There are 2 main translations of band in Spanish

: band1band2


cinta, n.

Pronunciation /bænd//band/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (ribbon) cinta feminine
      (strip of cloth) banda feminine
      (strip of cloth) tira feminine
      (strip of leather) tira feminine
      (for hat) cinta feminine
      (around barrel) aro masculine
      (around crate) precinto masculine
      • Shrugging, I retrieved it from her, fastening the dark band of material around my head.
      • Only a thin band wrapping around the back of my head, roughly at ear level, glows yellow.
      • Around my forehead was a thin blood red band of velvet material.
      • The decorative band of stonework around the hall has been restored and one of the final jobs will be the installation of a new flagpole on the balcony at the front of the building.
      • Wayne pointed the thin black band on his wrist at the wall.
      • All that I had to do was ask the other girls to tie a little band around it then loop it around.
      • I asked him, shifting in my seat uncomfortably before playing with the paper band on my wrist.
      • The bands come in thin, large and jumbo elastics to handle the finest strands to thick hair.
      • He looked around and saw what he was looking for, a band of thin electrical wire.
      • When I looked closer, I could see that the thin bands were fused in the middle.
      • Tobacco products for sale in duty-free shops will be sold only with a ‘for duty free only’ stamp rather than with special paper bands.
      • She slipped thin bands of stretchy brown material onto Brenna's braids.
      • The bands - flat and wide or thin and round, with varying degrees of resistance - can be knotted and looped around furniture.
      • Regal red and gold robes hung from his large frame, and his fiery hair almost covered the thin band of a golden crown surrounding his head.
      • There was an endemic at the school, and for a while all the girls were going in with their hair up in bands.
      • YogaBand uses resistance bands that are flat, four to six inches wide, without handles and approximately five to six feet long.
      • Round Syal's wrist is a thin band, a gaga, that represents a Diwali prayer.
      • Thoroughly wash and rinse the glass jars, lids, the rubber rings and metal bands that secure the lids; add some bleach to the wash water to disinfect.
      • Dizzying balconies hang from its upper floors, and the tower is exquisitely carved with decorative bands and inscriptions from the Koran.
      • Looking at the side of the fan reveals a thin band of conductive material encircling the fan surround and connecting to the power cord.

    • 1.2(stripe)

      franja feminine
      • The courthouse is divided into three parallel bands or zones that extend down its long axis.
      • The walls were divided into three horizontal bands, each running the full length of the room and half its width.
      • Juveniles have colored bands above the pectoral fins that change to a spot when the fish mature.
      • The space is meticulously defined - divided into four horizontal bands; held taut by the emphatic vertical of a single cypress tree.
      • The blue line intersecting the orange band of the 401 in the lower left indicates the ravine and the site of the crash.
      • These are used by the two players to move the ball back and forth on the pitch, which is divided into 5 metre bands.
      • Using arrangements of thin intersecting bands he found he could create the illusion of a third or fourth colour.
      • He was wearing a dark woolly hat and a black top with a white band across the chest.
      • Farmers grow their crops across a thin band of land in the southernmost part of the country.
      • They are also aided in avoiding detection by dark bands and patches of dorsal color which act as a form of camouflage when the fish is viewed from above, especially by birds.
      • The main entrance to the complex is on St Andrew Square, set within a vertical band of glazed curtain walling that runs the full height of the building.
      • The cloud bands move at different speeds, and their irregularities may be due to either the different motions between them or to disturbances below the visible cloud layer.
      • These bands were separated by thin lines of much paler paint.
      • On a notable day in July the cub was snoozing with his sisters within the band of trees, ears alert for danger signals.
      • He was wearing a dark top with a horizontal band across it.
      • Like all gobies it has two distinct dorsal fins, and a distinguishing feature of this species is that the front fin has a pale band at its top.
      • In fact, this band right you can see right along the Rio River, that's dumping about two to three inches of rain per hour.
      • They were a soft light blue, with intense dark lines reaching to the outer rims and aqua bands around her pupils.
      • Thick fibrous bands were noted dividing lymph nodes into nodules of varied size.
      • In usual Smart style, a contrasting band of colour surrounds the side doors.

