There are 2 main translations of base in Spanish

: base1base2


base, n.

Pronunciation: /beɪs//beɪs/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (of column, wall) base feminine
      (of column, wall) basa feminine
      (of mountain, tree) pie masculine
      (of spine, skull) base feminine
      (of geometric figure) base feminine
      • He broke down several times as he told the court how his wife had been supporting the base of a ladder as he cut branches off apple trees in their garden.
      • Axial loading from earthquakes is minimized by seismic dampers under the column bases.
      • It is useful to make a distinction between the base against which an entity is profiled and the domain, or domains, against which concepts take shape.
      • Resting at the thick base of the old tree sat a beautifully etched envelope.
      • Instead of a heated iron, the upper part of the base supports a pierced basket for charcoal.
      • If this has happened, gently firm around the base of the plant with the foot being careful not to damage any stems or leaves.
      • The edges of this framework supported the base of the walls.
      • This figurine was designed as a candlestick, with the holder protruding from the base on either side.
      • The easiest way to swirl is to rest the base of the glass on a table, hold the stem between thumb and forefinger, and gently rotate the wrist.
      • To prevent vandalism and damage, the bases of columns are clad in stainless steel.
      • The length of the base of the rhombus is the length of one of its sides, here shown with 'b'.
      • Will the official NBA basketball that rests at the base of the potted palm in the living room remain?
      • Now, how can there be foundation structures such as pillar bases in the ground unless they had been put there to support a building?
      • Because the base of the stone barely touches the base upon which it rests, it appears that it could easily fall over when the sea wind blows.
      • If the height of a rectangle is 7 1/6 mm and the perimeter is 27 2/15 mm, what is the length of the base of the rectangle?
      • Her other arm held a shield by her side, the base rested on the floor but she was not leaning on it.
      • Draw 3 times smaller unilateral triangles, with their bases in the middle of each line of the first triangle.
      • The bottom edges of the front and rear panels form a support base for the bowl.
      • He says the name of the mall was inspired by the locality of the site, which rests at the base of the Roodekrans Ridge.
      • A substantially vertical stand having a foot peg and sharpened base supports the frame.
      • At its base rested a small, weathered plaque with a few words elegantly etched into the fine stone.
      • The two points of intersection of the latter with the sides of the triangle lie on a line parallel to the base.
      • Their water tanks were usually steel on stone bases, or sometimes supported on a trestle base made of rail.
      • Column bases, doorsteps, baseboards, and beams - even the interior roof tiles and gutters - all are decorated.
      • Lie sideways on the ball with your feet supported against the base of a wall.
      • The bags are used as bed rests and table bases by some interior decorators.
      • All tied up I carried it to the car taking extra care to support the base which was weak from resting in the sodden duck-muck of the pen.
      • With loaded candlesticks there is a possibility that marks have been ‘let in’ to the edge of the base.
      • It was still lying with crushed front forks at the base of the smaller tree.
      • The freestanding column shafts are wrapped in black glazed tiles and the bases have a mosaic finish.

    • 1.2

      (of lamp) pie masculine
      (of statue) pedestal masculine

  • 2

    (foundation, basis)
    base feminine
    • It started with the Native Americans who set the base for all the development.
    • It also provides a new base for vital research and study of the disease carried out by the University of Sheffield.
    • But it doesn't take long to defrost, and it is a good thing to have a supply of in the freezer in case of impromptu guests or as the base for a quick easy meal.
    • It will guarantee a solid base for those students continuing to advanced studies.
    • Hong Kong University law professor Albert Chen said the decision was a good base for political reform discussions.
    • For people whose school Spanish is a distant memory, this course will offer revision and updating of the written and spoken language, to improve competence and confidence and form a base for further study.
    • I think that's a fine base for a resolution for the new year.
    • And whilst all the talk may have been of forwards, the base for victory was built further down the Newbridge turf.
    • After completion, this will provide a firm base to push the Pattaya Sports Club into the new Millennium.
    • Since the book is intended to provide the reader a base for further study, the absence of citations is somewhat disturbing.
    • His systematization of these texts became one of the chief bases for the structure of the later printed versions of this corpus of texts.
    • That which was, is the foundation for what is now, which becomes the base for what is to come.
    • Since Lisbon Strategy is a topics which has not been given much attention in Croatia, the published articles represent the base for further research.
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    • 3.1(of patrol, for excursion)

