Translation of banana split in Spanish:

banana split

banana split, n.


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    banana split masculine
    • We finally finished up at the diner, only after I had to patiently wait for Liz to finish her double banana split hot chocolate fudge sundae and doubled meal.
    • As for dessert, well, forget about mouthwatering cheesecake, banana split or tiramisu as they are not on the list.
    • Everyone ordered dessert which consisted of a peach cobbler pie, three chocolate sundaes, a banana split and two tiramisus.
    • There were two slices of pizza, a turkey sandwich, a banana split, and an ice cold soda.
    • Who could forget his or her first banana split or chocolate sundae?
    • I had gotten a hot fudge sundae and Brian got a banana split.
    • One list of these contains such favourites as cheesecake, warm apple pie, fudge cake, sherry trifle, summer pudding and banana split.
    • I looked down at the large remainder of the banana split sundae and sighed.
    • I had a trio of sorbets (peach cognac, strawberry ouzo, raspberry/pear tequiia) instead of the banana split since I don't like bananas.
    • ‘I'll have a go at a banana split in that case,’ I added.
    • But then they tossed them in so much butter and olive oil that I would have been better off ordering a banana split.
    • It's a seafood guy's prim, tricky version of a banana split, and it tasted pretty great, even to a meat guy like me.
    • Still shaking from the cold, I ordered a hot chocolate instead of my usual banana split.
    • In concept and appearance, this encased dessert holds all the promise of a swaddled banana split - or at least a churro.
    • I have this mini-meal when I'm craving a banana split.
    • Their banana split is done with crème fraîche and warm chocolate sauce - for just £1.50.
    • Then we shared a banana split for dessert and I had some coffee.
    • I got my classic favourite, a banana split, and Lara ordered a fudge sundae.
    • May will have the medium banana split with strawberry, chocolate, and French vanilla.
    • But what's a banana split without marshmallow, strawberry sauce, or maple walnuts?