Translation of bamboozle in Spanish:


enredar, v.

Pronunciation /bæmˈbuzəl//bamˈbuːz(ə)l/

transitive verb


  • 1

    enredar informal
    to bamboozle sb (into sth)
    • he was bamboozled into financing their plan lo engatusaron para que financiara su plan
    • Courtesy is a luxury that real reporters often have to sacrifice in the line of duty, especially when bamboozled by double talk.
    • It can't be easy to find rich suckers who can be bamboozled into buying this.
    • Just don't be bamboozled into buying the most expensive labels.
    • For a party member to win high office in the face of human nature requires him or her to pull the wool over the voters' eyes, to bamboozle them away from the evident truth.
    • The Indian mask that bamboozled the big cats would hardly have conned any human.
    • To the death she refused to be bamboozled by dubious reasoning.
    • The duck has qualities - nay, powers - that bamboozle the hapless magician and his assistant.
    • The answer to most issues, according to the FOS, is for the consumer to establish the suitability of a product by asking more questions, not being bamboozled by jargon and being made to feel stupid.
    • This multiplication of coverage is cunningly designed to bamboozle the party media minders who sit in party headquarters with stop watches timing their contributions to ensure balance.
    • John Curry from the Australian Shareholders' Association says those that get caught are often unsophisticated investors, bamboozled by flashy letterheads.
    • He adopted the persona of princess Alice of Gloucester, and despite being caught several times with a mysterious moustache on public occasions, was able to bamboozle everyone outside of a small circle of trusted friends.
    • Some stores are trying to bamboozle exhausted shoppers with illusory bargains.
    • Inconspicuously dressed in a kilt, sporran, dagger, and ‘black mask of Osiris’, Crowley crept down the suburban road from Olympia and bamboozled his way into the sacred vaults.
    • Finally, World Climate Report rips into the biased reporting that has bamboozled the world on this issue.
    • In Krakow as a prisoner, Poldek had used a German document, issued to enable him to visit his soldiers in a military hospital further east, to bamboozle a barely literate German guard.
    • Yet almost everyone - including the Waddington Gallery and even Tate (which showed interest in a Julius Bissier until the artist's foundation rejected it) - was bamboozled by the documents.
    • Documents rarely set out to trick historians, but they can bamboozle the unwary at every turn.
    • Before being bamboozled by the sheaves of glossy brochures, make sure that managed funds are the most suitable investment vehicle for you.
    • ‘Don't try to bamboozle them by smuggling in bits of fruit or vegetables,’ says Cormac.