Translation of barrage in Spanish:


descarga, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbarɑːʒ//bəˈrɑ(d)ʒ/


  • 1

    • 1.1Military

      (action) descarga feminine
      (fire) cortina de fuego feminine
      (fire) barrera de fuego feminine
      artillery barrage descarga de artillería feminine
      • At Friday prayers in the two cities holy to Shiite Muslims, hope as well for an end to the daily barrage of artillery and gunfire.
      • The point defense batteries opened fire with barrages of plasma cannon fire.
      • In the huge battles of 1914-15 Russian infantrymen had to attack unprotected by artillery barrages and often lacking even rifles.
      • He leaves out no detail, giving exact times of artillery barrages and attacks.
      • On September 25 police launched tear-gas barrages and high-pressure water cannon against demonstrating social security workers in downtown Lima.
      • Smoke shell, in combination with high explosive, helped the infantry see where the artillery barrage had got to, and it also hid them from machine guns and rifle fire.
      • This eliminates the traditional requirement for an area fire or artillery barrage.
      • Surprisingly, a few enemy soldiers and vehicles had survived the concentrated artillery barrage and helicopter attack.
      • Though MacArthur forbade air attacks against the city (which had been his home for much of his adult life) heavy artillery barrages by both sides levelled much of what the fires had left standing.
      • My forward observers plotted their defensive concentrations and barrages where we thought they should be.
      • Suddenly it came under a concentrated barrage of German artillery and machinegun fire.
      • To quell resistance, air strikes and artillery barrages were called in, largely demolishing the town.
      • Their priority is an end to air strikes, tank attacks, artillery barrages, sniping, car bombs and roadside explosive devices.
      • Most of the damage was done by the Sri Lankan military through air raids and artillery barrages.
      • The massive bombing campaigns and artillery barrages of World War II caused a great deal of collateral damage, but very often failed to destroy the intended target.
      • But these things aren't important when you have to parade more people into barrages of artillery.
      • The troop movements were preceded by a day of relentless air attacks and artillery and rocket barrages against Iraqi troops arrayed in defense of Baghdad.
      • Courageously, he followed the company commander through mine fields and through the most intense artillery and mortar barrages.
      • The constant noise of the battle gave way to a barrage of artillery shells shrieking through the canopy.
      • He also says the bombardment lasted for about 90 minutes, but has the infantry attack beginning while the artillery barrage is still going on.

    • 1.2(deluge)

      aluvión masculine
      a barrage of questions/criticism un aluvión de preguntas/críticas
      • The presence of Bangladeshis near the Harike barrage is a considered security threat too.
      • As a last example, suppose a development authority plans to build a barrage across an estuary to increase property values and generate opportunities for marina developments.
      • Before the construction of dams and barrages, floodwaters would spill out of the river's banks and, channeled by sluices and dikes, cover most of the agricultural land.
      • A Nepalese parliamentary committee has said the construction of the dam and barrage on the Rapti River is a violation of the international law.
      • He stood on a dam in Liwonde, known locally as a barrage, which regulates the river for the Nkula plant.
      • India had started construction of the Rassiyal-Khurda-Lautan barrage and a supporting embankment in the Marchabar area on the Indian side of the border.
      • Bangladeshi water engineers say that Indian barrages, canals, reservoirs and irrigation schemes are slowly strangling the country and are stopping its development.
      • Diverting water from the Nile River, along with buildup of sediments trapped behind dams and barrages, has caused the fertile Nile Delta to shrink.
      • Dams and irrigation barrages have also added to the woes of the dolphins.
      • There is a 5mph speed limit on the whole of the river upstream of the barrage.
      • The treaty bars setting up barrage and disallow storage of waters of rivers flowing from Kashmir into Pakistan.
      • Having had your fill here, cross the river on the barrage, take the first left and drive along the east bank of the river southwards the toll bridge, stopping and starting as and when you need to.
      • Just north of Esna the boat arrives at two barrages across the river, which act both as bridges and as controls for the flow of the Nile.
      • A great mass of citizenry washed past on foot or bicycle as we negotiated the potholed high street on the river bank and turned on to the barrage across the Tigris built by the British in 1935.
      • The water has been depleted for the construction of a one-kilometre cross bund upstream the barrage.
      • The barrages separated the river from the sea, and had a disastrous impact on fish that rely on annual migrations upriver to spawn.
      • A barrage has been placed across the river Tawe to create greater tidal movement in the estuary which had been poisoned by the output of the industrial era.
      • We cannot construct barrage for irrigation purposes.
      • This a basically a large metal cage, mounted on a cable inside the actual barrage, or dam.
      • India in 1985 started the work on Wullar barrage on Jhelum river.

  • 2

    (dam) presa feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    to barrage sb with sth
    • she was barraged with questions la bombardearon / acosaron / acribillaron a preguntas
    • they were barraged with complaints recibieron un aluvión de quejas
    • Fearful of losing, Jason began barraging Melissa with all his remaining missiles.
    • The media are constantly barraging young women who are still forming their opinions on the world.
    • We've won this reprieve because we kept barraging him with letters.
    • From takeoff to landing, we're barraged with an array of tasks.
    • During our talk, he barraged me with questions about my relationship with Rowen.
    • I was barraged by criticism, that I was hurting the sentiments of the Indian people.
    • Our children are just barraged with this bad food everywhere they go.
    • ‘Consumers are barraged by the amount of information that is published and people respond to it out of their need and people want to know how to do better,’ she notes.
    • After the first letter had come several years ago, their mother had forced Katrina to write him back, and ever since then, the smitten Chris had been barraging her with letters.
    • When Kait went downstairs that morning after taking a long, soothing shower, Aunt Sally immediately barraged her with questions.
    • They barraged him with questions, none of which John understood save for one; ‘Who is that?’
    • The Infinifilm menu is constantly barraging the viewer with tidbits, interviews, and best of all, the reinsertion of deleted material.
    • Like many other people, Heidi Evans was constantly barraged with dubious emails purporting to offer millions in exchange for helping to transfer vast funds from Africa.
    • For the first half-hour they'd barraged him with questions, but now they seemed content to just try and get some sleep.
    • When he was done barraging me with his senior thesis, he left this erudite comment.
    • I had too much adrenaline to answer back Carlozio who had taken advantage of my quietness and was barraging me with the most annoyance he could muster.
    • You heard naught of it yesterday, but your poor father was barraged with questions from so many people!
    • You are constantly barraged with people and their problems every time you step outside your door.
    • She could hear them yelling in low voices to each other, throwing back and forth insults and she cracked the door open, of course she was barraged by a rampage of insults and screaming.
    • Ready or not, the Millennium Year is on us, barraging us with a dizzying array of high-flying hype about the wonders of the New Age.