Translation of bandage in Spanish:


vendaje, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbændɪdʒ//ˈbandɪdʒ/


  • 1

    vendaje masculine
    he had a bandage on his arm llevaba el brazo vendado
    • He dealt with that first, smearing salve over the bandage with which he bound the wound, and then attended to the many bruises.
    • Giles looked down at the huge, white bulbous bandages swathing her arms and legs.
    • She noticed for the first time that her shoes were gone and her heels were bound in clean cloth bandages.
    • With treatment, Cara is able to play outside and with friends without being wrapped in bandages to protect her.
    • Holding the cloth in his teeth, he managed to cut jagged strips off for bandages.
    • The two men spent three hours at Rochdale Infirmary having blood tests and were sent home swathed in bandages.
    • As with normal blisters, it is important to keep the area clean and dry, and protect it with a sterile bandage to prevent infection.
    • Tourniquets, ligatures, and compression bandages should not be used.
    • They examined me, fussed around me, changed the bandages, medicated the wounds.
    • She soaked her body again, at the same time soaking the bandage over her wound.
    • Buek toiled away, carrying pails of gore from the surgeon's table and tearing up strips of cloth for bandages.
    • After this, compression bandages must be worn for a specified number of days.
    • Pei said that qualified doctors would have protected the wound with a bandage rather than cotton material.
    • Now it is swathed in bandages, and looking pretty sorry for itself.
    • There were bandages holding pads to the side of my head, more around my torso and the stinging line across my bicep.
    • This I cleaned as well as I could and stitched it up, then bandaged it using the last of my clean gauze bandages.
    • The remains of his shirt had been removed to get at the wound, which was thickly bound in white bandages.
    • Séire Jane Hoy had her wrist in a half plaster and bandages after injuring it.
    • But how many of us are wasting out lives tearing strip bandages when what the Boss really needs are sheets?
    • Apply an antibiotic ointment and cover the wound with an adhesive bandage or gauze.
  • 2

    (strip of cloth)
    venda feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    she bandaged (up) my ankle me vendó el tobillo
    • I bandaged it reasonably firmly and pulled the joint support over it.
    • Like last time, Aero bandaged her foot but with some cream as well to soothe her ankle a bit.
    • He bandaged the man's wounds and carried him to an inn where he nursed him through the night.
    • Among them were wounded and bandaged soldiers aboard a clearly marked hospital bus.
    • I noticed that they had, at least, bandaged that bullet wounds in her back and shoulders.
    • There stands the wee dog on his hind legs, his wound bandaged, a gun-belt strapped around his middle.
    • It was bound tightly, suggesting that the one who bandaged it expected her to bleed more.
    • She also told me that our nurse had disinfected and bandaged the wound.
    • Sure enough, there was the wound, but someone had bandaged it, quite expertly too.
    • He bandaged her wounds with bits of his clothing and picked her up into his arms.
    • Television footage showed the sobbing girls being bandaged for what appeared to be minor injuries.
    • This same someone had also cleaned his wound and bandaged it with another piece of clean cloth.
    • I got up and helped Annie and Amy into the Aids office were I cleaned and bandaged their wounds.
    • His right foot had to be released, he had six stitches inserted on his chin and his left wrist was bandaged.
    • Marie bandaged the wound and told us to go away and let her deal with her patient.
    • Her small body was bandaged and a tube inserted in her side drained her liver.
    • He bandaged the wound, then called one of the evacuation staff to take her to a ship.
    • Moon was too weak and tired to argue further so he lay back as Ryla bandaged his wounds.
    • His girlfriend's feet have been heavily bandaged due to all the cuts and they are all covered in bruises and bites.
    • Ethan had finished the procedure after I'd passed out and Fluffy was already bandaged up and in the recovery cot.