    • 1.3

      (on magnetic disk) banda feminine
      (on record) surco masculine

    • 1.4Mining

      veta feminine
      • The rock also comprises feldspar-rich bands aligned parallel to the main fabric.
      • The marble also contains thin bands and lenses of gneiss, often in boudinage structure.
      • These secondary shear bands form only in strongly foliated rocks and deform fabrics developed earlier in the same deformation event.
      • What you see are just the edges of dykes and sills - narrow bands of rock where the stuff has poured into cracks in the surrounding rock and solidified.
      • These dates are only applicable to stage boundaries and no dates are available for marine bands and coals used to correlate sections at sub-stage level.
      • A few of these develop up to centimetre-wide cataclastic bands and show a systematic right-lateral sense of shear.
      • There are also thin bands of mylonitic augen gneiss.
      • The volcano-sedimentary sequence is characterized by lava flows alternating with grey shales and occasional red chert bands.
      • Many of the gneisses in such areas were largely of mixed aspect, with bands of metamorphic rock interleaved with others of more granitic nature.
      • It occurs as nodules and thin bands and sometimes replaces organic material in marine fossils.
      • In these conditions a progressive development of lattice preferred orientation from the low-strained limestone layers to the highly strained bands was observed.
      • The crystallized barite at this location occurs in several closely spaced bands of calcite-cemented septarian concretions.
      • Folding of a shear zone after its formation may explain systematic variations in the orientations of the main foliation, shear bands and mineral lineation.
      • There may also be one or two bands of ‘marker’, a mixture of substances of known molecular weight, to act as a guide to the apparent molecular weight of material in the other bands.
      • They have been referred to as microfaults, cataclastic slip bands, braided shear fractures, granulation seams or band faults.
      • Abundant kink bands deforming foliation and stretching lineation occur in swarms.
      • A sandstone dyke-sill complex was intruded into a sequence of black mudstones and decimetre-thick bands of limestone.
      • The deformation bands found in sandstone dykes and sills are true cataclastic deformation bands.
      • Type I corresponds to the less deformed limestone, which contains cataclasite bands, veins and, at times, preserved sedimentary fabrics.
      • It typically shows graded bedding and cross laminae, and contains occasional pelite and psammite bands.

  • 2

    • 2.1(waveband)

      banda de frecuencia feminine
      frecuencia feminine

    • 2.2British (range, category)

      banda feminine
      • The city council asked late last year for new bands at the top and bottom ends of the scale, which would have seen the wealthy paying more and the poorest paying less.
      • It is also important to note that whereas women save more than men within specific income bands, women earn less than men, and therefore save less.
      • Sheffield has decided to limit its support to needs falling within the first two bands, that is to say critical and substantial.
      • But without a relative increase in the top band of income tax, a cut in fuel duty will only enhance the poverty gap, a gap that Labour is yet to decrease.
      • They said that, for the second year running, Mr McCreevy did not adjust tax bands to keep in line with inflation.
      • The next option is to publish broader salary bands, within £10,000 or more.
      • However the 2004 scheme will include increases to the size of priority category bands.
      • The survey was of those who had received damages within four bands.
      • You must bid only within the price band and in multiples mentioned.
      • The question in any given case is whether a parental veto comes within the band of possible reasonable decisions and not whether it is right or mistaken.
      • The possible values of energy are found to lie within a series of bands.
      • It is Mr Rose's contention that the tribunal should have made an award at or much closer to the top of the band, £25,000.
      • None falls into the bottom band, and 53 are in the top band.
      • Unless the currency's par value is changed suddenly, foreign exchange transactions are based on the existing par value and fluctuations within the specified bands.
      • Other examples of the bands within which zero premium collars are available are shown in the table, provided by AIB.
      • The contribution from the state will be divided into three bands which amount to £35, £70 or £110 per week.
      • It is my understanding that work is going on to put the results within bands, rather than having the extremes of variability that have occurred.
      • Within the bands there are some excellent performances in key areas, indeed some where we are first in the country.
      • Once your income exceeds this tax-free figure, a series of tax bands then comes into play.
      • Feelings are running high as HSE management are determined to limit rises at the top of all pay bands to 0.5 percent per year for three years.

