There are 2 main translations of ball in Spanish

: ball1ball2


pelota, n.

Pronunciation /bɔl//bɔːl/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (in baseball, golf) pelota feminine
      (in baseball, golf) bola feminine
      (in basketball, football) pelota feminine Latin America
      (in basketball, football) balón masculine Spain
      (in billiards, croquet) bola feminine
      fast/low/easy ball pelota / bola rápida/baja/fácil
      • the ballis in his/your court le corresponde a él/te corresponde a ti dar el próximo paso
      • to be on the ball ser muy espabilado
      • to carry the ball llevar la batuta / la voz cantante
      • (in US football) to drop / fumble the ball fumblear
      • you know he won't drop / fumble the ball ya sabes que no nos va a fallar
      • to set / start/keep the ballrolling poner/mantener las cosas en marcha / en movimiento
      • If you see one having fun with a soccer ball then you should immediately kick the ball into the river or ocean.
      • Jimmy threw the next two pitches outside for balls.
      • Heather darted for the ball as it came back to her left side and hit it with a backhand.
      • When we returned to Bristol they'd want to throw a baseball with the big gloves and everything rather than a cricket ball.
      • We're playing street soccer, and the ball is kicked way over the fence onto the road behind the court.
      • Forcing his opponent to drop the ball, he flashed in to kick the ball over the line and dive onto it to score a great try.
      • I could throw a cricket ball a mile, so that's how I got into it at school.
      • Shoot hoops or kick a soccer ball around in the yard with your children as often as you can.
      • Not every child gets a cricket bat, rugby ball, pair of football boots or spikes as a Christmas or birthday present.
      • He encourages time-wasting and has even thrown balls on the pitch to hinder games.
      • Coaches end up teaching the teens how to kick a soccer ball, leap hurdles or swing a bat.
      • The ball cannoned off the keeper on to the post before spinning agonisingly over the line.
      • Expecting a cross, they were static as his inswinging ball flew through the box and into the net off the inside of the far post.
      • He is inspirational in the heart of midfield, slipping intelligent balls through to the strikers, and possess a fearsome shot.
      • Can you imagine… it must be about twenty five years that I haven't held a cricket ball.
      • A lefthanded hitter, he has shown good power, aggressively attacking balls in the strike zone.
      • Jess would rather spend her time kicking a soccer ball round the park with the boys.
      • He pounced on a loose ball to and passed to Duff who fed it through to Hasselbaink inside the penalty area.
      • I had enough of pebbles being kicked up at my car, of balls purposely thrown at my windshield, of gargantuan sized twelve year olds banging on my trunk.
      • Jimmy threw the first three pitches for balls, then two strikes.
      • He lacks discipline at the plate and can often look bad swinging at balls outside the strike zone.
      • It could be frustrating for Rooney to go from Beckham dropping accurate balls over his shoulder to Everton players delivering wayward passes.
      • He tried to dribble the ball, soccer style, around the goalie.
      • On Sunday it rang to the sounds of snooker balls being shot across the snooker tables, playing host to a snooker competition.
      • As a child, I studied a little, did a bit of mischief and played a lot of cricket with a tennis ball.
      • Van Nistelrooy had been involved in the opening 20 minutes, but a careless ball of his set up the home side's first goal.
      • Eight of the next nine pitches were balls and bases were loaded.
      • In those days we were just a bunch of street kids playing cricket with a tennis ball and practising drop kicks over the telephone wires.
      • It was a little dangerous as we were worried that our oldest son might kick the soccer ball over the wire and set off the alarms.
      • He threw the ball wide to leave their number 12 free to score under the post.

    • 1.2(delivery by pitcher)

      bola feminine

  • 2

    • 2.1US (baseball)

      béisbol masculine

    • 2.2(game)

      to play ball(with sb) jugar a la pelota (con algn)
      • he wouldn't play ballwith the police no quiso colaborar / cooperar con la policía
      • we tried to persuade him but he wouldn't play ball intentamos convencerlo, pero no quiso saber de nada

  • 3

    • 3.1

      (round mass) bola feminine
      (of string, wool) ovillo masculine
      shape the dough/mixture into balls formar bolas con la masa/mezcla
      • she was curled up in a ball estaba hecha un ovillo
      • balland chain grillos y cadenas
      • the whole ballof wax toda la historia
      • he bought it, the whole ballof wax se tragó toda la historia
      • A ball of plutonium is surrounded with explosives, all of which detonate at precisely the same moment and with exactly the same power.
      • Armed with a long ash sapling, a ball of cord, a baited hook, a box of worms and a cork I arrived on schedule.
      • It burst and there was a grey ball of smoke high up above the plaza.
      • Scrape the ball off the spoon onto a well-floured worksurface and knead it.
      • The big ball of black smoke rising into the sky are pretty definite signs something has gone wrong.
      • She hurriedly retrieved the ball of paper and slowly flattening it out.
      • Suddenly the boat exploded into a great ball of flame, sending pieces of it skyward.
      • It exploded in an orange ball of flame sending sand and metal fragments flying.
      • Then they chew the fibrous fruit into a ball of pulp and spend ages sucking out the goodness.
      • These fizzing bath oil balls are solid drops that can be added to bath water.
      • Remove the dough and knead two or three times to form a ball of light dough.
      • Little boys cluster around stopped cars, offering bags of almonds and popcorn balls.
      • Susan watched in horror through her kitchen window as a ball of flame came screaming out of the night sky and scored a direct hit on the garden shed.
      • Turn the ball of dough onto a floured surface and knead gently until smooth.
      • It's not a developing human being but just a microscopic ball of cells that we can use.
      • In that moment, my cousin's image began to unravel all at once, like an unclenched ball of yarn.
      • Remove from heat and quickly beat in all the flour, stirring with a wooden spoon until it forms a solid ball.
      • The car looked like a crumpled ball of metal.
      • It's a kind of chocolate bomb, a ball of crisp chocolate that crackles and splits to reveal delicious chocolate ice cream inside.
      • Suddenly there was a ball of flame and the flash lit up the kitchen area.

