Translation of barrister in Spanish:


abogado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛrəstər//ˈbarɪstə/



  • 1

    abogado masculine
    abogada feminine
    • Instead I started by approaching solicitors and barristers known to me to seek access to their clients.
    • He was grilled in the witness box for 15 days by the prosecution and defence barristers on the issue.
    • The BBC reports that the judge and the barristers removed their wigs and gowns to make the courtroom less intimidating.
    • So both barristers and judges have to be very careful that they deal with juries in a way that helps them to deal with the subject matter.
    • We contend there is available insurance for barristers and solicitor advocates.
    • A further 50 questionnaires were sent to commercial and construction barristers.
    • The defendants are represented by a defence team of three barristers and two solicitors.
    • They also said there should be reviews of the codes of conduct for barristers and solicitors.
    • So what is it about politics that attracts so many solicitors and barristers?
    • A decision has been taken that the judge Mr Justice Hooper and barristers are not to wear wigs or gowns.
    • The two sides of the profession, barristers and solicitors, continue to exist, and both have expanded numerically.
    • They may be inclined to agree to suggestions put to them by others, or, indeed, by barristers in the courtroom.
    • The Group can also receive payments from panel solicitors, barristers and mobile doctors.
    • The barristers, or advocates, wear the garb they would wear in courts in their own homeland.
    • There is no reason to fear a flood of negligence suits against barristers.
    • This is not dissimilar to charges of professional misconduct as a barrister or solicitor.
    • You are the first barrister without a solicitor that has ever appeared in front of me.
    • Should you be able to sue barristers and solicitors who are negligent in acting for you in a legal case?
    • Francis had used five different firms of solicitors and six defence barristers.
    • If there is anybody who knows an honest barrister or solicitor that can help me with my defence and so, please let me know.