Translation of banish in Spanish:


desterrar, v.

Pronunciation: /ˈbanɪʃ//ˈbænɪʃ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(exile)

      she was banished from her native land la desterraron (de su patria)
      • he tried to banish her from his mind intentó apartarla de su pensamiento
      • When I'm banished to my little corner of the loungette with my laptop, I do seven hours of actual writing.
      • So he was telling me that he's banished to Earth to grant three wishes to us humans?
      • The director had punished this student for some offence by banishing him from school for the day.
      • Thinking this to be an insult, the king banishes her from his kingdom.
      • Though he had been in the league two years, he was banished to the bench his second year for fumbling.
      • He was banished to desolate Lake Baikal in Siberia to tend sheep for nineteen years.
      • A healthy competition between the sexes can also be fun once the young child is banished to bed.
      • Coleman was banished to the stand for the second half of the game, which Stanley lost 2-1.
      • My thanks to the wife for banishing me from the house for only seven nights.
      • Or laws that banish her and her ilk from public places to the dingy sidewalk.
      • Next you'll be throwing a cross in my face and attempting to banish me from a holy building.
      • She popped her head out the door to see if her master would allow her to come out or if she was still banished to her room.
      • He was banished for two years after being sent off in Prague.
      • Home boss Allan Evans was banished to the stand as he too fell victim to fraying tempers.
      • Eighty years ago the Irish people fought a revolution to banish foreign soldiers from our country.
      • Instead, the emperor stripped Herod of his kingdom and banished him into exile.
      • When the operations failed, she was banished to an outcast village to live with others of her kind.
      • In one of my favourite scenes, the Duke catches an embarrassed Valentine attempting to elope with Silvia and banishes him.

    • 1.2(prohibit)

      cars have been banished from the shopping streets han prohibido la circulación en la zona comercial

  • 2

    hacer olvidar
    desvanecer literary