Translation of balm in Spanish:


bálsamo, n.

Pronunciation /bɑːm//bɑ(l)m/


  • 1

    (soothing agent)
    bálsamo masculine
    • They come for the balm that touch can provide in times that are immensely stressful to the human psyche.
    • For a moment, the murk feels strangely comforting, like walking out of a rave into the balm of an urban winter smog.
    • It is a place to reflect on noble sacrifice and draw comfort from the balm of uplifting scenery.
    • His best friend's laughter was like a balm, soothing away all his tension and residual nervousness from the date.
    • Again, the nature of the job has a lot to do with it: plenty of brain-food, regular contact with enthusiastic law clerks, and life tenure, which is a balm to anyone's blood pressure.
    • Her smile and her touch were a comforting balm to Estelle.
    • Mushroom-hunting is a balm to both body and spirit.
    • Anyone who has ever had a friend comment on their music collection in a less than favourable fashion will find this article balm for their troubled soul.
    • A new love could be the balm that soothes your soul.
    • Three weeks in Thailand (which I've just enjoyed) are a balm to any spirit.
    • This was a writer who used words as weapons, as salves, as balms and ballistic missiles.
    • Meanwhile, the soaring crude oil price and burgeoning demand in the Far East should provide some soothing balm to the share price.
    • Yet while most young'uns turn to the soothing balm of indifference, others are drawn toward alternative means of expressing their frustration, which is where hip-hop steps up to bat.
    • As someone who regularly complains about modern African art's lack of visibility in contemporary exhibitions, this dual presentation was a balm for the spirit, a hint of better things to come.
    • Indeed, an evenly divided Congress could provide the healing balm the country desperately needs.
    • The oil of religion shouldn't be used to increase the flames of violence but as a balm to heal the wounds of the people.
    • What you need is an aural balm to soothe all ears.
    • It also reminds in the quietest way how families can provide a balm against this worry.
    • For visitors the relaxed atmosphere soothes like a balm after the heated days of summer.
    • These people cannot or will not allow themselves the comfort, the balm, that the boy's soul lives eternally.
  • 2lemon balm

    melisa feminine
    toronjil masculine