Translation of Basque in Spanish:


vasco, adj.

Pronunciation /bɑːsk//bask//bæsk/


  • 1

    the Basque language el euskera / vasco / vascuence
    • the Basque Country Euskadi
    • They sing and improvise in Euskera, the Basque language.
    • In these simple clubs, whose name in the ancient Basque language means ‘corner’, attendance is by invitation only.
    • It is possible to listen to the music of many Basque composers, both contemporary and classical, and feel that the influence of the outside world has been paramount.
    • The Basque language is extremely difficult and complex.
    • He was pleased to notice Basque symbols on the awning outside, but when we looked at the menu, we quickly noticed cuisine was more regional French and Spanish, with slight inflections of traditional dishes.


  • 1

    vasco masculine
    vasca feminine
  • 2

    euskera masculine
    vasco masculine
    vascuence masculine

Translation of basque in Spanish:


corpiño, n.

Pronunciation /bask//bæsk//bɑːsk/


  • 1

    corpiño masculine
    • Just how ridiculous do we look with a basque over our jeans?
    • Shops all over the city have been ransacked for boots, basques, garters, stockings and suspenders and other distinctly racy garments by theatre-goers determined to join in the spirit of the gender-bending theatrical phenomenon.
    • He has no fetish for stiletto heels and stocking tops, and there are no women dressed only in basques.
    • In the meantime, I will be taking my new black and pink see-thru basque with me.
    • Beside this, an armchair was covered in a wild outgrowth of clothes: summer dresses; stockings; suspenders; a garter belt; an ornate white basque that she had worn for him one night.
    • "She loves the customised T-shirts and the Kyri basques," says the shop owner, stepping up to the rail and removing an orange basque.
    • The girl wore a see through black basque and back combed bleached hair.
    • Inside the theatre foyer, I was greeted by two young women dressed for the part - one in a French maid's outfit and the other in a basque.
    • Even now, she is probably parading round your living room in a rubber basque.
    • Even sitting at home, she's in an extravagant outfit of stockings, suspenders, basque, feather boa, everything.
    • In the production, at the theatre, she appeared briefly in stockings and a basque, in which she was pictured for publicity shots.
    • The sexy star wore a tight-fitting basque designed by top corset-maker.
    • We finally got the basque back and delivered it to the bride-to-be's room.
    • The shots of her grinning like a lunatic on the beach, or posed in stockings and basque, were not enough.
    • If you are blessed with a curvy, hourglass figure, then a corset or basque will certainly make the most of your assets.
    • But if you want weird you should have seen the group of ladies and gents all dressed in black, some wearing basques and other risqué clothing.
    • He had hired a crazy wig and wore a slinky black dress, black stockings and a basque.
    • She was referring to the picture of me dressed in a basque, stockings, suspenders and a thong that had been circulating on everybody's mobile phone.
    • That music has persuaded a huge range of actors and actresses to don basques and fishnets over the years.
    • And take a look at supportive underwear; there are briefs which help hold your tummy in, and if you're really keen, boned basques which squeeze you in.