Translation of balloon in Spanish:


globo, n.

Pronunciation /bəˈlun//bəˈluːn/


  • 1

    globo masculine
    bomba feminine Colombia
    chimbomba feminine Central America
    balloon loan (préstamo reembolsable al vencimiento) préstamo balloon masculine
    • balloon sail blooper
    • The package contained a funny hat, a stick on mustache, and a bouncing balloon with the rubber band on it.
    • They're the kind of balloons which when inflated are shaped like round pillows.
    • Some less-obvious (but easily acquired) tools include balloons and a rubber mallet.
    • Those who attended were greeted with a splendid display of colour with helium balloons, banners and flags festooning the walls of the Glenside.
    • Decorate your home inexpensively with loads of balloons and streamers.
    • She grabbed my hand and led me through a front door that was heavily decorated with balloons and streamers.
    • Many held aloft signs, waved flags or held multi coloured balloons.
    • The place was well decorated, with balloons and streamers hanging everywhere.
    • The gym was crowded and decorated with balloons and streamers.
    • Clad in their red and white costumes bearing similar coloured balloons and ribbons they enjoyed their participation.
    • Other similarly coloured decorations included flowers, balloons, the cake and the reception at the Hanover International.
    • The gaily coloured banners and balloons decorating the streets give the impression of an impromptu homecoming party.
    • Coloured cut outs of red hearts, and heart-shaped balloons, decorated the walls and roof in the dimly lit ballroom.
    • Local residents pulled out all the stops to make Santa feel welcome, with balloons and decorations.
    • After he made his promises, a shower of balloons and confetti sealed the audience's excitement as well.
    • The committee had a four-course meal, upmarket wines, auction prizes, 2000 balloons and other decorations and a Perth band lined up.
    • It is now colourfully decorated in balloons and streamers.
    • The Murfits ensured everything was organised for the party with colourful balloons, streamers and of course the cake - a black forest gateau.
    • Smaller balloons are then inflated around the main structure, and the process repeated to create mini-igloos for the guests and staff to sleep in.
    • The Hall was beautifully decorated for the occasion with coloured balloons, lighting, ribbons and included a full-size cat-walk.
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    globo masculine
    aeróstato masculine
    (ride/trip) (before noun) en globo
    meteorological / weather balloon globo sonda masculine
    • Colorful hot-air balloons have loaned their construction technology to the builders of air-formed dome buildings.
    • Another surreal moment came during the middle of a hot-air balloon ride over Serengeti National Park.
    • Just as an object less dense than water rises to the surface, our balloon filled with hot air rises through the surrounding air.
    • Then the group hopped out of the hot air balloon basket and looked upwards towards the dark, gloomy sky.
    • Throughout the weekend, static and moving displays, concours, passenger rides, funfairs and hot air balloons will all add to the atmosphere.
    • One of the hot air balloon races he participated in produced a record-breaking trip from Japan to California.
    • The team plays an important role in ensuring the balloon is prepared and filled to suit the timing of the launch and to ensure the envelope is ready for take off.
    • There was enough gossip going around to fill a hot air balloon, but I was happy to say I was never the topic.
    • The finale is especially charming when the Italians climb into hot-air balloons to set off for their homeland.
    • A puppy dropped by parachute from a hot-air balloon descends safely into the garden of a secret convent.
    • Suddenly a hot-air balloon, with a young child in it, appears to be coming down in the field, followed by others running at full pelt, trying to aid a safe landing.
    • Hot-air balloons are controlled by adding or reducing the heat, which adjusts the air density within it.
    • It is a big aircraft, which acts more like a hot air balloon than airplane, because of its slow speed and reactions.
    • Tethered hot air balloons and helicopter flights were among the other attractions at the festival.
    • The blast of red hot air filled the balloon, lifting them high into the air.
    • Marc Sluszny is a record-holder in bungee jumping from a hot-air balloon and in aerobatics hang-gliding.
    • Yet, it was not until 1783 that the Montgolfier brothers in France first overcame gravity in their hot-air balloon.
    • Hot-air balloons were released and one drifted into some women dressed as Dixie Belles.
    • When the heater kicks on, it fills your robe like a hot-air balloon.
    • But all in all, I could understand hot-air balloon aviators' fascination with the sport.
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    (in comic strip)
    globo masculine
    bocadillo masculine
    • Readers may not even notice some of the more radical elements like word balloons that get cut off by the panel borders.
    • Ottaviani's recreation of the conversation is seriously limited by the confines of cartoon balloons and a mere six panels on a page.
    • As he read the printed words in the balloons that floated above Dagwood and Blondie he drummed his fingers on the table.
    • One fragment with the smile intact rests a step above the Moor's head, as wordless cartoon balloons float in dumb surprise above.
    • This is because the noble medium of funny pictures and word balloons is often derided as juvenile and strictly a boys' own pastime.
    • As in comic strips, dots trail up to the balloon, indicating you are thinking.
    • The dog's comments are audible and visible in a cartoon balloon.
    • What difference does it make that he's reading his words on pages of color and ink, the dialogue in word balloons?
    • They're confused as to whether one follows the panels across or down, in what order the word balloons are sequenced, and so forth.
    • Practically every panel in the book has something, often a word balloon, but sometimes an arm or a piece of clothing, poking out over the edge.
    • You've mentioned the haiku-like or telegram-like quality of word balloons in comics.
    • I could write scripts and storyboard style using stick figures and balloons and captions.
    • The ironic tone is a visual effect produced by encapsulating quoted matter in the balloons - a cartoonish medium that gives us permission to laugh again.
    • ‘One word balloon in From Hell completely hijacked my life,’ he explains.
    • The original version is censored, using goofy Batman inspired cartoon balloon words to block out some excessively gory details.
    • It was finished artwork, and they would ask me to, you know, insert a comma in a word balloon.
    • When applicable, Robinson will overlap his word balloons.
  • 4also balloon flask

    matraz masculine

intransitive verb

  • 1

    ir en globo
    to go ballooning (ir a) pasear en globo
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    • If for some reason your wing collapses in a freak wind, the chute will balloon back to shape within seconds.
    • I was about to breathe a sigh of relief when they ballooned out and started to parachute down in the middle of the courtyard.
    • Mounds of skins rolled from under its chin, arms, and its stomach ballooned out.
    • The monstrous plant ballooned out over the rest of the forest like a giant among ants.
    • When it comes to chasing someone on land, it will leave you dumbfounded as it cruises at a supersonic speed with its belly ballooned like heavy grit.
    • As the movement of the fans increases, the air picks up the cloth and it balloons up into a large shape.
    • It was quite billowy, and the sleeves ballooned at the wrists.
    • The sleeves and gowns balloon out with layers of lace in an overstated and flamboyant style.
    • We're still trying to figure out why in the heck the lines ballooned out the way they did.
    • The necks of old port bottles, for example, usually have a slightly bulbous form, so that the lower part of the cylindrical cork is weakened where it ballooned out and became cone shaped.
    • Our skirts ballooned out and a putrid smell filled the room, making some of the pupils feel a bit faint.
    • The bottom of the dress ballooned out at the waist, the top being form fitting.
    • It split down the middle to reveal a light lavender petticoat and the sleeves ballooned out, at the top, and cascaded down, past her hands, ending in a waterfall of silky material.
    • Meanwhile, his foot tapped, his eyes closed tight, and his thick cheeks ballooned with air to refill the bladder.
    • This one was from a different time period and its skirt ballooned, very much like a ball gown a princess of the old times might wear.