Translation of bandwidth in Spanish:


amplitud de banda, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbændˌwɪdθ//ˈbandwɪtθ//ˈbandwɪdθ/


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    amplitud de banda feminine
    • The spectra show a large variation in spectral features like the number of bands, bandwidths, and their polarization behavior.
    • Since kinetic energy increases with increasing frequency, the bandwidth of the low-frequency regime is limited.
    • Monetarists believe that money supply should be kept within an acceptable bandwidth so that levels of inflation can be controlled.
    • Once the installation vibrations have been mitigated, low-cost gyros need to have bandwidths in the range of 50-70 Hz for adequate processing of high-frequency components of flight angular motion.
    • The large bandwidths of the bands reflected the short lifetime of these states due to fast exciton relaxation.