Translation of basket case in Spanish:

basket case

caso perdido, n.



  • 1

    caso perdido masculine
    • Just before my injection, I became an emotional basket case and made a fool of myself.
    • I am working very hard not to be a basket case, but doing an extremely poor job.
    • My sister is a complete basket case, has been since she was 12.
    • He was a basket case who freaked out under pressure.
    • We're all emotional basket cases, and all we can do is find some crumb of comfort in sharing each other's pain.
    • He shut me down and gave the camera a 10 second look as if to say ‘What a basket case!’
    • I don't want my husband's friends talking about how his wife is a basket case.
    • Their mother is an immobile, detached basket case.
    • Describe her as a basket case, and she nods her acquiescence.
    • So what if it turns you into a complete basket case - at least it's always exciting, right?
    • Friday arrived, and Jasmine was a basket case.
    • "Don't wait until you're a basket case to seek help," Webster says.
    • I am not suicidal, but I am having a hard time coping - I am such a sad basket case that it makes the rest of my social relationships difficult to handle.
    • Ask me to read in front of people now, and I become a basket case.
    • Now, couple that with an extreme training regime and a virus and you end up like me - a basket case.
    • I am a basket case who doesn't know what to believe about myself, or her anymore.
    • Yeah, I'm all cool and collected and efficient when I'm helping a friend pack, but when it's me I'm a basket case.
    • I've never seen her as any kind of basket case or to be pitied.
    • He is a total basket case, almost suicidal and drinking heavily.
    • So, what have we learned, except that I'm more or less a completely conflicted emotional basket case?