Translation of banister in Spanish:


pasamanos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbænəstər//ˈbanɪstə/


  • 1

    pasamanos masculine
    barandal masculine
    • A jury has recommended that hand rails or banisters be installed in houses at an inquest into the tragic death of a former member of Dervish on Christmas Day.
    • From the entrance hall, a staircase with carved bannister rail and balustrades leads to the first floor return.
    • We decided to take a short cut through the neighborhood yards playing follow the leader over hedges, fences, porch banisters, etc.
    • Years of working as a master carpenter had sculpted his body as cleverly as he had sculpted the banisters on the staircases in their home.
    • It had two stories with porches, with banisters and such things.
    • Kyle vaulted the banister and landed on his toes, letting his heels land second.
    • It's all tiles and smooth banisters - architecture that was designed to weather well and last.
    • There is an intricate Victorian tiled entrance hall with a splendid banister and staircase leading to the upper floor and which is well lit by a large skylight.
    • They started down the stairs, using the banisters to guide them.
    • She hated walking down stairs, sliding down banisters was so much easier.
    • The wood floors were highly polished as was the banister of the staircase.
    • Dr. Bender takes off his overcoat and hangs it on the newel post of the banister.
    • We had scaffolding instead of banisters for three months, and we were living here.
    • Each girl sat on one of the banisters of the staircase, sliding down the long flight of stairs, landing a few seconds before Nick in the grand hall.
    • So they fastened boards on either side of the banister and caulked and painted to fill in.
    • He remembered how he would take Mina to the hotels to trash them or slide down the long stairway banisters.
    • This effect also would be pretty on a porch rail or stair banister.
    • She ran out into the hall and peered over the banister of the stairs, just in time to see her mother race out of the master bedroom.
    • There was a banister hand rail that ran up the center of the steps, making two lanes.
    • The other concern about the stairs are the banisters.
  • 2

    balaustre masculine
    barrote masculine
    • A staircase with white oak bannisters leads to the large first floor landing which has recessed ceiling lighting and access to the attic.
    • Check the width between railings, banisters and balconies and board them up if necessary.
    • From here, an elegant stone staircase to the first floor has cast iron bannisters and a polished mahogany handrail, and it leads to the landing lit by large cupola.
    • Then there are long strands of beads and weird exotic flowers in deep colours to wind around trees, banisters, mantelpieces and even table napkins.
    • The three sets include two with solid splats and one with a back comprised of three molded slats, or banisters.
    • Beyond this the entrance hall includes ceiling cornicing and a dado rail as well as a stripped pine staircase and banisters.
    • I ran into the hallway and almost somersaulted over the banisters.
    • She looked from the basket containing the few remaining branches to the banisters of the great staircase, which were now nearly covered in waxy green holly and pretty red ribbon.
    • The staircase banisters gleamed with finely varnished cherry wood with midnight-blue oriental rugs running down the center of the steps.
    • A staircase with ornate pine bannisters and rail leads up to a large landing.
    • The living room kept its unexpected adobe-style fireplace, the great-room its unusual green onyx banisters.
    • Yet despite this, both consulates were rather attractive buildings: cool and breezy, with intricately carved banisters and fine teak panelling.
    • Strands and strands of golden, crimson, and ginger leaves dangled in delicate arches from the stairs and banisters.
    • The large room opened upwards to the right to a large set of stairs, the banisters and railings of which had been covered in ribbons of light green and deep red.
    • Numerous period features remain: the Victorian staircase with its carved wooden banisters, the 1820s ornate stuccoed ceilings, the many stone and marble fireplaces.
    • They proceeded down a wide staircase with intricately decorated wooden banisters and thence through another corridor.
    • The staircase was beautiful, with dark oak banisters and ornate carving.
    • The staircase still boasts its original wrought iron banisters and the original green tiles still adorn the walls.
    • Next you'll help Stan in the gardens and dust in all the rooms, even the library, and you'll be sure to shine the banisters of the stairwell.
    • She had heard her parents discussing the effects she had on them before but only when she crept down the stairs and stuck her head through the banisters to hear their clandestine conversation.