Translation of bare in Spanish:


desnudo, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈberəst//ˈbeərə(r)//ˈberər//ˈbeərɪst/


  • 1

    • 1.1(uncovered)

      (body/shoulder/blade/flesh) desnudo
      (head) descubierto
      (foot) descalzo
      (floorboards) sin alfombrar
      (branches/fields/tree) pelado
      (fields/branches/tree) desnudo
      (wire) pelado
      (wire) desnudo Spain
      bare from the waist up con el torso desnudo
      • to lay sth bare poner / dejar algo al descubierto
      • a landscape bare of vegetation un paisaje desprovisto de vegetación
      • Roofs seemed to jig unevenly as shingles drooped off of the edges, while many had bare spots with no covering at all.
      • I looked down at my feet and sure enough, they were bare.
      • Whereas in the other rooms columns formed two symmetrical rows along the sides of the hall, this hall was completely bare.
      • They were bare, save for bolts and slider pieces that littered the ground.
      • Covering bare soil with a generous mulch of stable manure or compost is usually only practical for small areas.
      • The walls were painted a warm shade of green and besides a few prints of famous paintings and a single photo of his family they were completely bare.
      • She lifted the side of the towel and saw she was bare under it and her eyes widened, pulling the towel tightly back around her.
      • The deciduous trees were just barely in bud; the aspens were as bare as whisk brooms.
      • David jerked upright in his bed, the sheet falling off of the upper half of his body to reveal his bare torso covered in sweat.
      • Andrew scoured the bare halls for a possible informant; quickly turning and grasping the arm of a passing soldier.
      • How the trees looked so naked and bare with no coverings.
      • The servant padded off down the bare wooden floorboards.
      • The Royal Native Oyster Stores looks exactly the way you have always wanted a fish restaurant to look: all bare bricks and exposed floorboards and battered tables.
      • Fabyein's broad back was turned to her; his sun-darkened body was bare beneath the covers.
      • Beds are set on platforms or suspended from ceilings, bathtubs are hewn from blocks of black granite or pale limestone, and the bare wood floorboards are wide, limed and lacquered.
      • The trees would normally be thick, and snag with clawing branches and deceptive leaves, but now they were bare and skeletal, and seemed so weak.
      • From now on, in the name of safety, it's a Lycra body stocking and bare feet for me.
      • ‘I need a cup of coffee, and badly,’ he decided as he got out of bed and threw a robe on, covering his bare body.
      • He folded his arms across his chest, drawing my attention to them and making me notice that they were fully bare from the shoulder downwards.
      • The trees are bare, the land is bleak, closed, unproductive and numb, its furrows seemingly incapable of the new life we hope for in the spring.
      • They shared a white sheet covering their bare body from the waist down.
      • Usually, performances that are considered brave rely on physical nudity to let the audience know that the actor is emotionally bare.
      • Goya shows them sitting on rocks under a bare tree, cutting plugs of contraband tobacco, with a coil of rope on the ground, handy for tying up victims.
      • One time someone ordered this adorable little seaweed that looked like tiny bare tree branches from a winter forest and I missed the name.
      • As I listened to the man ramble on and on, I envisioned myself on a beach, the waves rolling toward my bare body sprawled out on the soft, powdery sand.
      • Water dripped off of Melissa's bare body, and the woman's clothing soaked some off of her flesh.
      • Mr Cunningham stood there, an amused, appreciative look on his face as his gaze swept my almost bare figure.
      • I love to watch plants grow, covering fences and bare earth.
      • The green fields were blackened and the trees had been stripped bare by locusts.
      • At the riverside, hawthorns, oaks, beeches and other trees stand stark and bare.
      • As Erik rose to his feet in the shallow waters she could see that he was again bare to the waist, except for a white bandage wrapped around his left bicep.
      • He was bare from the waist up and Maria could see why he was so strong and fast.
      • The sheets were gathered around his waist and his upper body was bare.
      • The only bummer is when I look at my bare body in the mirror.
      • A thin dark-colored membrane of some sort covered his bare body snugly.
      • He certainly doesn't look uncomfortable, relaxing back in a reclining chair, one of his bare feet covered by a towel while Sally works on the other.
      • They wrapped about one leg, leaving the other bare, covered her body, and finally encased her head.
      • It'd sound really drastic if I told you they were all bare, but I never realized how much hair I had on my body until I started doing this.
      • It is all right and there is a bare lady in it, so it is well worth a look - though surprisingly the theatre was pretty empty.
      • The floor was left bare because floor coverings would have been ruined by tobacco spit.