    • 3.2History Military

      bala feminine
      • His contribution was to bowl two balls to complete an over when a colleague was injured and go in to bat with one run needed and stay at the non-facing end.
      • As the barrage of musket balls continued to cascade down, the sailors hurried to tie the ropes, and scramble up after the two containers.
      • I remember commercials ran till just in time to show the bowler releasing the second ball of the over.
      • Eight of the lead musket balls have been flattened from impact, while others show mold lines, indicating that they had never been used.
      • He took his first wicket with the last ball of an over.
      • Also uncovered were musket balls, cannonballs, a grenade and tools.
      • But history books fail to impart the human toll, whereas this series forces the reader to see the bodies run through with bayonets or lead balls.
      • Each innings consists of 30 balls with batsmen retiring at 30 runs.
      • With his last ball in Test cricket, Davidson had Alan Smith, of England, caught behind.
      • Michael Taylor says lead musket balls were made on the site and the team has found spills of molten lead that have formed small hollows in the ground.

    • 3.3

      the ballof the foot la parte anterior de la planta del pie
      • the ballof the thumb la base del pulgar

  • 4balls pl

    • 4.1(testicles)

      (masculine plural) huevos vulgar slang
      (feminine plural) pelotas vulgar slang
      (masculine plural) cojones vulgar slang
      (masculine plural) tanates Mexico vulgar slang
      to kick sb in the balls darle a algn una patada en los huevos (/ las pelotas etc. )
      • to have balls tenerlos bien puestos / tenerlas bien puestas
      • to have sb by the balls tener a algn bien agarrado

    • 4.2(nonsense, testicles)

      (feminine plural) pendejadas
      (feminine plural) huevadas Venezuela Andes
      (feminine plural) gilipolleces Spain
      (feminine plural) boludeces Colombia River Plate vulgar slang
      balls to them! ¡que se vayan a la mierda! vulgar slang

transitive verb

  • 1

    (string/wool) ovillar
  • 2USslang

    (have sex with)
    echarse un polvo con slang
    tirarse vulgar slang

intransitive verb


  • 1

    echarse un polvo slang
    joder vulgar slang
    tirar vulgar slang

There are 2 main translations of ball in Spanish

: ball1ball2


baile, n.

Pronunciation /bɔl//bɔːl/


  • 1

    baile masculine
    to have a ball divertirse de lo lindo / como loco informal
    • what a ball! ¡qué divertido!
    • Banquets, balls, dinner dances, bazaars and fetes, exhibitions and civic receptions were held there in its proud heyday.
    • Social balls and charity have morphed into PR events and openings.
    • That evening at the ball she watched the formal introductions patiently waiting so that she could go and greet Natalie.
    • Which was the reason why I still went to balls and the social functions of the season.
    • He watched as his mother emerged from her room, dressed in her ball gown and sparkling in rubies.
    • I had many offers to balls and social gatherings but I had never accepted.
    • It was the morning of the debutante ball and I was giving Ryan last minute dance lessons.
    • However, most did boast a formal music room, where recitals and smaller dances and balls could be held.
    • It was long and gauzy; it felt like something that should be worn to a masquerade ball, or a prom.
    • I just wanted to tell you that you'll be having a debutante ball on your birthday!
    • You're probably swanning around the place up there right now in a ball gown and heels…
    • An invitation to a formal dance or ball is the perfect excuse to indulge in your fairytale fantasies.
    • I also liked dancing at the palace balls and playing the flute.
    • They were in great demand for hunt balls, ballroom dancing, weddings and other social gatherings.
    • Built in the 1870s it was the first hall in Auckland for musical activities, balls, social events and even ladies' roller skating.
    • It will match any outfit and is perfect for any occasion, from out for the day to a formal ball.
    • After all, you don't miss your debutante ball, especially when your family is hosting it.
    • She thought wistfully of the elegant ball gown that had been made just for tonight.
    • The only time she ever puts her hair up is during a ball or formal affair.
    • The girls planned their ball gowns for weeks ahead and the talk was about boys from a nearby Catholic school.