      base feminine
      to return to base volver a la base

    • 3.2render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)(for expedition)

      campamento base masculine

    • 3.3(of organization)

      sede feminine
      • Living on a Marine base on the edge of restive Ramadi is a shock to a civilian's senses.
      • Analysts have criticised Karzai for clumsy attempts to impose his will by sending in appointees to try to implement disarmament without necessary support bases, or central backup.
      • The firm has outgrown its base on Stricklandgate and needs extra space in order to expand and create more jobs.
      • It was the only working lift in the building, seeing as it was underground like the rest of the base, so no one knew it existed apart from those in their sector.
      • The interior of the stronghold was as utilitarian as the rest of the base, made of white stone with no attempt at ornamentation.
      • Troops frequently spot suspicious figures just outside the base.
      • Well, his firm had a base on the Old Kent Road under the name London Easylink, and its prime contract was route 185 from Lewisham.
      • From there he was employed by Mero Space Frame, a German firm with a British base.
      • A railroad line was constructed from the base to the front lines at Petersburg.
      • We were eager to get out of there, and to the new base near the front lines.
      • We galloped to the base where the rest of the people were unloading the cargo.
      • Neither it is limited to armies and combatants facing each other but targets the enemy formations and supporting bases with long distance aircraft and missiles.
      • He said the company had always had two move workers between the two bases depending on where the work was, but now circumstances dictated closure of the Scalloway workshop for the time being.
      • He stressed the successes not just of the aircrew but of the hundreds of Combat Support Group personnel supporting combatant forces at bases within and outside Australia.
      • During World War II, Utah's population increased as the government developed military bases and supported wartime industries.
      • He had an office that connected to the rest of the base through a short tube.
      • After pulling up to the smooth blue band that marked the perimeter of the base, the rest of the unit limped into view.
      • He turned the turret to examine the rest of the base.
      • Unique geological, glaciological, and meteorological studies continue there from purpose-built bases around the edge of Antarctica or at the South Pole.
      • When they were far enough away from the base, they all rested and sat down.

  • 4

    • 4.1(main ingredient)

      base feminine
      dishes with a rice base (masculine plural) platos a base de arroz
      • Make crumb base by rubbing biscuits and butter together.
      • It has the Dr Pepper flavors as a base with berries thrown into the mix.
      • The appetizer was a small plate of radish pieces served in a sauce that tastes similar to the creamy vegetable soup base.
      • Then you add another whole chicken to the soup and use the soup base as your water.
      • Syrups are made with a base of sugar syrup, honey or perhaps maple syrup.
      • The soup base is a Western tomato soup, while the beef slice and beef stomach is stewed in a traditional Chinese sauce.
      • For the coconut soup base: In a pot, combine ingredients and bring to a simmer.
      • Brooks explains the smoothies are composed of yogurt base and a water/pectin solution.
      • This pea-flavoured stock will be the base for the soup.
      • With its distinctive dry taste, Tequila is the base for marvellous drinks, not the least of which is the Margarita.
      • There is a firm called Kuze, based in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, specializing in sauces and soup bases.
      • Sweetened ricotta base with apple and cherry pie filling, cookie dough and more sweet stuff.
      • The cast iron pan and drippings make for the base of a tremendous sauce.
      • It is safe and cost-effective compared to other drugs as its base is neem oil, which is available in plenty in India.
      • The sweetness in milk or an ice cream base allows coffee flavors to come through.

    • 4.2(of pie)

      base feminine
      fondo masculine

  • 5

    paint with a water base pintura al agua feminine
  • 6

    base feminine
    • Neutralization is a chemical reaction in which a base reacts with an acid to create water and a salt.
    • Soon chemists became more interested in studying the properties of acids and bases and the neutralization reaction between the two substances.
    • Nitric acid reacted with a base will give the nitrate of the salt and water.
    • They found that these nonaqueous-superacid solutions reacted with weak bases which did not react with either sulfuric or perchloric acid in water.
    • Metallic oxides are bases because the oxide ions accept protons from water molecules, thereby generating hydroxide ions in solution.
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    base feminine
    • Some historians believe that the Babylonian base 60 place-value system was transmitted to the Indians via the Greeks.
    • Arabic astronomers used a base 60 version of Arabic letter system.
    • In that year Briggs gave a numerical approximation to the base 10 logarithm of e but did not mention e itself in his work.
    • There is no logical reason why we cannot use any integer bigger than zero for a base.
    • Taking logarithms to the base, we are looking for a solution.
    • If base 10 is used with an additive system without intermediate symbols then many characters are required to express certain numbers.
    • Choosing different numbers gives logarithms to different bases.
    • The Egyptians had a bases 10 system of hieroglyphs for numerals.
  • 8