    • 1.2

      (walls) desnudo
      (room) con pocos muebles
      bare of ornament sin adorno
      • The stage is bare and empty, it looks like a typical display of Volksbühne churlishness, ingeniousness and fractiousness.
      • James lives in a bare cell of a bedroom - only allowed out to do the housework - until he's rescued from his miserable existence by a magical giant peach and ends up famous in New York.
      • After Mass the Blessed Eucharist was brought to the Altar of Repose and the Tabernacle was left open, bare and empty.
      • She opened the light green fridge, an odd colour but it was just regular by Val's standards, and rummaged through the bare contents.
      • Behind it was something of a hidden room - bare, empty, but still there.
      • For better or for worse, the room was Spartan, almost bare.
      • The individual cells were tiny, bare closets with no amenities, and were designed to be too short to lie down in.
      • He was in a plain, bare cell with bars and the whole bit.
      • Before my eyes was a large, empty chamber, bare save for an interesting pattern etched upon the floor and a weapon rack by the entrance.
      • We were at pretty close to 100 percent occupancy of recreational vehicles and now they are bare, those parks.
      • Vulnerable people who have committed no crime and pose no threat to society are regularly forced to wait in bare cells before they get specialist treatment.
      • In the dry season, all life moves north, leaving the southern plains disappointingly bare and empty.
      • With a quick glance at the bare cupboards and empty refrigerator, came the realization that John was not used to eating at home.
      • When I located the store, it looked suspiciously bare, numerous empty displays, etc.
      • As Meg brought Scott down to the car after the moving men had carried off all the stuff, Julia walked around in the empty and bare apartment.
      • Their prison cell was stripped bare because it was assumed that, as protesters, they would destroy everything they could.
      • Although the garden is looking spartan it's not bare.
      • Children told me of having their rooms stripped bare and the contents thrown into the corridor.
      • They were headed farther down, several levels below the room they'd been in the day before, hoping to find more than empty rooms and bare alcoves.
      • Griffith looked inside the first window and saw that it was an empty bare room with a single white bed inside, with a heavy metal door inside that resembled a safe door.

  • 2

    • 2.1(without details)

      (statement) escueto
      he gave me just the bare facts se ciñó estrictamente a los hechos
      • It was pretty basic with all the bare necessities and most importantly it had running water and proper loos.
      • Jonathan Miller's bare, contemporary production of Cosi Fan Tutte set tongues wagging at its first outing in 1995, for its Armani costumes.
      • It is not bare production according to the direction, is it?
      • For the most part, this is a bare basics album with Branch's voice and guitar always very much to the fore.
      • So appealing to rights communicates more than does the bare appeal to basic capabilities, without any further ethical argument of the sort I have supplied.
      • McCauley's black and white photographs of sinks and other built-in fixtures show the bare essentials of a home.
      • Nothing covered the doors; they were just bare brown wooden doors.
      • The most plausible accounts of the Buddha's life before and during the awakening are found in bare and simple narratives in which the Buddha seems to speak of his own experience.
      • Typical of Beckett's later preoccupation with the art of minimalism, this performance cuts the story down to the bare essentials.
      • For all that, the staging will be simple, a bare set putting the focus on the performers' physical presence.
      • Nicole told Tommy that she liked the simple, bare hotel room.
      • Their kids would probably be plain, bare and simple-minded.
      • By doing this, Waits has stripped the music down to its bare elements - raw blues, world beats and bare folk - and this does not always work.
      • Believed to be crammed with as many as 10,000 inmates at any given time, Insein is perennially short of bare essential supplies.
      • The wooden table was bare and simple here, with only a single fork as a utensil.
      • The bare figures, however, conceal the fact that domestic inflation is still stubbornly high.
      • In general he eschewed complicated effects of pulsating or flashing lights, preferring a bare and simple presentation that brought him within the orbit of Minimal art.
      • This is fine for the wilderness backpacker, but those who want to carry a little more than just the bare essentials are nowadays more or less confined to official camp sites.
      • Although a mostly bare production, in that it relied almost entirely on acting rather than stagecraft, this Twelfth Night had elements of the spectacular about it.

    • 2.2(mere)

      the bare essentials/necessities lo estrictamente esencial/necesario
      • they have the barest majority tienen una mayoría muy escasa
      • they earn the bare(st) minimum ganan lo justo para vivir
      • the incident was given a bare two paragraphs el incidente apenas si mereció dos párrafos

transitive verb

  • 1

    to bare one's head descubrirse
    • the dog bared its teeth el perro enseñó / mostró los dientes
    • she bared her soul to me me abrió su corazón