Translation of baker in Spanish:


panadero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbeɪkər//ˈbeɪkə/


  • 1

    panadero masculine
    panadera feminine
    baker's (shop) panadería feminine
    • to go to the baker's ir a la panadería
    • baker's yeast levadura de panadero
    • By taking the cake home and endorsing it among my circle of acquaintances, I would be growing my mother's reputation as a baker of cakes.
    • The yeast used to make beer is the same type that is used to make bread - in fact, breweries used to sell their yeast to bakers for use in bread.
    • Henry's father was a baker by trade but lost his job during the depression and he was forced to sell apples on the street corner to save the family from starvation.
    • We had the candles, hatters, cobblers and bakers representing the strong trades in Rathkeale in the 19th century.
    • Fifty-five years later, a group of bakers and confectioners have constructed a replica of the Gateway, using not brick and stone, but 40 bags of sugar weighing as much as four tonnes.
    • Under the tutelage of the baker he rolled mixed cake batter and rolled dough.
    • Workers in this informal sector include tinsmiths, seamstresses, bakers, carpenters, and peddlers.
    • There were bakers selling their wares, and beggars scrambling around in the mud for scraps.
    • Tenchi Muyo was another thing she got me, a comic about Sasami being asked to make carrot cakes for a baker.
    • At the bottom of the scale were trades serving local markets, such as carpenters, masons, bakers, or shoemakers.
    • Betting each other that it is easier to be a breadwinner than a bread baker, the couples trade places for a day.
    • When a baker sells his bread for money to a shoemaker, he has supplied the shoemaker with his saved unconsumed bread.
    • It was a great week for candle makers, cake bakers and balloon manufacturers.
    • Among the attractions will be produce from farmers, bakers, jam makers, cheese makers, confectioners and brewers.
    • Besides the icing cakes, the bakers have steamed a plum pudding that may well rock the regular variety.
    • It continued to sell cheap bread although all other bakers raised the prices.
    • When hungry worshippers broke their fasts, bakers were ready with cakes and breads to which dairy and eggs were added with a generous hand.
    • Also, note that the baker's production of bread gives rise to his demand for money.
    • He gathered swans' eggs and sold them to the baker in Akaroa.
    • By the 1790s he had left the baker's trade to become a tanner and evidently prospered as a master artisan.