Translation of Band-Aid in Spanish:


curita, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbandeɪd//ˈbændeɪd/



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    curita feminine trademark
    tirita feminine Spain trademark
    • Part of the healing is being facilitated by wrapping our wounds in red white and blue Band-Aids, which are being applied with the light grace of front line field tourniquets.
    • But when you're bleeding, it's kind of nice to have a Band-Aid.
    • If you have steady hands and a tolerance for pain (you rip Band-Aids off for fun), go right ahead.
    • I have a reputation as a klutz, so sporting Band-Aids or bandages is nothing unusual.
    • This is conveyed through the use of the Band-Aid plasters pasted on their faces.
    • Always, the kits had Band-Aids, surgical tape, bandages, and an ointment.
    • Indeed, on the front of the package is a drawing of a foot, with the Band-Aid strategically placed where the blister supposedly is.
    • I was wearing jeans now instead of baggy shorts, and they covered the Band-Aids that now were plastered all over my legs.
    • They sit on top of the refrigerator, next to the healthy but boring multiple vitamins and the kids' Band-Aids and lunch snacks.
    • That's like putting a Band-Aid on a terrible sore.
    • Even a few drops of cheap booze will help dissolve the Band-Aid's stickiness, allowing the bandage to slide right off.
    • Our need to acquire all manner of personal grooming products and implements has pushed out, in many directions, the narrow shelves where the Band-Aids and aspirin live.
    • If you're stupid enough to only bring new shoes, bring lots of Band-Aids and Neosporin
    • Unfortunately, you can't put a Band-Aid over it when your heart hurts, and sometimes Mommy doesn't know how to fix what's wrong.
    • The entire time I was there, among nearly 200 people, not one person required first aid beyond a Band-Aid.
    • Cover with a loose bandage that will keep out the dirt, or a Band-Aid.
    • Mona grabbed some gauze and a large Band-Aid and her jacket, and followed Cat to the back door.
    • At least the band-aids are Band-Aids… I can safely cover my small blister with one of those.
    • They received ample rice to eat and had access to basic medical items like insect repellent, sunscreen, Band-Aids and iodine.
    • When the dust settled from the incident and a Band-Aid was applied to Zimmer's nose, the accusations started flying.