  • 3

    • 3.1Mechanics

      correa (de transmisión) feminine
      • Spool the band around the axle, place the racer on the floor and get ready for a speedy trip when you release the rear wheels.
      • Start with a pulley or elastic resistance band set at shoulder height.
      • In the early years the wheels had iron bands, so it was a fairly jolty ride to school.
      • Much admired for his skill at carpentry, Tade made horses and donkeys carts and put bands on the wheels of carts.
      • You can try to raise the cylinders higher in the cylinder-twinning bands, which will bring the valves higher up, making access easier.

    • 3.2(ring)

      (on finger) anillo masculine
      (on bird) anilla feminine
      wedding band alianza feminine
      • All birds were banded with numbered aluminum leg bands and identified by sex and age (if possible).
      • The other was small, dainty and was little more than a band of gold with a ruby set in the front of it.
      • We placed a metal band on one leg of each bird and a unique pair of colored bands on the other.
      • Upon capture, birds were fitted with individually colored plastic leg bands and immediately released at their point of capture.
      • They were fitted with metal leg bands before release.
      • We marked all birds with uniquely colored leg bands to permit individual identification.
      • Males also were banded with a unique combination of three colored plastic leg bands (total of four bands, two per leg).
      • A band of gold seals the wedding vows, and fifty years later the metal valorizes the most exalted anniversary of married bliss.
      • The numbers on the metal bands allowed us to identify individuals from distances up to 40 m.
      • To get an idea of what's going on in the bird world, it's not necessary to slap a band on every bird's leg, he said.
      • The one approaching her was about nineteen or twenty, and she also had a gold band on her ring finger.
      • They were given permanent metal colored bands on the last nest-visit when the A nestling was 32 days old.
      • Each was banded with a U.S. Fish and Wildlife aluminum band and three colored leg bands in unique combinations.
      • Upon capture, each male received a unique set of two colored plastic bands to allow individual identification during dominance trials.
      • I caught a glimpse of an enormous diamond on a band of gold and my stomach dropped.
      • Sure enough, there on her ring finger was a gold band with a modest diamond mounted in the center.
      • Before eggs were laid, we trapped adults in their nest boxes and banded them with aluminum Canadian Wildlife Service bands and colored plastic leg bands.
      • Angela looked over at Jacob and noticed the gold band on his finger.
      • So I've got little white patches, a white stripe across my wrist where the bracelet goes, and a white band around my wedding finger.
      • I know I am losing weight because my wedding ring and bands are very loose - so much so they are starting to bug me.
      • After the vows are said, the Orthodox groom places a plain gold band on the ring finger of his bride's right hand.
      • Mr. Reubens twisted the simple band of gold once, twice, three times to the right upon his left fourth finger.
      • Without even looking at their leg bands, we can tell which birds belong to which family, simply by listening to their sounds.
      • He held up his left hand, which held a gold band on his left finger.
      • He exhaled a sigh of contentment as he glanced at the gold band that encompassed the ring finger of his left hand.
      • He twirled the gold band, Helen's wedding ring, around on the tip of his little finger, before sliding it down to the knuckle.
      • He seemed strong, but before he could hide it, Aspen saw the gold band encircling his ring finger.
      • She wore no jewelry save the band of white gold on one of her fingers, a ring that once belonged to her mother.
      • He slid the solid band of gold onto her finger, and then slipped her engagement ring back on her.
      • Nestlings were initially given only metal bands and were banded with color rings if they then remained in the study population.
      • All trapped birds were given a unique combination of colored plastic leg bands that identified the year, site, and individual bird.
      • He hoped she saw the gold band on his left ring finger as he felt her gaze on him.
      • All the birds in clinic have bands on their legs so when they are taken out of a flight room you can tell them apart.
      • Now, researchers are using stronger bands to track birds like these long-lived albatross.
      • A fat, hot, salty tear rolled slowly down her pale, colour ridden cheek as she played with the plain gold band upon her finger.
      • She bought the gold and diamond band as an engagement ring for Hirsch, and planned to present it to him over a picnic lunch at the beach.
      • Some plastic band loss occurred, and we treated birds with partial plastic bands as being of unknown identity when recaptured.
      • Adult birds were caught in mist nets and marked with a unique combination of three colored leg bands and a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service band.
      • What do we expect when we slip that band of gold on our finger?
      • The first record of a metal band being attached to a bird's leg was in 1595.

