Translation of bathe in Spanish:


lavar, v.

Pronunciation: /beɪð//beɪð/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (wound/eyes) lavar
    (dog/baby) bañar US
  • 2

    to be bathed in sth estar bañado en algo

intransitive verb

  • 1US

    (take bath)
  • 2British

    (go swimming)


  • 1Britishinformal

    (no plural) baño masculine
    to go for a bathe ir a darse un baño
    • Use cotton wool, or a pad for removing make-up, to soak up this mix and gently bathe the eyes.
    • After meals, gently bathe the site with warm salt water (one teaspoon of table salt to a glass).
    • Miss Gage, the nurse, talks while she bathes him and takes his temperature.
    • After having your upholstery and carpeting cleaned, it is important to bathe your dog regularly to prevent this problem from recurring.
    • Some parents bathe their children separately in the interests of both safety and one-on-one time.
    • Apparently there were stories about him telling the nannies, you know, and the nurses and things, how to bathe the children and so forth.
    • At night the couple share bedtime duties: Bill bathes the children, Yvonne gets them into their pajamas, and both tuck them into bed.
    • Soak or bathe the affected part in vinegar or isopropyl alcohol for thirty minutes or until the pain is relieved.
    • The women poured potions from several bottles and began gently to bathe and wash his body.
    • The feet should be bathed frequently and all areas around the toes dried thoroughly.
    • No one ever taught me how to actually bathe a baby!
    • In the naming ritual, the grandmother kneels and washes the mother's hair, then bathes the baby.
    • While I bathe my children, I edit the Sunday bulletin.
    • The masseuse bathes my feet then unlocks a few facial pressure points while I succumb to the ambient flute music and scents of clove and ylang-ylang oil.
    • The next morning, the nurses bathe her, feed her a tasty breakfast, and set her in a chair at a window overlooking a lovely flower garden.
    • Depending on your dog's lifestyle and breed, you will probably want to bathe him every month or two.
    • Hop Sing continued to gently bathe the wound; although there was little point it offered some comfort and hope to the young man.
    • Gavin was under the shade of a tree and Ariel brought cold water from the stream to bathe his head.
    • She tells him that Odysseus will not come back and calls her maids in to bathe the beggar and give him finer clothing.
    • It was with this that Hannah gently bathed Riko's face and neck, then buttoned his pajama top back up when she had finished.
    • At Mrs. J's direction, Sara propped his legs up on a couple of down pillows, covered him snugly and bathed his forehead with a cool washcloth.
    • His coat was still grimy, but she would bathe him later.
    • He dipped the cloth into the warm water and softly bathed my sore feet.
    • Anyway, with my terrier, sometimes I bathe her to wash the allergens off.
    • Billy takes the dog home, feeds him, bathes him, and gives him a place to sleep.
    • We both play with her, make her meals, bathe her, put her to bed.
    • I also used to wash her feet when I couldn't bathe her fully.
    • If there is no bathtub, dissolve one ounce of Epsom salts in a pint of warm water and bathe the body all over with the mixture.
    • Well I am exhausted and parts of me really hurt and I have to have some strange lady bathe me out of a bucket.
    • Don't allow pets in areas where food is prepared or handled, and don't bathe your pet or clean aquariums in the kitchen sink or bathtub.
    • We bring food, bathe them, cut their hair and clean their homes for them,’ Sinan said.
    • How often you bathe your baby depends on the baby's age and the time of year.
    • She bathes his feet and begins to move upward when Odysseus realizes that he has an old scar she will recognize.
    • She bathes the ulcerated foot of a small child at Madam Carr's orphanage.
    • He also knew he would have to bathe her; hopefully Alexia would have something Isobel could wear for a bit.
    • Tim stepped through into the light and allowed its warmth to bathe him.
    • The New York Times reported on one such technique in which foods are bathed in a liquid solution of water and protein.
    • And at winter dusk, sky and snow are bathed in delicate colours which linger for hours.
    • It bathes us in its own sad aura of humiliation, and makes us feel grimly disappointed.
    • On a sunny Sunday that is unseasonably warm, the Pawson household is bathed in light and filled with the smell of roasting lamb.
    • Night has fallen and the moon bathes him in a silvery glow.
    • Sunlight streamed in and bathed Kami with its glow.
    • Kita was immediately bathed in a pool of white light.
    • Wiley bathes his figures in a vibrant red glow, as if the background color were actually radiant.

    en el mar, en un río etc