Translation of barony in Spanish:


baronía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛrəni//ˈbar(ə)ni/

nounPlural baronies

  • 1

    (rank, domain)
    baronía feminine
    • Only land transactions will be registered - not the barony, leaving prospective buyers with no way to check the authenticity of the title they are being sold on official records.
    • The titles are popular with overseas buyers of Scots extraction who like to see their names and baronies on official registries, especially the ancient Register of Sasines in Edinburgh.
    • Seats went to archbishops and bishops of the province's twenty-three dioceses, owners of twenty-three baronies, and sixty-eight deputies of the Third Estate.
    • As baronies survived after 1747, it is still possible to buy laird status with an estate which is a barony.
    • Yorkshire-born Lady Clifford battled half her life to receive her inheritance of the baronies of Westmoreland and Skipton, and these family histories formed a strong part of her case to reclaim it.
    • But Hamilton said: ‘Interestingly women seldom buy baronies.’
    • But the socially aspirant who are struggling to secure a title by traditional means have a chance to boost their status this week - by buying a Scottish feudal Barony.
    • On the death of the incumbent baron in 1965, the title passed to Elizabeth / Ewan, who, by dint of a paper ‘sex change’, was now the male heir to the barony.
    • At the root of the problem is nothing so mundane as access to the hills and glens but the booming industry in Scottish barony titles that sell on average for £55,000 each.
    • All life Baronies are in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, and rank amongst hereditary Baronies in that Peerage (and each other) by date of creation.
    • But was I the only one to be amused by the new laird's reasoning behind his decision to buy the Braemar barony and the Lordship of Kildrummy?
    • He estimates that only 10% of the estimated 2,500 barony titles held in Scotland are genuine.
    • The present Lord MacDonald and Chief of Clan Donald - known as Godfrey - is totally nonplussed by the sale of the barony and has no plans to bid for the title.