    • 3.3cigar band

      vitola feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (hem/rim) ribetear
    banded with blue ribeteado de azul
    • Subtly impressive was the beautifully banded agate Mughal fly whisk handle, tipped with a garnet on an amber collar and inset with emeralds.
    • The CD also contains a photo gallery of 54 ornamental fishes, especially the attractive and colourful varieties like Scarlet banded barb and Rosy barb.
    • The collection today has eight vases executed by the Baroviers in calcedonio glass, which imitates chalcedony, banded agate, and other semiprecious stones.
    • These are delicate, feathery to fuzzy-looking fingers and differ from the more stalactitic and concentrically banded forms that probably result from a different process.
    • The legs are banded in cream and maroon, the spines on top of the body are orange at the base and green at the tip, and the general effect is like that of a delicately coloured butterfly.
  • 2

    her hair was banded with a ribbon llevaba el pelo sujeto / recogido con una cinta
    • The outer edges of these Audi floor mats are coil-stitched and are not banded to provide endurance.
    • Across from him, there was a wooden door, banded with black iron.
  • 3

    (bird) anillar
    • Birds were banded with U. S. Fish and Wildlife bands and a unique combination of color bands, which allowed me to identify individuals at a distance.
    • When 14 days old, nestlings were banded and weighed to the nearest 0.05 g.
    • Most birds are color banded for individual identification, and blood samples have been collected for all banded birds since 1990.
    • The first bird that I saw banded was a calliope hummingbird.
    • Breeding Black Brant have been banded at that site since 1986, providing a large sample of identifiable females on which to measure repeatability.
    • Only after the ornithologists began banding birds on a large scale did their migration patterns begin to come into focus.
    • We also present data from several 1-year-old birds banded as nestlings and recaptured the following breeding season.
    • UK ornithologists are able to keep track of these aged avians because the birds are banded, or in British vernacular, ringed.
    • All nestlings were banded, which enabled a study of recruitment to the breeding population.
    • All birds were banded with a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service aluminum band, and all adults were marked with unique combinations of colored leg bands for individual identification.
    • Nestlings were initially given only metal bands and were banded with color rings if they then remained in the study population.
    • Nearly all of these birds were banded as chicks or juveniles at or near breeding colonies.
    • Another possibility is that the bird had a genetic problem with its heart and it had heart failure from the stress of being banded.
    • In 16 adjacent territories, where nearly all birds were banded, 34 birds disappeared during 8 years.
    • Sex of hatching-year birds and age of adults could not be determined, except when birds that had been banded as nestlings or juveniles later returned to the study area as adults.
    • However, after previously unbanded birds were banded during nesting, the understanding of territory boundaries and number of territories never changed.
    • If a bird was banded as a nestling, its age was known.
    • Each bird was uniquely banded with a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service numbered band and three anodized aluminum color bands.
    • Birds did not switch far from their original territory, and most territorial birds were banded in the vicinity of the removal experiments.
    • For birds that were banded after arrival, we assumed that they had arrived and begun fasting on Oct 20 for males and Oct 25 for females.

There are 2 main translations of band in Spanish

: band1band2


grupo, n.

Pronunciation /bænd//band/


  • 1

    grupo masculine
    (of thieves, youths) pandilla feminine
    (of thieves, youths) banda feminine
    • After Napoleon lost finally at Waterloo, his army disintegrated into bands of brigands who raised Hell for a long time.
    • Finally, why haven't the police gone after some of these small bands of ‘anarchists’?
    • In one strange variant, a princess at home alone beheads each one of a band of robbers as they creep in through a hole in the wall, but the robber chief escapes with only a head wound.
    • In March, army forces put down simultaneous uprisings by small bands of fighters in the capital, in what appeared to be either a failed coup or a mutiny.
    • The administration of bulk supplies also is much easier than if small bands of fighters were dispatched to loot and acquire local produce and livestock.
    • But she adds that every time she tries to sell her house, prospective buyers are scared away by the bands of drug dealers circulating out front.
    • The hoodlums are smart but not too smart, and the movie sets up a pretty fair match of wits and gun-power among the various bands of ne'er-do-wells.
    • He threw his 800 men head-on against a position meticulously prepared by the three bands of Seminoles waiting there.
    • Even worse, it wasn't unheard of for foreign expatriates or discharged soldiers to form bands of brigands that terrorized lonely travelers.
    • The whole of the Sikh army had been divided into bands, which were headed by a leader who was known as Jathedar.
    • All three armed services sent detachments, bands and chiefs of staff, who were accompanied by police and relatives.
    • His plans had required a dexterity that would serve him well when he came to supervise his own band of postgraduates later.
    • The band was divided into ten small groups, each covering a certain area of the city.
    • The band was finally forced to surrender only 30 miles short of reaching safety in Canada.
    • The bands of excited children who walked behind local militiamen heading to battle in the fall now clamor around machinery laying down new water pipes.
    • Among the gathering crowd, roving bands of reporters snatch interviews and roll tape in an effort to capsulize the purpose of the ride for a future sound byte.
    • A small wood nestling in a Pennine valley has won a top award for a band of tree-planting volunteers.
    • After independence, the bands of the army and the police used to perform for the public on Sunday evenings but this practice was discontinued.
  • 2

