Translation of ballpark in Spanish:


estadio de béisbol, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɔːlpɑːk//ˈbɔlˌpɑrk/



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    estadio de béisbol masculine
    parque de béisbol masculine Mexico
    (before noun) aproximado
    to be in the ballpark
    • total costs will be in the 5 million ballpark el costo total será del orden de cinco millones
    • several of the bids are in our ballpark varias de las ofertas están a nuestro alcance
    • a ballparkfigure/estimate una cifra aproximada/un cálculo aproximado
    • Just about every seat at a minor league game would be VIP level, with waiter service included, at today's major league ballparks.
    • I would argue that artificial turf and big ballparks entered and exited the baseball world at about the same time.
    • My left fielder's watching it go out of the ballpark and the wind brings it back.
    • Every Tuesday here at the Daily Blog, we'll unveil a list of baseball rankings - from best bullpens to best ballparks to best movies.
    • It's all about baseball and road trips and cities we'd never visit if they didn't have Major League Baseball ballparks.
    • Still it was quite extraordinary to see him point, then hit the very next pitch out of the ballpark.
    • And it appears clear that new downtown ballparks designed especially for baseball are helping generate urban revival.
    • ‘It's the biggest ballpark in baseball right now,’ Gonzalez moaned.
    • Lou Gehrig fell ill at the ballpark after months of masking the disease that would be named for him and kill him off in two years.
    • While smaller ballparks have juiced home run totals, they have the opposite advantage on gap-to-gap hitters who utilize expanses of grass.
    • Generations and two ballparks ago, Kiner belted an awe-inspiring 192 home runs between 1947 and 1950 in spacious Forbes Field.
    • Shrinking ballparks, postage-stamp strike zones, rocket-fueled baseballs and laboratory-powered hitters are just a few factors.
    • And then there's the simplicity of a Visalia Oaks game - just baseball in a ballpark with no official name.
    • You know, I hit 55 home runs in that ballpark, including two in my first two at-bats.
    • Anything having to do with ghosts, curses, eerie phenomena, and unexplained events in ballparks or associated with baseball teams is welcome.
    • Attendance is up at 21 of the 30 major league ballparks, but here in Atlanta, the Braves are drawing their smallest crowds since 1991.
    • Some of my line drives and fly balls that would have been home runs in other ballparks were against the fence for doubles in Washington.
    • It doesn't hurt that he gets plenty of face time on the highlights with home runs that exit ballparks in the blink of an eye.
    • Competitive players, efficient training and cozy ballparks lead to good baseball.
    • Lively baseballs, sluggers, and big ballparks lifted baseball's popularity to new heights.