Translation of barb in Spanish:


lengüeta, n.

Pronunciation: /bɑːb//bɑrb/


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    • 1.1

      (of fishhook, arrow) lengüeta feminine
      (of harpoon) punta de presa feminine
      • With its stems covered by sharp barbs, stinging nettle is not a very friendly looking herb, but when it comes to fighting aging it can be a worthwhile ally.
      • While the barbs and arrows surely hurt, the empire marches on.
      • His two swords were golden, and shaped like two dragons fangs, with many sharp barbs along its side.
      • When this type of spear stuck into a shield it would sink in up to the barbs, bend, and make it very difficult to remove.
      • The head, neck, and rump are protected by quills, the tips of which are covered with backwards projecting barbs which make their removal painful and difficult.
      • Her eyes glazed in a pained gaze, and it tore at my soul like thousands of barbs.
      • As he reached the lip at the top of the shaft he was suddenly hit with three sharp barbs that embedded themselves in the servo of his right shoulder joint.
      • Once they penetrate the flesh, the barbs make it difficult to pull them out.
      • The device - which is called Rapex - is made of latex and attaches to the penis by shafts of sharp barbs.
      • Now, you can touch this - not real hard - he doesn't have barbs in his quills like a porcupine.
      • Try squashing the barbs on two of the three points to ease removal.
      • The device, made of latex and held firm by shafts of sharp barbs, can only be removed from the man by surgery, which will alert hospital staff, and ultimately, the police, she said.
      • A sticker is a small seed with spiny barbs that stick to anything that passes.
      • And from its tip protruded a barb that dripped poison.
      • Nearly all of the plant life protects itself with thorns, barbs and needles.
      • Sharp metal barbs clustered around one tip of the arrow.
      • The physician should advance the fishhook to disengage the barb, then pull and twist it so that the point enters the lumen of the needle.
      • It was a simple hunting arrow, without a particularly sharp edge or barbs that would make it harder to remove.
      • The arrow had barely gone in, half the barb still sticking out.
      • When Betty Bee sets her stinger deep into your skin she forgets she has a barb attached to her stinger that prevents her from pulling it out of her victim.

    • 1.2(on barbed wire)

      púa feminine
      • The creeping mist coiled its tendrils round the spiky barbs like grasping fingers.
      • The devices fire two barbs attached to a wire that deliver a 50,000-volt shock on contact for up to five seconds.
      • The barbed wire is, er, a piece of rusty barbed wire about 120 mm long - with one barb.

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    pulla feminine
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    • 3.1(of feather)

      barba feminine
      • If you look at a feather under a microscope, you see the main stem, with barbs coming out to the left and right, and from these you have left-and right-handed barbules.
      • The bristle and eyelash consist of a rachis void of barbs, except at the innermost base.
      • Feathers, however bizarre or morphologically complex, consist essentially of a rachis, barbs, and barbules.
      • The feather was identified as eagle from its size, color, and the coarse texture of the pennaceous barbs.
      • Filoplumes have a rachis, with barbs and barbules somewhere along them, and they arise from follicles.

    • 3.2(beardlike growth)

      barba feminine
      • The hybrids were good looking fish but careful examination of the mouths would show tell-tale signs of small barbs and their top fins were more carp-shaped.