    jazz band conjunto de jazz masculine
    • rock band banda de rock
    • military band orfeón militar
    • They have already lost the two leading musical instruments in the band.
    • Just because she had an audition, didn't mean she would continue on to be in the band as a vocalist.
    • Now Wanderers are going a step further with their own Reebok Rhythm sound, based on a percussion band from Ghana.
    • With numerous female-led bands making waves in rock music, this album is a poor representation of what women can do.
    • Throughout the morning, youngsters from the various bands, including brass and wind, practised in front of the many visitors.
    • Before that, he was a musician touring with various bands.
    • The event, which includes live bands and a jazz combo playing on the streets plus many stalls, is again being organised by Calne Rotary Club.
    • Were any particular bands or musicians discussed?
    • As this is going on, the angry men are desperately trying to play a full set of marching band wind instruments.
    • Not that I wanted them to sound like a jazz band, but I wanted them to keep pretty good tempo.
    • Unlike most bands on the current jazz festival circuit, the Chicago Six do not adhere to a single genre.
    • Appropriately, the band features a fabulous fat tuba player spitting out bass notes.
    • Their female vocalist also allows the band to stand out in a genre full of male singers.
    • The band collaborates with new musicians every time it performs.
    • The Catholic Boys Brigade in Newry was over 1,000 strong, and they had three bands, - brass, flute and bugle.
    • I moved my body in synch with the early 90's music, assuming the role of the band's vocalist with zest.
    • Sceptical as I was at the start, playing in a percussion band was also good fun.
    • Craig's dad, Ian, is a trombonist, while his brother, Andrew, is in the band's percussion session.
    • Even from the opening moments, as the band tunes up its instruments, we know this movie is going to be about the music.
    • In New Orleans and across the country brass marching bands became very popular in the Napoleonic period.
    • Nowadays, you have a lot of bands claiming to be punk rock that are really more mainstream than punk.
    • Whether they are Pipes & Drums or Brass & Reed bands, the musicians are there to support this grand event.
    • Aside from piano and saxophone, she took up cello and mallet percussion and hung out in high school jazz bands.
    • In a photo from 1955, she is seen onstage around the time she made her first recordings with a local band.
    • Steel drum music originated when members of traditional African percussion bands began using discarded oil drums.
    • Then with the early light came ‘the clash of brass’ as the band of the Royal Marines marched by.
    • Meanwhile, the band are touring Britain on a heavy promotional tour.
    • I've always listened to bands with female vocalists so it was natural for me to ask some girls I knew if they wanted to sing.
    • Over the course of the last decade they have established themselves as one of the best live bands in the country.
    • Sibelius Instruments is a unique, interactive encyclopedia of instruments, bands, orchestras and ensembles.
    • So many bands and vocalists are trapped in the covers universe.
    • Then five months ago, a friend introduced him to three young musicians who had joined forces to create a band and needed a vocalist.
    • In the same year, he went from being a rehearsal keyboard player to a studio musician with the band.
    • Now the only thing missing from the band is a vocalist, a drummer and a synth player.
    • In her spare time she performs as one of three vocalists in a band.
    • The band's subtly supportive rhythm section is a strong element that buoys each of their numbers.
    • It also features the band giving commentary on the videos.
    • Four members of the present band also play with the Graig Brass Band, a band with a long history stretching back to the 1760s.
    • Arbez spent his childhood playing trombone in a jazz band before discovering the dancefloor.