Translation of balcony in Spanish:


balcón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbalkəni//ˈbælkəni/

nounPlural balconies

  • 1

    balcón masculine
    (large) terraza feminine
    • More residents were rescued from windows and balconies by ladder.
    • The latter can be used in a greater variety of locations, including balconies.
    • A total of 26 people were injured after jumping from windows and balconies in the area.
    • It had big windows with little balconies for flowers at the front and neat lawns surrounded by a high fence with spikes along the top.
    • They put them up in shops and hairdressing salons, hung them from bicycles, window ledges and balconies.
    • Most of the apartments will have private access to steel balconies with hardwood decking.
    • The balconies are shaped like the bow of a ship with railings of curved glass topped with stainless steel.
    • The balconies enlivened the building with their deep and geometric shadows.
    • Women negotiate from their windows and balconies with the potato men to have large bags of potatoes brought up to their kitchens.
    • Lareina was outside on one the many balconies, only hers nearly touched the lake water.
    • The upper floors have external balconies with views of the sea and harbour.
    • He'd also like to open up the rear windows with ceiling-height doors leading to balconies.
    • Its highest point would be a curved white corner tower with bay windows, deep window recesses and balconies.
    • Rows of small candles or lamps are placed on balconies and windows to welcome them home.
    • Festoons of golden rope hung like blonde locks from one of the balconies.
    • The tiled roof tops, narrow streets and little balconies dotting the buildings add to the charm.
    • Here the horizontal walls, terraces and balconies merge with their site.
    • Neighbouring condo dwellers hang outside on their balconies watching the festivities.
    • It was a grand house; all balconies and balustrades, stained glass and long, winding staircases.
    • Thick, white walls were made flamboyant by ornate balconies and luxurious story-length windows.
  • 2

    (in US) platea alta feminine
    (in UK) galería feminine
    (in UK) paraíso masculine
    (in UK) gallinero masculine informal
    • In the old days an orchestra hid on the balcony while the guests below held masked balls and Sunday dances.
    • I like to sit in the front of the first balcony.
    • Valerane shut the door behind him and sat down, legs crossed, back against the only exit from the balcony as he waited silently with his eyes shut.
    • Max and Kasyan were approaching the section of the balcony above Don Ricardo and the others.
    • A man dressed in a white suit looked down from the balcony of the second floor to the dance floor.
    • A woman, seen from above, seated in the balcony of a theatre, in her turn looks down on the spectacle below.
    • We were seated up on the balcony overlooking the singer, and had just a truly wonderful night.
    • Meanwhile, most of the comfortable chair-back seating in the balcony was empty.
    • Michael led them to their seats in the balcony and handed her her show glasses.
    • The audience again cheers, but a new scene soon opens on the balcony above.
    • The guys sitting with them in the balcony jumped out of their seats to dance to the Vaadi Vaadi number.
    • The audience watches from the balcony above or alongside the dancing on the exhibit floor.
    • Will curtains on the balcony, whether open or closed, affect sightlines and acoustics?
    • Russel led Matt to a balcony above the balcony that connected to the throne room.
    • The first balcony felt much like the balcony at the Ohio Theater, though smaller, except I loved the narrow (less than 3 feet wide, I'm sure) staircases.
    • This new musical will follow the format of having the downstairs audience seated at tables with normal seating in the balcony.
    • As a reward, they let him buy them an early meal at the theatre's café before they returned to the balcony to watch the show.
    • And the wonderful Darren has promised that I can sit in the balcony and watch from above.
    • The Elder and his guard had flown in as well from Angelica and took their seats in the balcony.
    • The crowd roars and cheered as Shobeck appeared with his queen on the balcony above the stage.
    • They occupied the floor level of the hall, as well as the balcony level above.
    • Work is due to start later this month on a scheme to provide extra seating and a bar area in the balcony at the Thwaites Empire Theatre at Ewood.