Translation of barely in Spanish:


apenas, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛrli//ˈbɛːli/


  • 1

    I can barely hear you apenas te oigo
    • we'd barely finished eating when he arrived apenas habíamos terminado de comer cuando llegó
    • I had to go round the flat, half asleep, eyes barely open, looking for a likely candidate for a bulb replacement.
    • He could barely sit through Coach Quinn's speech in the boy's locker room.
    • Paulette’s bedsheets had barely cooled down when her telephone rang, erasing the lazy smile that curled the corners of her mouth.
    • We had barely sat down when the a group of four diners in the restaurant demanded to see the chef.
    • Aaron Brown had barely started at CNN when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center.
    • My last one just slightly less than that, and this one barely half the length of Moulin Rouge.
    • We'd barely sat down before a gang of teenagers, all masked, came rampaging in.
    • It looked like it had struck her so violently that she was barely able to contain it.
    • The smoke had barely cleared from the suicide bombing in Afghanistan this morning when right-wing pundits began their attempt to politically exploit the attack on or near Cheney.
    • The average land holding is barely half a hectare, which in these conditions is not enough on which to grow food for a year.
    • Ryden was barely two when they sat us down and told us they were having another baby.
    • When the reports arrived, black smoke was still pouring from the shelter, and the operation to recover bodies had barely begun.
    • I've planned to cover 15 exhibitions in six hours but from experience you barely manage half.
    • His study is so full of fossils and chemical apparatus of various kinds that there is barely room to sit down.
    • Just barely managing to remain sitting on the table was Kimrey, waving frantically at me to join her.
    • She stood up and was shown to be attired in a short tan dress that barely reached her knees.
    • She nodded her head, barely able to keep the silly grin from her face.
    • The second half had barely started when RI hooker Allport burst between two tacklers to score.
    • However, Mr Selwood says the fear of being homeless has left him a broken man barely able to eat.
    • If I lose my balance, if I fall over, into the mud, in this much pain, barely able to move, I may not get up.
    • Today I had a snooze before getting in the bath; right now I can barely sit up and I haven't eaten.
    • Another notary had barely sat down to commence the signing process when the wife of the borrower began flirting with him.
    • It had barely rung once when Rudy answered. "Robert Charlton's phone."
    • Daum skulked away to be replaced by Rudi Voeller, who had barely sat down before he was off to be national coach.
    • The half had barely started when Fitzgerald delivered a great pass to Cotter to send over a point.
    • He looked so vulnerable, barely sitting up with an arched back, and his face downcast.
    • Jeff Merkley's candidacy had barely gotten going and surely hadn't had time to register with many voters.
    • Why that album sat around doing barely any business for so many months is quite beyond me.
    • The flight to safety has barely started.
    • We had barely been sitting there a minute and a leaf from a maple tree above me fell into my lap.
    • It was really awful making a kid who could barely sit still as it was meditate daily.
    • Fished on a floating line, the flies are lobbed slightly upstream barely an arm's length from the rod.
    • It also helped that the plate was huge - so big, in fact, that Vicky and I could barely finish half of it.
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    a barely furnished room una habitación con pocos muebles