Translation of balancing act in Spanish:

balancing act

Pronunciation ///ˈbælənsɪŋ ækt/


  • 1

    to perform a balancing act hacer malabarismos
    • he is attempting a balancing act between both groups está haciendo malabarismos para contentar a ambos grupos
    • They do so through delicate balancing acts of simultaneously embracing and rejecting both femininity and hegemonic masculinity.
    • Here is a perfect example of the delicate balancing act that is required when making decisions on use of the green belt.
    • I don't see this as a conflict so much as a balancing act between two paradigms.
    • He says the change is designed to be a delicate balancing act between the rights of employers and employees.
    • Painful compromises are necessary from both sides and a delicate balancing act is needed to break years of mistrust.
    • It is surprising how much of a delicate balancing act creating a business plan really is.
    • Your relationship with your team should be a delicate balancing act.
    • It all makes for a unique and delicate balancing act, they all admit, but it works.
    • The achievement has been remarkable, and involved a delicate balancing act.
    • This is a delicate balancing act between the need to support police and the need to prevent abuses of power.
    • These are not linear processes and there are few cleverer balancing acts than pursuit of an editorial strategy.
    • The balancing act required is a delicate dance between playing the waiting game and taking action.
    • Cattarin performs a delicate balancing act that allows each of the ingredients to speak.
    • The achievement of rapport between interviewer and respondent is therefore a delicate balancing act.
    • So it is a delicate balancing act that the newspaper publisher must play.
    • The present situation demands a delicate balancing act from Martin, too.
    • The role is a balancing act between different interests and the manager will sometimes have to take a longer view than traders.
    • For instance, managers often perform a delicate balancing act when seeking support for a venture.
    • It's a balancing act that requires continuous adjustments, but the point is that it can be done.
    • He has been trained in Belgium and has mastered the virtuoso balancing act his employment requires.