Translation of barbaric in Spanish:


primitivo, adj.

Pronunciation: /bɑːˈbarɪk//bɑrˈbɛrɪk/


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    • Gold bracelets and anklets, and rings on his fingers and toes thickly studded with gems completed the picture of barbaric splendour, ‘their piece exceeding that of a fine city’.
    • All my children have been engaged in this right now, though they are biased about it being primitive, barbaric and a bit too demanding.
    • Amara found this imprisonment rather crude and barbaric.
    • It was the barbaric form of primitivism that the print media continually drew from in its characterisations of my research.
    • The French-speaking conquerors of 1066 found none of this intelligible: to their ears Anglo-Saxon was barbaric and uncouth.
    • Perhaps she has forgotten that every year, millions of animals, including rabbits, minks, foxes, and raccoons, are trapped in the wild in barbaric steel-jaw leghold traps.
    • The three on the left are angular distortions of Classical figures, while the violently dislocated features and bodies of the other two have all the barbaric qualities of primitive art.
    • His arrangements fascinate - wild, barbaric, absolutely unscholarly - and yet he has absorbed and extended the musical essence of the originals.
    • The roof is like military wreckage left by an alien civilization; the material is coarse and barbaric.
    • Poetry must have something in it that is barbaric, vast and wild.
    • May we change barbaric, vulgar, and amoral political behavior via the political aesthetic?
    • It is seen as barbaric, irrational, primitive and sexist.
    • By no measure was she cruel and barbaric, but the Lyin had threatened her kingdom for near on centuries, and their display of aggression had finally pushed the Vaxen into battle.
    • Hunting with dogs is a cruel, barbaric and unnecessary pastime.
    • First, will this new society ever stop the cruel, barbaric treatment of farm animals that suffer from their birth to their horrific death?
    • This guy defended his actions with these extremely lame statements that show how clueless he really is to how cruel and barbaric his actions were.
    • He subjected the 27-year-old mother to a savage, barbaric, and brutal ordeal.
    • ‘We intend to eradicate this cruel, barbaric practice’, said a civil leader.
    • He also claims that the reaction from those living and working in the countryside will be much stronger if more Parliamentary time is devoted to ending this cruel and barbaric pastime.
    • Hunting has nothing to do with pest control and everything to do with a cruel, barbaric pastime.
    • That is cruel and barbaric, not to mention uncaring.
    • History will judge the actions of your government as cruel and barbaric.
    • That would have been a cruel, barbaric and completely unnecessary level of violence, wouldn't it?
    • Many will voice the opinion that circumcision is a cruel, barbaric procedure that can traumatize the baby.
    • We too are firmly of the view that a line needs to be drawn on the barbaric and cruel country pursuits steeped in the feudal values of an age gone by.
    • Hare hunting is a cruel and barbaric pastime carried out without respect for our wildlife.
    • If those who have the power to change this law have listened to my story, then I hope they will see that the law is cruel, barbaric and inhumane.
    • The organizers must do everything they can to prevent barbaric, inhumane acts of violence from occurring there.
    • The area is deathly quiet, except for the sound of pelting rain and the soft voice of our guide, calmly and precisely detailing acts of barbaric savagery which still beggar the imagination.
    • ‘Fox hunting is barbaric, it's cruel,’ he stormed.
    • It was a gradual understanding of the sheer wrongness of my actions by my participation in such a cruel, barbaric industry.
    • This cruel and barbaric trade must be stopped immediately.
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    these working hours are barbaric! ¡este horario de trabajo es brutal / es una barbaridad!