    (of word)
    raíz feminine
    base feminine
    • Determine the ending of the verb that goes with that pronoun and add it to the base of the verb you want to use in the sentence.
    • So if you want to conjugate a regular - er verb, simply remove the - er ending from the infinitive and place the base of the verb in front of the endings.
    • According to Crystal, a prefixation is “an affix is placed before the base of the word” (1997, p. 90).
    • The verb base is what you look up in the dictionary when you want to know how to say something.
    • The children had to say the base of a suffixed word pronounced by the experimenter.
    • The Greek Xu-w, which etymologists justly connect with our loose, loosen, may possibly be the base of the word.
  • 9

    (in baseball)
    base feminine
    to be off base (wrong) estar equivocado
    • (by surprise, in baseball) to catch sb off base pillar a algn fuera de (la) base
    • to touch base
    • I called them, just to touch base los llamé, para mantener el contacto
    • her speech touched every base en su discurso tocó todos los puntos de interés
    • to reach/get to first base in sth cogerle el tranquillo a algo
    • to reach/get to first base with sb coger confianza con algn
    • Four different times I switched over to see the bases loaded, scoring I believe a total of one run.
    • During baseball season, fire hydrants and stoops serve as bases, the middle of the street as the field.
    • ‘I made sure I touched every one of those sweet white bases,’ Fisk told Maury Allen of the New York Post.
    • There's no reason he shouldn't hit 30 home runs and steal 30 bases if he stays healthy.
    • He first arranged four of these in a diamond-shaped pattern to represent the bases and home plate.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to base sth on / upon sth basar / fundamentar algo en algo
    • the movie is based on a real event la película se basa / está basada en una historia real
  • 2

    he's based in Madrid tiene su base en Madrid
    • where are you based now? ¿dónde estás (/ vives etc. ) ahora?

There are 2 main translations of base in Spanish

: base1base2


abyecto, adj.


  • 1

    (motive/accusation/conduct) abyecto
    (motive/accusation/conduct) innoble
    (conduct/accusation/motive) vil
    • However, his inner and outer selves are constant and we do not see, in his monologues, the base evil of his Machiavellian soul.
    • The meaning of human life would be reduced to the physical, base animal instincts, trapped within the contours of the body.
    • Whilst detained we came face to face with base police corruption.
    • There was nothing sheltering this base creature from the eye of his moral superiors.
    • By appealing to the base instincts of race and religion the President and his able cohorts are naturally inducing one crisis after the other.
    • It is also a saga about the savagery that can result when the British and the Irish resort to their base instincts.
    • And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a base mind and to improper conduct.
    • In contrast a man must be specially trained not to trample - their base instinct is to cause harm.
    • His antagonism towards the media will be recast as a firmness of character that wouldn't pander to the most base instincts of people.
    • My base instinct was to go round the dressing room and clip a few, but unfortunately those days were well gone.
    • In their bodiliness, images make men desert rationality in favor of base instinct.
    • Even as a young man, however, Jekyll had a penchant for base pleasures.
    • Some believe that the people's base instincts could even throw the peace process off course.
    • Did you figure that, I, the writer, was a base individual who was using a cheap ploy to attract potential readers?
    • Small wonder that she places her faith in spite and base dishonesty.
    • It's just the ones who want to scream it in the streets and have their base instincts publicly titillated I wish to avoid, and should be able to.
    • The Party is pandering to the racist, base instincts of the right wing press and politicians.
    • And it is one way to shine moral clarity on a subject that too often inspires only base moral equivalence.
    • If humankind did not have a consciousness and still lived on the base instinct of perpetuation of the species, we would simply be born, mature, mate and die.
    • The story is intent on delving into the core of what it means to be human and what kind of base behaviors we are susceptible to, both good and bad.