Translation of ballot in Spanish:


votación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbælət//ˈbalət/


  • 1

    • 1.1(system of voting)

      votación feminine
      to decide by ballot decidir por votación
      • Britain's firefighters voted to hold a ballot for strike action today.
      • Voting by ballot in Division elections shall be conducted by mail and shall include the option of electronic means as provided for by the Board of Directors.
      • A person's membership may be revoked for cause, other than nonpayment of dues, by a two-thirds vote by ballot of the Board of Directors.
      • In addition to pay, there are also strike ballots over safety, victimisation of union reps and other issues.
      • While out of office, he campaigned for further reforms, including vote by ballot, household suffrage, and triennial parliaments, embarrassing the Whig ministers.
      • And residents will have to choose from a huge 15 nominations for councillor positions when they vote by ballot.
      • Almost two out of three who voted in a preliminary ballot said they would strike over plans by Essex County Council to make the changes in September.
      • The workers are to begin voting in a strike ballot on January 25, following their rejection of a proposed two-year wage deal from the company.
      • Teachers in four other schools are to hold consultative strike ballots over the same issue.
      • The questions to be answered are selected by groups of practicing family physicians who vote through an online ballot.
      • Mixed feelings swell up inside me when I consider the issue of postal ballots in the local elections this year.
      • After all the videos were played (All were really great!) the crowd voted by ballot.
      • Every district secretary, every regional secretary was elected by ballot.
      • There has been a strike ballot over the issue, which closes this week.
      • Last July, after negotiations failed to produce any progress, workers overwhelmingly voted in a union ballot to strike.
      • Apart from some ‘legislators-at-large’, however, all the legislators were elected by ballot.
      • Eurotunnel train drivers are to hold a strike ballot over the issue of trade union recognition, it was announced this week.
      • Mental health workers in Manchester have voted for a strike ballot over cuts they claim will kill patients.
      • Four local newspaper chapels have now voted for strike ballots.
      • Votes in a ballot for strike action are still being counted.

    • 1.2(instance of voting)

      votación feminine
      to hold / take a ballot on sth someter algo a votación
      • first/second ballot primera/segunda votación

    • 1.3(number of votes cast)

      número de votos masculine
      • Debs won 897,000 votes on election day, 6 percent of the ballot before women had the right to vote.
      • In our phone poll more than 80 per cent favoured postponing the ballot.
      • As of Tuesday morning, the party was still among the top six in the ballot counting, gaining 7.09% of the votes.
      • The turnout for the ballot was 68 per cent, and of those, the vote was 2,947 in favour of action and 2,246 against.
      • At first glance the ballot results might suggest total failure for this Labour strategy - at least on the local election front.
      • Voter complaints about being given incorrect ballots and mismatches between ballot totals and the number of people who signed up to vote also surfaced in San Diego.
      • In fact the ballot saw 57 per cent of tenants turn out to vote with 76 per cent voting ‘yes’ to the move.
      • The turnout from the ballot was reported to be extremely high, possibly up to 80%, with a result due on Friday.
      • The union was unable to reveal the level of turnout for the ballot.
      • Instead, his vote dropped by over a million votes and in the first round of voting he gained just 34.9 percent of the ballot.
      • Morales garnered 21 percent of the ballot to place a surprise second in the presidential race.
      • Ray predicted that violations would be rampant during both legislative and presidential elections and during the ballot counting.
      • The nut has won the argument and now we need to maximise the turnout in the ballot.
      • The demand to reopen the ballot box was sparked by a statement made by three councillors who witnessed the ballot counting.
      • Of the 16,000 workers who participated in the ballot, 84.4 percent voted in favor of strike action.
      • There was a low turnout in the ballot with just 30 percent of teachers voting.
      • His vote share grew and in the Assembly elections he led the party in securing 45 per cent of the ballot.
      • With less than 1 percent of ballot votes counted, the U.S.-backed Karzai is ahead with 56 percent of the vote.
      • In the ballot for industrial action a majority of 82 percent voted in favour of strike action.
      • Punch cards have averaged a residual vote rate of 2.5 percent in presidential elections and 4.7 percent down the ballot.

    • 1.4also ballot paper

      papeleta feminine
      boleta electoral feminine Mexico River Plate
      carta electoral feminine Venezuela

  • 2British

    (drawing of lots)
    sorteo masculine
    to have a ballot hacer un sorteo
    • Unfortunately being a member does not give you priority on home England matches anymore and you have to enter a ballot to get tickets for away matches.
    • Sure, this would allow the organisers to ensure the maximum possible number of visitors to Germany during the World Cup period, but if that's the case it is not a completely fair ticket ballot.
    • The Ticket Window, sometimes known as a ticket ballot or lottery, will give every applicant an equal chance of getting seats for individual matches.
    • Since we also assume that demand will far outweigh the available allocation of tickets, we will perform a ballot on 31 January 2006 of all orders received.
    • Now they are holding a ballot to decide which of the villains will win the dubious honour of having his or her effigy burned on a Guy Fawkes bonfire next month.
    • Maureen was one of 1,000 lucky people to have won tickets for the event in a competition ballot, and among an estimated 200 to have seen both events.
    • The Ticket Window random draw ballot for individual matches at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 is now complete.
    • There are 70,000 tickets being allocated by ballot (in pairs).

transitive verb

  • 1

    (members) invitar a votar
    to ballot sb on sth someter algo a la votación de algn

intransitive verb

  • 1

  • 2British

    (draw lots)
    to ballot for sth sortear algo