Translation of banana skin in Spanish:

banana skin

cáscara de plátano, n.



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    cáscara de plátano feminine
    cáscara de banana feminine River Plate Peru
    cáscara de banano feminine Central America Colombia
    piel de plátano feminine Spain
    concha de cambur feminine Venezuela
    to slip on a banana skin (literally) resbalar al pisar una cáscara de plátano (or banana etc.)
    • Hays has this advice on how to avoid stepping on potential banana skins at work.
    • The prosecution slipped on a few banana skins on the way.
    • ‘The conditions were difficult but credit to the players for doing a professional job,’ said the away manager, who knew the tie had been a potential banana skin.
    • Tati was modernity's clown; technology his banana skin.
    • Sony has avoided its first banana skin in a new market.
    • Investors may do better simply by moving on to sectors where there is more clarity and fewer potential banana skins.
    • If Smith was sensing the vultures circling overhead, he did well to conceal it instead congratulating his team for the way they put outside pressures to one side and avoided a potential banana skin.
    • Now that I don't have a monthly salary I've learned that financial slip-ups are just a banana skin away.
    • The trade-off of shutting six maternity and A & E departments around the country will also be a political banana skin, particularly with local elections coming up next year.
    • We worship our sporting heroes to the point where while they are on top they can do little wrong and more often than not we cut them some slack if they slip on a banana skin.