Translation of barrel-chested in Spanish:


fornido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌbɛrəl ˈtʃɛstəd///


  • 1

    • Few of the Americans running Iraq are as frank about their ‘mission’ to bring freedom to the world as the barrel-chested former New York police chief Bernard Kerik.
    • At 60, John McDonnell is barrel-chested with vibrant blue eyes and slicked back white hair, a successful real estate investor who lives by the beach with his second wife.
    • The wee, barrel-chested midfielder with the cocky gait is as influential now as he was when he arrived in Glasgow.
    • Ackermann - who today is 56 and a barrel-chested six-footer whose flashes of anger are intimidating - was a javelin champion in his youth.
    • He was kind of barrel-chested, but the voice was extraordinary.
    • He was a winger in his early years but later preferred the fly-half's position: stocky, barrel-chested and quick as a flash, he was a notably inventive player.
    • He was a ferocious-looking man - black-bearded, broad-eyed and barrel-chested.
    • Short but somewhat barrel-chested, the actor is often called on for oversized characters, and his room-filling energy takes over when he talks about Ayckbourn.
    • Currently in a middleweight state, Del Toro delivers a good turn here, as does the barrel-chested James Caan as the millionaire's grizzled bagman.
    • He's big, barrel-chested, and, unfortunately, sweaty.
    • ‘Spotty’ was white with black spots and barrel-chested.
    • Even though Klinck cuts one of those strapping, barrel-chested gym-junkie figures, his voice is like a gentle breeze.
    • He was about 6ft 1in, beautifully built and barrel-chested.
    • Born to rescue people from burning buildings and save the planet, Mr Incredible is a square-jawed, barrel-chested hero in the Superman mould.
    • It has been my ambition ever since watching Burt Lancaster, in his barrel-chested pomp, swim home through the pools of his Californian neighbours after a little chat with each on the way.
    • These burly, barrel-chested men aren't quite comfortable within their macho trappings, but act as allegorical tools to explore issues of contemporary masculinity.
    • But Bolton boss Sam Allardyce, that great rescuer of lost causes, has given the barrel-chested striker some of his self-respect back.
    • A barrel-chested security guard riding shotgun in Khalilzad's car turns to explain: an errant vehicle in Iraq, he says, can easily be a suicide bomber.
    • Admirably willing to raise his head above the parapet and defend his corner, the barrel-chested midfielder might even be said to epitomise Martin O'Neill's side.
    • Blatherskite O'Loodheramawn, a barrel-chested, white-toothed athlete from Mullingar, welcomed the new loosening of restrictions.