a train ride in to work.
      • Use a good, cheap cut like shoulder which becomes really tender the longer it cooks and has bags of flavour.
      • Only a single score down and bags of attrition time still left to play.
      • At their best, Chilean wines are unctuously juicy and intense, with bags of exotic ripe fruit.
      • I imagined that at the end I'd have bags of information, anecdotes and observations.
      • There is bags of power from way down the rev range and loads of poke in the middle where it is needed for safe overtaking.
      • Rossendale came up against a team not only top of the league but also a side playing with bags of confidence.
      • On the nose there are bags of ripe yeast underlined by musty hayshed flavours.
      • Jeremy Noseda's colt has bags of speed and scope and will not be easily denied.
      • When I was 21, it was easier to put up with things when you thought you had bags of time to get where you wanted to be.
      • This is a delicious game bird, with bags of flavour and little or no fat.
      • Perhaps someone who has just retired and has bags of energy could come on board.
      • A clever premise, lots of clever ideas interwoven into the plot and just bags and bags of fun.
      • He had looks, he had charm, he had talent, and he had bags of money, of course.
      • A talented young outfit who boast bags of ability and an enthusiasm to match.
      • We have bags of potential but I am sick of that word, we need to start winning.
      • He showed again he is comfortable on the ball, has bags of skill and when he tackles you, you stay tackled.
      • There are still bags of sunshine every day and if you can get out of the wind there's some real power in it.
      • They had a decent first half and a very good second half while Hearts, despite bags of effort, had an off day.

    • 3.2British Clothing
      (a lot)

      (masculine plural) pantalones anchos
      • Don't you lose any time about your absolutions, - washing, you know; but just jump into a pair of bags and Wellingtons; clap a top-coat on you, and button it up to the chin, and there you are, ready dressed in the twinkling of a bed-post.
      • I wear a pair of bags, a dirty sweater, and go without hat or shoes and stockings.

  • 4informal

    (unpleasant woman)
    bruja feminine informal
    • It is a devastating piece, one that rises to violence, and yet director Marcus Romer rightly judges that Mag should not be a one-note, sour old bag.
    • I would probably refuse to go out with the man simply because of the snoopy old bag.
    • My good lady offered it to some old bag for £3 and she toddled off shaking her head.
    • On the news this morning, the old bag was saying that the visitor figures for the fountain had far exceeded their predictions.
    • I started with a right hook, and before I knew it I was nearly punching the stuffing out of that old bag.
    • Old bag, he thought to himself as he walked into the indicated room and settled into a chair.
    • The old bag that gets terribly angry if neighbours leave their junkmail sitting on and around the letterboxes?
    • Once they had lost the old bag, the six calmly went down the stairs.
    • It was the most boring two hours I'd ever spent in a theater, nothing but these wrinkled old bags in Indian hats hugging each other and crying.
    • But I sure can dream about seeing a bullet lodged it that old bag's skull.
    • What probably really happened is that the old bag didn't want any dark skin hands near her purist Jewish skin and she was left their to fend for herself.
    • Tommie had to contain his laughter at how angry the old bag was getting.
    • How many times is the old bag going to play Lara Croft?
    • Doubtless your sisters-in-law will think you a patronising, self-righteous old bag, but you can't have it all ways.
    • I guess I was taking too long, because the old bag came right into the room!
    • You are sounding like that old bag that's in charge of making sure I am somewhat of a lady.
    • Once I heard little more than static coming from my earpiece, I decided to humor the old bag.
    • I thought my words were going to change the world but that's all gone now and I'm just a jaded old bag.
    • Perhaps it makes me seem like an old bag, but it does feel intimidating to face a gang of people, of whatever age, with intimidating body language.
    • He loathed the old bag more than Liz ever did, despite sharing the same political views.
  • 5dated, slang

    (area of interest)
    pop music is not my bag la música pop no es lo mío
    • She managed to take a sip and while declaring the soup "probably delicious" she admits it is still not her bag.
    • Tried out the Super Ego, and I don't know how else to say this, but it's just not my bag.
    • But it didn't take Scully long to figure out that coaching football was not his bag.
    • Ostensibly, a Chinwag meeting about PR Online is simply not my bag, but an interface appears to be forming (think Star Trek) between PR and Blogging.
    • We could bang on about adding value, or whatever marketing thing is a hot topic at the moment, but that's not our bag.
    • It’s a bit on the simpering side and just was not my bag, but it sure was quick to read.
    • But keeping an office running smoothly is not her bag.
    • Cheap and cheerful is certainly not our bag at all.
    • Song and dance were not her bag, but she was great and deserved a highest award for the accomplishment in this movie.
    • And Jay needs to just stop watching them if it's not his bag.
    • Farstar International is probably one of the best examples of bad Web design ever, but obviously that's not the guy's bag.
    • The resort lifestyle is most certainly not our bag.
    • I tried a course in b/w photography, but realised it was not my bag either.
    • Not that there's anything wrong with that - but not my bag.
    • In other words, she didn't catch the acting bug until after realizing the nine to five work-a-day world was not her bag.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (put in bag)
    (vegetables/rubbish) meter en una bolsa
  • 2

    (in hunting)
    (rabbit/pheasant) cazar
    (pheasant/rabbit) cobrar
  • 3Britishinformal


intransitive verb

  • 1

    (trousers) hacer bolsas