Translation of bartender in Spanish:


barman, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑrˌtɛndər//ˈbɑːtɛndə/



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    (male) barman masculine
    (male) camarero masculine Spain Venezuela
    (female) mesera feminine
    (female) camarera feminine Spain Venezuela
    (female) moza feminine Southern Cone
    • After midnight, the bartenders were drunk and were taking forever to make drinks.
    • I went to a bar where the bartenders know me and would give me sympathy drinks for free.
    • One of the bartenders placed two drinks in a tall glass in front of Dai and Cooper.
    • The decor is cool, the music is good, the drinks are great, and the bartenders aren't bad looking either.
    • He goes to a saloon where the bartender is alone and asks him to change the bill.
    • Please enjoy the game and don't forget to order a drink from one of our bartenders.
    • She asked for a shot of Vodka and sat patiently as the bartender severed the drink.
    • I ordered a drink from the bartender and sat at the bar waiting for the guys to start.
    • Typically, bartenders contend that their primary job is to make drinks and collect the money.
    • The bartenders will make whichever drink of your choice, or invent a new one just for you.
    • The bartender dropped down our drinks and then went off to help the other bar patrons.
    • Drinks and drafts were poured expertly, unusually for bartenders working in this neighborhood.
    • She saw his eyes slip away at the same time she was about to signal the bartender for more to drink.
    • The bartender poured a drink into a shot glass, and gave it to him.
    • Drinks are prepared well by beautiful bartenders and aren't overly priced.
    • They also say changing the system will allow unscrupulous bartenders to water down drinks.
    • The bartenders make good drinks and they always have quality music and good sound.
    • He advises training bartenders to count the number of drinks that customers consume.
    • Jamie nodded at the bartender as he brought Jamie his drink, and downed it in one gulp.
    • The drinks are served by caring bartenders, who really know their stuff.